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Amanhã dia 18/10/2019 @tiagonegretty vai estar aqui com a gente no programa Solta a Voz. Nome: Everton Tiago Floriano apelido ( Negretty) Tempo de Skate: 19 anos Idade: 34 Patrocínio: Dreams Skateboard Dual Footwear 109st Stance Pads Academia Planet Fitness . . .soltaavozskatelive skateboard skatemagazine skatemag skater

As soon as I saw her come around the corner I was in love, true essence of cool 😍 skaterbabes | 📷 on @alliselm

There is so much love in this video. As a person that used to dance every chance I got I know there is so much joy and both fo these people. I can’t being to tell you how much love is on this video. . . . . .longboardskate streetdance dancevideos dancevideo longboarding streetdancer dancer longboarddance tanzen hiphop dancelovers dancelove urbandance dancers skate bribriks popping danse longboard dance streetart longboarddancer instadance paris dancing skater hiphopdance skateboard longboarddancing instadancer via @hashtagexpert

おはようございます*゚ ☔が降って{{{{(+(ェ)+。)}}}}寒ううぅ〜 ・和風ハンバーグ ・ねぎたまご ・豚バラとほうれん草のパスタ ・鮭わかめおにぎり ・ゼリーと野菜ジュース ・から揚げどーん 急に気温が下がって 体調崩しやすいかと思います。 皆さまお気をつけを🌟 #男子弁当#息子弁当#男子高校生弁当 #野球部弁当#高校球児弁当 #がっつり弁当#のっけ弁当#アルミ弁当skater#アルミふわっとタイトランチボックス #適当弁当#茶色弁当#地味弁当#じみべん #インスタ映えないお弁当 #頑張らないお弁当 #おべんたぐらむ#おべんたーonigiriaction#おにぎりアクション2019 #高校球児の母#お弁当記録 #今日もがんばってこーい«٩(*´꒳`*)۶»

✨@joaohskate @luquinhaskt_✨ @yaleskatehouse @fomovertical @hardwave_serafine —————————————————skate skateboard skatespot thrasher skatepark skater skateboards skateordie skateanddestroy skateboardingisfun skatecrunch thrashermagazine berrics 12mmskate skateboarder skater skatecrunchmag

sofiyasoloviova #софиясоловьеваактриса skater #красивыедети topministarmodels model

Probably my favorite video I ever filmed. Two weeks all one bowl.

Isso é viciante!!!!!!!!🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ Já quero mais!!!!! E a vida começa aos 40...? 👊🏻💪🏻 ❤️⛸❤️ @asesdapatinacao @ridetsg amopatinar patins street skater patinsinline blade patinsbrasil patinsstreet agressiveinline patinsstreetbrasil asesdapatinaço urbanainline rollergirl rollerblade inlineskate girlswhoskate patinsinline patinadores patinsbrasil patinsbrasiliacapital patins bladies streetgirl patinsevida razors razorsskates slmint

Can you catch the vibe?⚡️😶⠀ •⠀ •⠀luxuryautocollection lacscottsdale scottsdale skater sketchandskate

I’m pretty hyped that I got over my fear of this rail. It’s a step closer to doing a boardslide down an actual rail. Also new, short YouTube video in the link in my bio. skateboard skate trick new Learning improvegoprogoprohero5blackfailfallsk8skateboardingisfunattempttriciksimprovementtryingfunskatingskaterlearningskategramskateboarderlofilofiedits skateclipsdailydailyclipsboardslide

🔥¡OFERTA!🔥 🔥SOLO EN PEACH AND BONES SUCURSAL ARAGON🔥 🔥VÁLIDO HASTA EL 27 DE OCTUBRE🔥 ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ SOLO EN lacasadelskater PeachAndBonesAragon Morazan892ESTAMOS ENFRENTE DEL METROBUS VILLA DE ARAGÓNskateboards skater tablaskate mexico🇲🇽 PeachAndBones skateshop tiendaskate skate skateboarding skateisnotacrime skatecdmx skatemx skateboardingcdmx skateboardingmxpatinaomueremx patinapordiversion, skateboardingisfun skatelife metrogrammed purapinchepatineta cdmx larampaeslarampa

Petit ollie, j'ai presque terminé le montage d'une vidéo de skate qui devrais sortir pendant ces vacances ! . . .skateboard skater ollie stairs gap

Don't really have anything good to post from today but here's a little snippet of what I have been practicing today for my Christmas routine 😆 best place to spend my birthday! . . . . . . .flip teamcoachhamish axel loop toeloop jump iceskating flip likeforlikes iceskating figureskating follow jump icerink teamcoachhamish skater ice figureskating scratchspin crosstoe jacksons jacksonmystique ppicerink followforfollowback follow ice iceskating axel doubleloop loop toeloop blades beginnerskater skater salchow spin edea johnwilsonblades

Ça rouleeeeeeeee ou quoi @p_sacha_ Photo par @justemlm comme dhabOB4W

3 more sleeps! Who's excited for the 2nd Annual Summer of Sin roller skate park contest and festival?⁠ Sponsored by @bont_derby and hosted by @our.daily.shred! ⁠ ⁠⁠ To find out more or purchase your ticket, head to the link in our bio. ⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠ .⁠bont bontparkstars parkstars rollerskates rollerskating ourdailyshread inquadswetrust lighterstrongerfaster chicksinbowls ohmyquad sharetheshread parkskating shredit fortheloveofquad quadskating rollerskater skater skate shredtillimdead skatendestroy cib skatecontest parkcontest rollerskatecontest summerofsin

I like it better under water🍃

Bad bitches don’t need bad boys.

Después de casi dos años sin entrenar, una reversada y unos cuantos doble flips. Oxidados, pero ahí están! ✌️ Volver a saltar (morirme de miedo y rasparme los codos) me ha encantado, pero la parte que más he disfrutado ha sido la de ponerme los cascos y bailar sobre los patines, ocupar el espacio y romper el mío propio 🖤 Freedom!patinajeartistico figureskating patinaje skater risport

Our home game is so close! Not only are our A team playing @surreyrollergirls, we are also hosting a brilliant halloween-themed OTA (Open To All) too! Our skater Mermaiden has a lot to love about this sport. If you too are looking for something new to enjoy, then come along to our free taster session next Wednesday! We can't wait to see you fall head over heels (not literally, however-we will make sure you have all the correct padding and kit!) with our favourite sport. rollerderby skater essex chelmsford


TheLunchBreakClub 😎✊🔥 Unlocked Back Toe-Touch Stalls, One Leg Toe-Touch Stalls, & Working On Consistent Longer Slides!!! Ps. Congrats To My Girl @pandamomma27 For Nailing Those Stalls On Concrete & @vivelroll Shredding As Always! 🤗🌈 GoodTimes Skate Skater Skating RollerSkating RollerSkates DoWhatYouLove SkatePark SkatePretty SkaterChicks SkaterGirl ChicksInBowls ChicksInBowlsSouthFlorida GirlPower Fun MeetUp


Sierra Prescott combina sus dos pasiones, la fotografía y el patinaje. Su fascinación por el skate comenzó en los años noventa por su admiración a Tony Hawk y los dibujos animados Rocket Power.sierraprescott skater fotografia tonyhawk rocketpower @sierra_prescott

Necesito urgentemente una competición de speed slalom cruzado para atrás 🤣. Sé que es algo muy simple, pero me encanta y necesito poder hacerlo más rápido 😁

Our final game of @british.championships finals against the gorgeous and glittery @londonrollerderby Batter C ✨ This was one of my favourite games ❤️ - I skated my last game as a jammer and shared the track with the best people 😊 Thank you @pauljones.photography.cardiff for the first 5 snaps and @mikegatiss for the following 5 •rollerderby skater skating liverpoolrollerderby londonbattercpower finals britishchampsrollerderby BBC team teammates pals love sport localsport contactsport photography photo actionshot thankyou

🦇Aquela rampinha no improviso 🤘🏻🦇 😊 que sem dúvida garanti a sessão e bastante risada diversão garantida !🙏🏻👊🏻😊🤘🏻🔥 Foto 📸 @dri_skpkdriskateboarding longboarding skater instaskater sk8 sk8er sk8ing sk8ordie obstaculoderua board longboard longboarding riding kickflip ollie vsco wheels skatephotoaday skateanddestroy skateeverydamnday streetskaterguy skatergirl thanksskateboarding skateboard skatelifeamarildo_rodrigues

comment a random emoji x5 🏁

Guess the spot in the comments below 👇 . . . Follow 👉 @skatecliper 👈 Follow 👉 @skatecliper 👈 Follow 👉 @skatecliper 👈 . . . 🎥 from @aaronjawshomoki . . . . . . .skate skateboard skateboarding skateday skatedaily skateboards skaterdude skateclip skateclips skatetrick skateedit likeforlikes followforlike likeforfollow like4follow likelike skateboardlife skateboardingisfun skateboardingisnotacrime skater

@marty__mcflie rowlett spot 🙌 skater skatelife

The wait is almost over, “fuck the society” tee’s coming soon.🔥 . . . dont mind clothingbrand fuckthesociety lariots fucktrump fashion skater skating skateordie thestrip goofyskatersonly supreme fuckingawesome philandocastile rodneyking

Patinadores lotando o centro de São Paulo, Rolê com as lendas do patins, Greg Mirzoyan e Danny Aldridge.Ibirapuera patins rollerblade brasil japan usa Ibirapuera mxico canada china korea france🇫🇷 argentina colombia peru germany🇩🇪 portugal skater powerslide patinadores

Rolê com as lendas do patins, Greg e Danny, participação na filmagem Roberto (Ge Um ). ibirapuera saopaulo brasil rollerblade usa japan mxico canada china korea france🇫🇷 argentina spain🇪🇸 portugal powerslide skater germany🇩🇪

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