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Its Sunday Funday which means sleeping until noon 🕛, being able to get eggs 🍳 anywhere, and being able to drink 🍸 champagne, mimosas, bloody marys etc in the middle of the day without judgement. Sometimes you have to give your liver a little pep talk. So when words fail, let your outfit do the talking. 📸: @piperloucollection

Sunday means 2 things: Sleeping In Football We are now doing the Football part for the rest of the day.sunday sleepingin football chargers niners

What do you mean I need to get up and be an adult??? Who else likes to sleep in?? ✋✋✋✋ . . .modeling comfybed photoshoot torontomodel sleepingbeauty sleepingin fivemoreminutes dontwakemeup ilikesleep photography

Sunday morning sleep in. Shtill worn out from yesterday’s excitement. Extra lazy tooday. . . .sleepin sleepingbeauty sundaymorning whygetup easylikesundaymorning sleepingin greyhound greyhoundsofinstagram roachinggreyhound shhh shhhh greyhoundlife greyhoundlove bestlife

New song just for you.. Click the link, listen and enjoy! If you like what you hear give us a like and follow for future song updates. Produced by @endmemoryx Vocals by @virtuo_xvirtuo allnew newmusic newday newsong newsound soundcloud sleepingin

Sunday’s with the cat. I’m trying to practice bruh! breedlove acousticguitar acoustic cat catsplayingmusic sunday tv bed sleepingin

Anyone else have a cat that sits there and judges you as you are trying to sleep in? She straight looking at me for a solid 10mins. catmom cat babycat sleepingin sunday

Sunday mornings are the best in bed. sleepingin subdayloungin

Nearly 11 and Phoebe’s still in bed. ________________calico calicocat calicocatsofinstagram calicocatsofig sleepyhead sleepingin

Happy Sunday! 💕 I think Sunday is really my favorite day of the week because I finally get to sleep in and binge watch all day 🤗 • • • •sundayfunday footballgames netflix hulu allat sleepingin goodmorning breakfastinbed iwish nolashingonsundays eyelashextensions lashesindallas dfwlashtech dallaslashextensions volumes hybrids classics borboleta sassylashes vavalashes

It's a morning for sleeping in 😴🌧️

I love Sundays because it means mama can sleep in. Which calls for late breakfasts 🙌🏼 sundayfunday sleepingin aip getyourgreens breakfast

3-day weekend, Day 2.. sleeping in😽cat gingercat orangetabby instacat catstagram ilovemycat littlehandsome 3dayweekend sleepingin #猫 #茶トラ #ピンクの鼻 #クリームパンみたいな手 3連休 #のんびり #朝寝坊

Mama and I are having a hard time getting motivated today. lazysunday chillaxing sleepingin doodletime doodlesofinstagram

Happy Sunday! I can’t either @fromthebottomofmypurse ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ singlemomthankgoodnessforwine singlemomthankgoodnessforcoffeeandwine momlife singlemom singlemomlife parenting momtruths sundays sleepingin

Nope, not a nap, she's still sleeping... Must've danced pretty hard last nightdaddysgirl SaoirseOG teamdendievel sleep sleepingin lazysunday dayofrest isshebreathing rest

Lazy sundays its after 9am and I'm still in bed what doesnt happen often. mommyandme momlife lazysunday sleepybaby sleepingin cosleeping myson

Zzz .. Namaste in bed🌙

Do you wear fragrance to bed 🛌? Can fragrances be cuddly? I would call @pinrosescents Pillowtalk Poet the perfect fragrance to lay in bed and cozy up with family. A musky fresh laundry 🧺 aroma that isn’t too dominant. perfumista perfumemafia vallivontheperfumedon pinrose pinrosescents lazymorning frag fragrance scent scentsy perfumed

Some days you wake up with a dog hogging your pillows 😂

Misty looks ready to start enjoying Sunday.☀️🦴🌴 Penny’s plans seem to include sleeping in😴💤💤 • • •sundayfunday sunday sleep sleepingin readytogo sisters pug pugs lovepugs puglove puglover puglife pugmania pugface squishface pugmodel pugworld pugsofinstagram pugpuppy dog dogs pugnation dogsofinstagram apricotpug fawnpug grumble_inc neverenoughpugs

I slept in this morning. It wasn’t until nearly 7am I actually rolled out of bed to go run and lift. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Anyone who knows me will realize that’s a big freaking deal - I’m usually awake by 4:30, even on weekends. I absolutely hate waking up late - I’m a morning person and it makes me feel like the day is over too fast. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Admittedly, my body needed the rest, and my brain knew it too. So I let myself sleep in - it didn’t hurt that kirathecat was snuggling with me. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ The few extra hours helped me recharge after working the past six days in addition to my mileage increasing on runs. Sometimes you just have to sleep in, even if it’s something you really, really hate doing. Now I’ll enjoy my coffee while running a couple errands, then spend the rest of the day playing slug and watching TV. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀sunday sleepingin lazysunday rest recharge sundaymorning yeti stillworkedout earlyrisers sleep relax liveloverun

“For in our dreams we find ourselves. Who we were. Who we are. Who we can become. Sleep. Dream.” - Moira Young . Jacob believes Sunday morning are for sleep-ins so he doesn’t understand why we have to get up!! quoteoftheday jacob jacobandwylo sleepingin sundaymorning designerdog dogslife matouklinens ganaraskan

Looks like croissants are on the menu for Sunday breakfast in bed 🥐 CroissantOrDog curledup sleepingin

dream a little *bean* of me 😴

Sunday vibe...sleep in, eat donuts, pop a White Claw, watch some Ravens! Who’s ready for some football? 🏈🍺🍩 sundayfundaygoravensravenssuperfanpregameboudoirfitmodelfitover40 sundayvibessleepingin somethingboudoir photo: @puzpics

I was sleeping peacefully after 6am this morning when Hobbes decided that was enough and changed the radio station and volume because he had the hangries. Now he is annoyed I took a photo of him in the good light. The light after the crack of twilight. mornings catsofinstagram myhobbes sleepingin sundayvibing

I am just very tried this morning, so my plan is to sleep 😴 in for a bit. I really hope Erin doesn’t mind me sleeping in today! tried sleepingin sleepypuppy ineedmoresleep😴 @emac3181

Did the alarm seriously just go off on a Sunday? Sundays are for sleeping in. ⏰🚨⏰ . . .lazysunday sleepingin tired morning morningmood sundayfunday mood pug puglife checkoutmydog cincinnatidogs cincypug pugfeature puglife dogs dogstagram instagram doggos sundaymornings

Anyone else a major perfectionist? 🙋‍♀️ I constantly have people telling me I need to give myself grace, I should take it slow, I should lower my expectations of myself.. and I never knew would have known I’m too hard on myself without them. It’s just who I am, it never occurs to me to expect less. Learning to be gentle with myself, especially during this pregnancy, has been a slow journey, but one I think I needed more than I knew. You cannot punish yourself into the perfect body, some days the bed just isn’t going to get made, and if you need a day to rest your mind, body, or soul.. that’s ok too. Looking for the little wins has changed my entire perspective. Thankful for reminders like this one. progressnotperfection recoveringperfectionist realtalk sefcaresunday beeasyonyourself slowmoments sleepingin documentingmotherhood . . . . . . . .relearnlife beyourbestself burnoutisnotyourfriend youhavesomuchtogive lifeinyour30s thisis31 adulthood positivelifestyle positivemind positivemindset positiveselftalk positivelife positiveliving personalgrowth positiveaffirmations positiveenergy positiveattitude thinkhappythoughts thinkpositive staypositive selftalk selfgrowth

sleepy sunday rat puppy 🐶 💤 delilahtheminidox ratdog sleepingin sundayvibes

Lazy Sunday morning Cannon is available to a pet or show prospect home

Sunday morning cartoons are not on my agenda sleepingin sundaymorning everymorning frenchiesofinstagram

Sundays are for sleepingin and boops

Sleeping in on a sunday, I take it serious snoringcontest sleepingin sleepingfrenchie

Verdens beste mann fyller hele 30 år i dag!! Tusen takk for du holder ut med oss (meg) ❤️ du er fantastisk på alle måter og er så glad for at du valgte meg, og for den lille familien vi har laget oss, ❤️ Du er rå! Og vi elsker deg 💕😍 . . . . . . . . . . 30years birthday🎂 handsomenorwegiansuperdad birthdayboy myman happyhubby sleepingin mymancan loveyou kliss sndagsmorro funday rayban norwegiancouple couplegoals meandyou mysuperman superman

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