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It hard to get motivated when this guy come up for snuggles! 💛 catsofinstagram ringostarr snugglebuddy

My little snuggle buddy ❤️🐾 bestfriend snuggles snugglebuddy terriersofinstagram terrier

She is my spirit animal 💗optimaprime lifewithcats snugglebuddy

A bit later than usual I wish you all a pleasant night and so does Phelps (who else thinks he looks like a fox here?) . Sometimes we are so caught up dealing with things that hurt or weaken us that we totally forget to focus on those that fill us with love and strength. . I wish each and everyone of you that this week you may remember something that truly strengthens you. 💛 If you'd like to share, I'd love to hear 💛 . . .cuddleparty cuddley snuggleme cuddlemood cuddlecat kittensnuggles cuddlemonster cuddleme cuddleweather kittycuddles snugglebuddy snugglebuddies snuggled kittysnuggles catsleeping snuggletime yourcatphoto fluffball cuddletime cuddle cats mila_cats_world shareyourthoughts goodnight goodnightpost goodnightinstagram

I have always been good at finding the best spots for sleeping! 💤💤 inthewaydog sleepingspaniel puppynaps🐾 snugglebuddy spaniellife spanielsofinstagram dogsofinstagram puppysofinstagram

Some pups just do Mondays a little more enthusiastically than others.herdingsheets. . In all actuality Penn is actually the one who will chill as long as you like (as long as there are no squirrels outside.) Oliver is ready to go 24/7. Literally. 1 am I get collars and leashes dropped on me in bed. 🤦🏼‍♀️ . .mondaymood mondays justanothermanicmonday netflixandchill snuggles snugglebuddy dailyfloof bestwoof australianshepherdworld aussiedoingthings (or not) australianshepherdworld bordercollie bc bcsofinstagram

Play around and make a huge mess of the hay, then flop out snuggling together. Seems great! 🐱🐰 rabbitsofinstagram catsofinstagram snugglebuddy bffs roughlife

hate heckin mondayz lazy morning with momma makes em betterhusky whitehusky huskyboy huskylove ilovehuskies doggo dogsofinstagram dogmodel dogisgood snugglebuddy snuggs

Before work snuggles with a couple of big sooks ! dukeyboy hessocute lovesasnuggle snugglebuddy rednosebaby missingmybigdog wheresmybaby

been a bit MIA this week since mom was sick.. but don’t worry I snuggled with her and even shared my new toy😽

Nursing dad back to health while he nurses me back to health. We’re both a bit sniffly, but still hella cute.insicknessandinhealth || 🐾

Nap time with mini-fluff 🐶❤️ Thanks papabear @wookiemin for catching the precious moment 💤 . .love naptime fluffball humanpillow #奶茶 cavachon cavalierkingcharlesspaniel puppy dogsofinstagram doggo dogstagram preciousmoments #犬 snugglebuddy

PSA: it’s officially cuddle weather so find your best snuggly blanket & cuddle up! 🤗🍂 . . . .potd catsofinstagram cute pippathecat pippainbk fallweather cuddleweather snugglebuddy cuddles littlespoon

How on Earth does this kitty know when I'm trying to talk myself into getting up and get moving? Now, I'm stuck here... 😁 catsofig kittykitty samwisethecat snugglebuddy lapcat adoptdontshop

Omg....look at my crazy hair this morning! Oh, wait....that’s my crazy Hazel wrapped around my head. 🤦🏻‍♀️ scottiesofinstagram scotties scottiesrock scottiesrule snugglebuddy pillowbuddy crazyhazey

woodie spent a week in a foster home so he could get used to a home environment and it's safe to say he loved it! His favourite place? The sofa of course 😂 When he wasn't zooming or playing toys he was snoozing in his fav spot ❤️ Look at his happy content face 🥰 Do you have a woodie shaped space missing in your home? greyhound greyhoundlove greyhoundsmakegreatpets greyhoundlife dogstrustdog dogstrust newbury fosterdog fosterdoglife homecomforts lovinglife blackgoeswitheverything blackgreyhound AdoptDontShop dogsareamazing snugglebuddy snoozingdog lazydays

We’ve outgrown our bed - time for a big boys bed. 🧡🖤 Benji gingercat pooki blackcat siblinglove catsdaily snugglebuddy

waiting for me to turn off the light so she can stealthily climb out of her bed and sleep on me .sostealthy catsofinstagram catsofportland pdxcats invasivespecies peens peencat snugglebuddy bedtime littlefriend catlove

This little cutie doesn't want mommy to go to work instadog babygirl merida brave snugglebuddy snugglebug myheart

I don’t always cuddle but when I do I’m ridiculously cute about it . .cannolithecat lapcat snugglebuddy tuxedocat tuxedocatsofinstagram fluffycat pnwcats toebeans

Rainy Monday mornings look like this ☔️🐱snugglebuddy

Snuggling up after a super fun night out lol ☺❤ nightnight snugglebuddy liiittttttt redeyes lol

I am definitely in love with my new blanket! There is no such thing as to many blankets. snugglebuddy goodnightworld iheartdogs tinkerbell

Teaching Neeko, a hand-shy puppy mill rescue, how to target hands using consent driven, force-free training. His awesome foster mom is doing a stellar job! Find this cutie pie through www.rescuedheartsnorthwest.org rescuedheartsnorthwest rescuedogsrock chiuahualove snugglebuddy bestestboy fosterdoglove forcefreedogtraining positivereinforcement humanedogtraining dogsofbellingham dogsofpnw bellinghamwashington

No monsters past this guard dog ❌sweetdreams pillowpet guarddog # daniff packmembers dogsofinstagram dailydog snugglebuddy

When you come down to go to bed and find this...dogsofinstagram womansbestfriend snugglebuddy

He’s BACK!!!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍 And he scared the crap out of me. I had no idea he was coming home today. Not a single clue. So here’s how it happened. I text him around 7pm saying “I’m thinking about you. How’s your Sunday been?” No response from him for a bit which made me wonder if he was doing okay. But then he finally did text me an hour later saying saying “sorry hon. I’ve been driving around like crazy. I should be driving back tomorrow morning though.” I ask “coming home??” He says, “Yeah.. big problems here. I’ll call you shortly.” So I’m thinking, yay he’s coming home and oh boy what’s going on in North Dakota? Then I think, well I need to finish getting the boys ready for bed and get the house back in order so I can be in bed and talk with him when he calls. Well, while I’m loading the dish washer he sneaks in the front door jumps me from behind. Guys, I was so scared and so relieved it was him I can’t even tell you! 😂😂 This past week I just finished a show called “unbelievable” on Netflix. If you’ve seen it you know why I’d be on edge. If you haven’t it’s about catching a very very bad guy. ANYWAY!! He is BACK!! After ten days of him being gone!!! It’s so good to have him here again.💕 married love snugglebuddy

Snuggling up in a wedding gift for my hoomans. Momma shares with me. 😁❤️💙💜 moose morganthemoose adventuresofmorganthemoose happymoose mooselife mylife ilovemoose snuggles snugglebuddy cuddle cuddlebuddy mooseblanket blueblanket cuddleup

If anyone ever tells you that black cats aren't the best cats... they are wrong. I mean all cats are the best cats but black cats are the best cats. This is science.kimberlyamorningstar blackcats Axle blackcatsarethebestcats blackcat fostercat snugglebuddy catstagram instacat spookycat Halloweencat myspiritanimalisablackcat science ijustreallylovecats

So this is Desmond 💙 He’s the perfect fall snuggle buddy! •desmondcalles baby weeone snuggles snuggly snuggle snugglebuddy fall autumn walkinthepark hygge knitblanket knitbabyblanket knit

My little BFF cats bff snugglebuddy

Am ready to be snuggled now dailydiana snugglebuddy

Trying to get shit done but Clementine is quite insistent on the cuddles! She is still looking for her forever home by the way Xxx snugglebuddy @manekinekocatrescue lionking cuddletime foster availableforadoption manekinekocatrescue @neakies lapcat

My sweet angel mouse 😍 getting a dog gives you purpose, and a whole lot of unconditional love. Highly recommend ❤️❤️ . .myangel tinydog chihuahua chihuahuasofinstagram fox palmtrees homedecor snugglebuddy curledup linen homely

These sweet babies! I hope they love each other this much... Forever! bffgoals bffs growingupwithsiblings siblinglove mybabies saylorgrace myheart 7weeksold bigbrother littlesister snugglebuddy lovebugs

How they keep me entertained at grandmas house! @bettysmith5 CavalierKingCharlesSpaniel CharlieTheKingCharles Puppy SnuggleBuddy PlayTime PuppiesOfInstagram GoodBoi

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