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I patiently wait for my Maggie Goreng to be served. family wife mom waitress tired sleep lethargic exhaustipated love

Did you know improving your gut health can also help you sleep like a baby?! 😴 The gut produces upwards of 95% of our body’s serotonin! 😱 Serotonin is the building block for melatonin, the sleep hormone. There is 400 times more melatonin in our gut than in our pineal gland in the brain! 😱 Healthy gut 🦠 = 💤 . . .sleep sleepingbeauty sleeplikeababy sleepinglikeababy cantsleep cantsleepagain needtosleep guthealthmatters guthealthiskey guthealthforthewin guthealth yychealthylife yychealthyliving yychealthy

A well spent day brings happy sleep.

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Perfection! 💪😍💋

Hallo ihr Lieben 🐾 hier ein Bild von mir mit meiner Omi wie sich mich bobbelt 😇😂 Am liebsten schlafe ich halt bei den Menschen, die ich liebe ❤️ Nachher steht noch der Geburstag 🎁 vom Patenkind meiner Mami an und vorher mach ich da weiter wo ich auf diesem Bild aufgehört hab 😴 Was sind eure Pläne ? Kiba 🐾 frenchbulldoglovecuddlesleepfrenchiefrenchielovepawfriendsbulldogsbullylovemydogdogloverdogfluencerpetdogsleepingdogtiredliebe

Buy six (6) boxer shorts for only Php495. Buy three (3) ladies' pajamas for only Php495. Buy three (3) men's pajamas for only Php595. .legitsellerph supportlocalph saleph giftideasph boxershortsph boxersph shortsph pajamasph onlineshoppingph snooze sleep

Soft and Luxurious sleepwear you want to lounge in all day long 💕Shop it in store! . . . . . . . . .simplychic simplychiclingerie sleepwear pyjamas toronto torontolingerie finelingerie shopthekingsway thatsdarling morningslikethese sleep lounge torontostyle

Se quedo a dormir . . . . .foto instagato instacat instagram cats_of_instagram cat gatosdeinstagram gato catlovers iwi sleep sleeping catsofinstagram catsleep #😊 #❤️ #🐈 #😽 #😸 neko #🐈😽😺😸😻

I'm in bed sick today. I have a plushie cold. Ugh someone please pass me the fish soup. sick ugh in bed instagood instalove iphone insta instalike inside athome home house ill cold plushies plushie help helpme fever yuck chill sleepy sleep comfortable comfy

Insomnia Insomnia is the most common sleep problem among adults. In times of stress, loss or change, insomnia can affect our sleep even more. It is important to know the type and cause of insomnia. This helps identify the most effective way to treat it. Type and Duration: Transitory: some nights every week Duration: 1-2 weeks Cause Stress, anxiety, a health, work or personal problem; and / or a special or tragic event > 1 month (at least 3 nights per week) Cause An underlying or associated medical or physical condition, including other sleep disorders or a psychiatric condition, especially depression; medicines; bad health and sleep habits; environmental conditions in which one sleeps. Some people who suffer from acute insomnia acquire bad sleep habits and may get used to, or continue to experience, insomnia. This also exposes them to depression. It is estimated that between 10 and 15% of the adult population has chronic and / or severe insomnia. Insomnia can also be intermittent, occurring less or more frequently for a longer period of time. Untreated insomnia can result in daytime sleepiness, mood impairment, memory difficulties, poor performance, driving with sleep, accidents, illness, and inability to enjoy life. Insomnia is the worst, and there are good non-addictive treatments for insomnia, if you do not sleep well I swear you will suffer worse mental disorders. Seek professional help for insomnia, there are several types and various treatments, do not self-medicate and much less with alprazolam Consult your doctor and experience the benefits of sleeping well. sleep sleepy bed bedtime sleeping sleeptime nighttime tired sleepyhead instagoodnight nightynight rest lightsout nightowl passout knockedout moonlight knockout cuddle goodnight moon out cuddly childrenphoto infant toddler dark tiny small goodday

Rule number 1 - fuck what they think . . @harisankar_bose 📸 . . . . . . . .sleep jbl vibe oneplusphotography oneplus6t

,-*'^'~*-.,_,.-*~ 🎀 𝒯𝒽𝓇😍𝓌𝒷𝒶𝒸𝓀 𝒯𝒽𝓊𝓇𝓈𝒹𝒶𝓎 🎀 ~*-.,_,.-*~'^'*-, 𝕋𝕙𝕣𝕠𝕨𝕓𝕒𝕔𝕜 𝕋𝕙𝕦𝕣𝕤𝕕𝕒𝕪throwbackthursday 💞 love life me selfie work insta like instalike travel entertainment sleep holidays instagood instadaily photography photooftheday throwback thursday beauty beautiful art beijos 💋

If you are an "old" millennial born in early 80s like myself, then most probably you haven't had chance to test a capsule hotel yet. To be honest, if I wasn't a part of hospitality industry maybe I wouldn't have so much passion for trying it out too. But here I am staying at the Cube Boutique Capsule Hotel in Singapore and here are my two cents about this new trend: PROS ✅ Always the most affordable option even in the most expensive cities ✅ Most centrally located accommodations even in the busiest cities CONS ❌ The first capsule hotel in the world opened in 1979 and was the Capsule Inn Osaka, located in the Umeda district of Osaka, Japan and designed by Kisho Kurokawa. Thus, beds are rather small for a typical European traveler ❌ Once inside you have to be quiet, since capsules normally dont have doors, only curtains/blinds. Almost everyone uses headphones and no, of course you cant watch a movie or talk on the phone out loud. ❌ There is no option to regulate the temperature inside your private capsule since the heating/cooling system is centralized. That being said you have only an option to shut your blind or leave it open in order the regulate the temperature inside. But that means you may have to sleep with an open blind. ❌ Storage is under the bed and locked, so every time you need something it will require an extra effort to get it. And no, you cant keep everything in the capsule since its tiny. ❌ Some traveler check in at night and they may create some noise while you try to sleep ❌ Bathrooms are steamy from constant use and crowded in the mornings. The best time to take shower would be late afternoon/evening. ❌ No room sevice, of course. No extra towels or blankets and no pets. ❌ Although they have cameras in each section, everything you leave in your open capsule while away is under your own responsibility. So, bottom line is if I'm on a tight budget or absolutely dont have any alternative, then I would pick capsule hotel for my stay again. Otherwise, I'd prefer to have a bit more personal space and definitely more freedom after a long day exploring new destination. And certainly it wouldn't be my choice for a vacation or romantic getaway 💁‍♀️

Did you know? Contrary to what many claim about the drawbacks of having a plant in your bedroom, having one beside your bed at night can help you sleep faster🎍😴 ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ ⠀ownyourhealth natrollebanonBeirut healthybody healthymind ownyourbeauty brain sleep plant

unsere schöne Katze, die auf meine Schuhe legt, um mich zu stoppen, auszugehen. our beautiful cat laying on my shoes to stop me from going out.cat katze schne beautiful shoes schuhe schlafen sleeping sleep schlaf animals tier pets haustier cute suß haustierliebe petlove

The DreamPort Sleep Solution is designed to give revolutionary support to those suffering from sleep apnea. It’s a mask-less solution that’s comfortable to wear and easy to use. Now, nothing has to come between you and your slumber! Um, what are you waiting for? Click the link in our bio ☝️ to learn more . . . .bleep bleepsleep dreamport smashthemask health sleep Bipap snoring sleepapnea OSA CPAP apnea cpapinsomnia

tbt a quando era agosto e il nostro unico pensiero era dormire. Per loro è ancora così. ciao▫️ ▫️ ▫️ ▫️dormire sleep simpleneeds needs simple cat catlover catseverywhere cats catsofinstagram instacat dailycat kitty dailykittycat

Te a rikító vagy inkább a halvány színeket kedveled a hálószobádban?sleep colours BeInspired JYSK JYSKhu

why WOnt u let me SLEEp hooman cats catsofinstagram meow sleep followme

Mi è diventato super sayan 🐉💥☄🔥💪https://media.tenor.com/images/e8e8718845a89267a238d763febe7efb/tenor.gifig_kids childrenphotography adorable toptags cutekids happykids kidsphotography instagram_kids kidstagram love instagood kid kids mykids kids_of_our_world life sleep sleeping children happy kidsarethefuture childrenphoto toddler instakids cutekidsclub photooftheday igkids childhood insta_kids family

Bien gjethet.....bien dhe cmimet në AMBER 🛍👌💫💫💫💫 😴😴😴😴😴 Mos humbisni SUPER OFERTEN 👌🔛🔝🤩 🔥 👌🥰 GOLD PREMIUM , vjen ne pakete oferte me : ✅jastek me xhel per gjume perfekt te fresket 🥰 ✅set carcafesh dopio dhe tek i disponueshem ne disa modele ,perfshin kellef dysheku ,kellef jorgani dhe kellef jastekesh 100%strukture pambuku🥰 ✅jorgani i bardhe super higjenik dhe i ngrohte per dimer ,i pershtatshem per tu lare ne makine larese 🥰 📎lartesia e dyshekut 28cm 👌 📎material ergonomik i pershtatet trupit 👌 📎i perbere nga dy shtresa me fortesi te ndryshme ,ju mund te zgjidhni fortesine e deshiruar 👌 📎ndarje ne 3 zona komforti 👌 📎me veti antialergjike antibakteriale per higjene maksimale 📎me veteajrosje 👌 📎i dizejnuar per tju dhuruar qetesine dhe relaksin e duhur 👌 📎15 vjet garanci 👌 ✅Paketa ne permasat teke 90x190 nga 45000 leke ne 34000 leke 🥰 ✅Paketa dopio ne permasat 160x190 nga 72000 leke ne 55000 leke🥰 📎Dysheku i disponueshem ne cdo permase 🔛🔝 Ju garantojme gjume te shendetshem dhe te qete 😍😍 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️Nxito dhe porosit tani 🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️ 🖥 Online në www.amber.al 📱Kontakt ne numrin e telefonit 069 404 4041 📍Vizitoni dyqanin tone. 👌Ofertat me te mira 🤩🤩mattress home sleep bedroomdecor healthysleep

Scrivo e canto canzoni noiose, ma lui sembra gradire e questo mi basta. Ogni volta che prendo la chitarra, va in un posto comodo e si addormenta. Caro Giaco, grazie per scaldarmi il cuore. _ _ _ _ _singsingeredsheeranedcatsofinstagramcat sleepsleepyhollowinstagrambeautiful

Spirituality comes only to those who have sound physical health and the same comes from a good-sound sleep, so enlisting some doable things to achieve a good satiated sleep1. Go to bed and get up same time every day. 2. If do not fall asleep within 10-15 minutes , start reciting Om or GayatrMantra just for 5 to 6 minutes. 3. Don not go to bed hungry or stuffed - avoid heavy or large meals within a couple of hours be bedtime 4. Dinner within an hour after sunset is the ideal for sound sleep. 5. Limit daytime naps only to 10-15 minutes. 6. Regular physical activity like yogabhyas , walking , jogging etc. promotesound sleep. 7.Self-introspection before going to bed is sure to bring sound and refreshing sleep. 8.Prepeare list of tasks for the next dayin order of priority before going to bed. 9.Optimistic outlooks helps sound sleep.

Come dimostriamo la nostra complicità! Con Ele l’occhiolino, con lui sorrisoni a... 6 denti 😅 • • • • •adorable babies baby beautiful children childrenphoto cuddle cuddly cute family happy igbabies infant instababy instagood kid kids life little love lovely photooftheday sleep design small sweet TagsForLikes tiny toddler thewomoms

Cute !? Yes Or No ?😍😍 😘 FOLLOW 👉 @fashionmen_lifestyle 👈 FOLLOW 👉 @fashionmen_lifestyle 👈 FOLLOW 👉 @fashionmen_lifestyle 👈 Tag 5 of your friends 😍😍 ❤ 🎥 Unknown Please DM for credit 📸 • • 👶 baby babies adorable toptags cute cuddly cuddle small lovely love instagood babiesofinstagram beautifulbaby mybaby beautiful life sleep sleeping instababies happy igbabies childrenphoto toddler instababy infant photooftheday sweet tiny little family

😴 hora da sesta ❤️🐶 sleep doglovers amigos_zu companheiro

@maddiescookieco via @satiscutie comment your first three recent emojis 🤭🤭

The second float of the week and I feel fabulous. I had planned on going to HIDE for a leasuly lunch after todays float, but all I actually want to do is curl up on my sofa and read. So that's what I'm going to do. HIDE can wait for another day 💙💜 . .float floatworks relax meditation meditate shuttheworldout metime floatation destress sleep therapy floatationtherapy calm mindfulness

A po obiedzie.. przygotowane łoże na popołudniową drzemkę ... ale zaraz , zaraz . Dlaczego tam nikogo nie ma !? No tak ... jak dzieci nie śpią jeszcze to w łóżku też pusto 🤷‍♀️ale przynajmniej cieszy oko 😂 człowiek tak patrzy na to zdjęcie i może pomarzyć tylko o śnie... 😂🤭 Pościel @lozkoholicy.pl do konca miesiąca kod Anna5 daje -5% . Ja wybieram bawełna satynowa 😋😊 sleep bedroomdecor kidsroom inspiration kidz beautiful cute sleeping babyroom babysleep bed babybed bedtime myroom kidz kids insta instamatki followers inspiration bedroom interiorinspo design photo photography instagirl

Obviously someone was not happy waking up today. I’m pretty sure he said woman go back to bed! ralph ralphacuna catdaily dailycat morning sleep letmesleephuman catsofinstagram ragdoll furball oldman itssaledaybitches

Lengan pendek, celana pendek Tersedia size : all size Bahan katun jepang Lingkar dada M : 103cm Lingkar dada all size : 110cm Rp. 120.000 ======================================= Format order Nama Penerima: No HP : Alamat Lengkap Penerima: NAMA JALAN/KOMPLEK KODE POS : Baju/Warna : Jumlah :wanita baju bajutidur sleep sleepwear piyama daster bajuwanita bajutidurwanita katun pijama pijamas bajutidurlucu perempuan batik batikmodren jualdaster batikmurah dastermurah

Taking control of ones health is one of the most diffcult things we can think of.

🐶❤️ #รัก sleep sleepy

SLEEP 😴 | PILLOW SPRAY DIY Pillow Spray: 100ml spray bottle 20 drops lavender essential oil 20 drops balance essential oil blend Boiled & cooled water •Add oils to spray bottle •Fill with distilled water •Place lid on and shake throughly To use: spray onto pillows and sheets before bedtime! Suitable to use for children 💆🏼‍♀️

I've had the Fragrant Pharmacy for many years and was recently gifted The Fragrant Mind by a very dear friend. Both brilliant resources and inspiration for blending, uses and applications. I've been reading a lot about sleep recently and The Fragrant Mind suggested blending Lemon, Lavender and Vetiver essential oils together. The result was dreamy 😴 (I mixed the oils with melted organic cocoa butter and let it set to make a balm) but I have to say I really like Vetiver whereas I know it's not everyone's cup of cocoa! tomsgardenyork essentialoils aromatherapy aromaproducts vetiver lavender lemon cocoabutter sleep sleepaid fragrantpharmacy fragrantmind

“SOGNO 619-Il Raggio Verde”é il mio nuovo fumetto pubblicato da @cfapaz e presentato all’imminente @luccacomicsandgames . Una storia breve ma intensa da disegnare. Qui c’è il mio pensiero sul tema dei sogni, e la storia è tratta da un sogno fatto all’inizio dell’estate passata. Dopo qualche anno torno a raccontare una mia storia, per questo sono tanto emozionata dal farvela leggere. Ne approfitto per dirvi che a Lucca ci sarò tutti i giorni ❤️🙈 newcomic fumetto dream sleep sogno619 raggioverde greenraid art sketch illustration fumettista fumetti ink news sakka copertina cover

Tasarımını sadelikten alan kumaşları ve yumuşak dokusu ile Fancy pike takımı yatağınıza konfor getirecek... Fiyat bilgisi ve ürünü satın almak için www.e-hobbyhomecollection.com sayfamızı ziyaret edebilirsiniz!hobbyhomecollection hobby home collection ozanteks denizli anastasia ev evtekstili nevresimtakımı yatakodası konforlu huzurlu uyku hometextiles bedroom comfortable sleep homesweethome homestyle

Non è mica un cane normale! :/ --- ---dog dogsofinstagram beagle beagles blanket sleep sleepingbeauty

„Ein Leben ohne Katze ist möglich... aber sinnlos!“ -Goethecat kitten sleep cute catsblog

Two things I remember when it rains. My childhood when I'm happy playing and dancing in the rain and my adulthood when I am broken hiding my tears while it rains....😍🥰😭😢

sleep 😴

Don’t talk, just act. Don’t say, just show. Don’t promise, just prove.notimetosleeptonightwhycallme

We must get away from diet dogma and get back to real food 🔥 Learn to Live your Greatest Life in a Body you Love - I Coach Clients in 3 month packages How to Eat, Sleep and Conquer Stress- No Diets, No Food Beliefs- Just working together, using my 28 years of experience from the Special Forces , International Bodybuilding, Personal Training and Exercise Rehab Physiology to get you back to normal and then even above!! Testimonials, Package Details and more here- https://www.eatwellmovewell.net/nutrition-biohacking-coaching

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