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Arzoi meet her dad after couple weeks sohappy love awesomefeel

Nous sommes sohappy de vous annoncer que notre site - optimisé mobile - sera en ligne Mercredi 18/09. Pas de connexion possible le 17 toute la journée. On spoile un peu en story 😉 À très vite ! . .workinprogress mobilefirst newwebsite storeonline uneequipeautop agenceuplight merci impression_lin conceptstoreinprovence carpentras

Tack för all fin uppvaktning jag har fått, både av familj, vänner och kollegor. Är så tacksam att har alla er runt omkring mig 💛 —————————————————-lilyandrosedesigns lilyandrose smycke @lilyandrose happy mylife sohappy dream monday

Кон: Аплолон (аз му казвам Карамелчо) Създание, което се опитва да го язди: аз.. Резултат: смешна картинка и малко синки #адреналин #красивосъздание #конче #Карамелчо sohappy horse love

Come promesso... “All you can it, sempre nei macro!” 😏 ~~~ Ecco come calcolo io i vari piatti: - Uramaki tempura 8 pzz: 55 C 25 G 10 P - Uramaki California 8 pzz: 50 C 10 G 10 P - Sashimi salmone 6 pzz: 12 G 30 P - Wakame: 12 C 2 G 2 P - Edamame 1 porzione: 10 C 5 G 10 P ~~~ Fatemi sapere se utilizzate i miei valori e/o se li calcolate diversamente! 😉 • • •food foodlover foodblog foodblogger happy happyday smile sohappy smiling feelgood love love goodday funtimes elidani2 Fitgirl fit gym bodybuilding girlswithmuscle muscles fitnessaddict strong gymlife healthylife healthy falloperte 🌹

Dream come true! Got the chance to go to LoL Park! It was so cool! Wish I could have watched a game here of SKT T1, but at least I could get a photo of their banner and my favorite player Faker! . .lolpark sktt1 faker t1fighting leagueoflegends lck lckchampions seoul southkorea sohappy

* * 待ち合わせ♡ * * * #待ち合わせ #元町駅 #息子とデート #ということにしとこうww #神戸 #元町 kobe fun goodtimes happy sohappy yolo #❤️

Live like a candle which burns itself but gives light to others. . . Down to earth, but still above ! . . """"""""""""""""""""""""""*"""""""""""""""""""""""""""" instagood love happy funny happydays happyday smile fun goodday instahappy goodmood sohappy happier excited feelgood smiling funtimes captionplus feliz laughing feelgoodphoto joy happyhappy enjoy laugh lovelife 20likes bestday

May quá không phải là bánh thập cẩm dồi.... Hai ngày mà cô cho 4 cái bánh to oạch ntn thì biết lsao, còn hộp bánh anh chồng béo mang về chưa ăn đến cơ.midautumncake madamehuong madamehuongbakery september autumn 2019 hanoi vietnam vietnamesefood yummy yum dailyphoto photooftheday picoftheday cake sohappy

Ja, wir sind schwanger 🤰🏼😍👫❤️ Und ja wir wissen es ist alles sehr früh und einige werden oder haben sich sogar schon ihr Maul darüber zerrissen aber wisst ihr was... ich scheiß auf euch!! I don’t give a fuck! Denn für uns ist es das Schönste, was passieren konnte, wenn auch unerwartet. Und schließlich ist es das, was zählt... WIR!! Außerdem, wenn nicht mit dir, mit wem sonst?! 👫❤️ Also ist es auch egal ob jetzt oder in 5 Jahren. Es ist perfekt wie es ist! Mama und Papa lieben dich jetzt schon abgöttisch und wir freuen uns riesig auf dich, du kleines Wunder 👶🏼❤️ @ramonuhlhorn90 pregnant momytobe 21ssw proud happy liebeimbauch mommy daddy beautiful babybelly pregnancy baby love loveinmytummy couple babybauch parentstobe couplegoals weddingdress mom dad sohappy pregnantphoto weddingguest dresses potd

✨My new home.✨sohappy blessed homesweethome 🙏🏼😭😍

I have the best friends ever! I can't be more grateful. Thank you for coming and for being here for me ❤️ birthdayparty birtdaygirl bestfriends friends sohappy couldntbebetter

Singapore vào giấc giữa trưa chiều nắng thật dịu nhẹ ! 💙 Marina Bay 🇸🇬 Singaporetravel somewhereinsingapore mylife sohappy marinabay marinabaysands merlion merlionpark merlionicecream singapore bus touristpass singaporeturistpass rafflesquayeats

笑聲救地球🌍 #笑 Sohappy so3baby

A perfect way to start the week, a beautiful walk from Taylor’s Mistake - Godley Heads ✨ Feeling so blessed to be living in such a beautiful place, the simple things in life make me so happy ♥️ feelingblessed sohappy exerciseeveryday

So this made me cry. The house has been hiding behind scaffolding for so long, I wasn’t sure what I expected to see, what if I didn’t like it!! Obviously no need to worry, literally had tears of joy running down my face. Feel so very lucky, the hard work is paying off! This has been years in the making and it’s amazing to see it all coming together. What a journey! . .buildingmyforeverhome extension reveal myhome sohappy goodbyescaffolding building lovemybuilders

Still can't fathom that this really happened..... THANK YOU GOD!!! Yessssss Wawa CheapGasIsTheBestKind SoHappy

Spring has certainly sprung in my garden with more on the way!! I even cut herbs for dinner! If you know me, you would know this is truly amazing!! 😳😃 I think I’ve turned the “Black Thumb” corner & everything is coming up in lots of different colours!! Fresh & dehydrated organic flowers for salads & decorating cakes with!! 🤗💜💚❤️💛🧡💗 nadinethecakequeen behindthescenes in my organic garden! springhassprung beautiful fresh edibleflowers & herbs! sopretty & colourful localproduce sohappy with myself! barringtoncoast delicious dessert cakes thecakequeen

Hochzeiten sind schon was feines

Два роки нашій сім`ї )Кохаю тебе сильно, і дякую що ти є ❤️ @demkiv_oleg . . . . . • • • 💕 😄 love couple toptags cute adorable kiss kisses hugs romance forever girlfriend boyfriend gf bf bff happydays happyday instahappy goodmood sohappy happier excited feelgood smiling funtimes funny feliz feelgood feelgoodphoto joy

Monday Fan Day Always Happy To Be With Them 😍😘 sofunsohappy happymondayhappymommy

Belated goodies from Su, sohappy thanks @vinn.xzd @chucktung borgoeborgoerum happystore madamejeanette rum&fire 🥃&🔥

All weekend I drew on small canvas boards around the @goodlifeexperience festival site. I had so much fun giving the artworks out to lovely people I met whilst I was there. Thanks to you all for the conversations and memories. Shout out to @yinyanuk @willjpin @tomqwen @embertherapies and @toucantango! Keep in touch if you’re reading this. I shared lots of the @tortoisechester magazines with these people too, as I have my illustrations published in several issues now. It was great to see first hand how much people adore this beautiful unique publication. Long live Tortoise 😍 -happiness sohappy love drawing draw community together creative illustration artwork artist art design livedrawing liveartwork nikkipinderart thegoodlifeexperience nikkipinder fun print stickers badges share freeart tortoisemagazine creativity

𝑰 𝒍𝒐𝒐𝒌 𝒂𝒕 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒂𝒏𝒅 𝒔𝒆𝒆 𝒕𝒉𝒆 𝒓𝒆𝒔𝒕 𝒐𝒇 𝒎𝒚 𝒍𝒊𝒇𝒆 𝒃𝒆𝒇𝒐𝒓𝒆 𝒎𝒚 𝒆𝒚𝒆𝒔💕 . . . .smiling feelgood prilaga happydays humor sohappy smile happyday instahappy enjoy goodmood feliz fun bestday instagood 20likes feelgoodphoto haha joy excited love happy lovelife funtimes laugh happyhappy happier laughing goodday funny

做一份工 創一份業 在可以奮鬥的年紀 努力朝不將就的人生邁進happy toptags happydays happyday instahappy goodmood sohappy feelgood smiling feelgoodphoto photography isotonix

My happy campers on their first ever camping trip during the 1 week holiday and In a flash its back to waking up early, back to school routine but we're still not back in our element (workin hard on it😅) Albeit 1 week is too short but we're well rested & refreshed especially the precious time we had, hanging out with kiddos doing happy & fun things they enjoy doing the most. . This photo was taken last week when Dad took the kids camping at grandma's backyard🤣 the kiddos are blessed to have a dotting daddy, hb pulled an all nighter that night cause Xarl heard the howling of the dogs but imagined it to be a pack of wolves bout to attack him anytime, he hugged a stick to bed 🤣 Patrea was disturbed by the cats crying & screaming into the darkest night, she too didnt sleep well. Hb said "Its all part of living in the wilderness".🦝🐼 Those panda eyes I saw in the morning..rofl. . . . . .camping mondayblues family familybonding kids fatherhood backtoschool instagood love happy funny happyday smile fun goodday instahappy goodmood sohappy happier excited feelgood smiling funtimes laughing feelgoodphoto joy enjoy laugh lovelife

Good morning 😙😙😙😙😙😙😙 . . . . . . . . . . . . .style friends smiles photos smile night sohappy baby song beautiful nice fashion pose

11:59 pm in one minute, or sixty seconds, or sixty thousand milliseconds, today will be gone and today will be yesterday and tomorrow will be today. It's kind of terrifying when you think about it. Terrifying in the way that everything you did today - all the lists you've made, places you've been, things you've touched, songs you've heard, conversations you've had - will soon become a memory, or worse, it would be forgotten. Lost amdist all of your yesterdays. 12:00 am today. . . . . .instagood love happy funny happydays happyday smile fun goodday instahappy goodmood sohappy happier excited feelgood smiling funtimes captionplus feliz laughing feelgoodphoto joy happyhappy enjoy laugh lovelife 20likes bestday

Just living is not enough…One must have sunshine, freedom and a little flower☀️🦋🌹 instamood love happy funny happydays smile fun goodday instahappy goodmood sohappy happier excited feelgood smiling funtimes laughing feelgoodphoto joy happyhappy enjoy laugh lovelife 20likes bestday

Today's work was a really nice job! I 😢 worked hard because I played until yesterday, both physically and mentally! Eat garlic and sleep 🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨🤨 with Junkel and medicine lol . . . . . .humor smiling smile funtimes instahappy laugh happier feliz excited fun feelgood happy sohappy laughing goodmood bestday lovelife enjoy feelgoodphoto funny joy happyday haha instagood happydays love happyhappy 20likes goodday

РЕЗУЛЬТАТЫ ТЕСТА 18+❤° • ☆ 🔥 1 Восточная чувственность Изысканность и утонченность — одно из ваших достоинств в сфере эротики. Чуткие к эстетике, вы любите услаждать свои слух и зрение, посещать выставки и концерты. Для вас эти «ласки духа» — еще и прелюдия к удовольствиям другого рода. Однако избегайте соблазна достичь во всем совершенства: вы очень требовательны. Вам нравятся контрасты. Секс может сосуществовать с определенной формой насилия (как в японских манга) — и такая сексуальность вас не шокирует, хотя вы никогда не позволяете себе скатиться до пошлости. Вас может порадовать появление нового стриптиз-клуба, возбуждающая афиша или эротический фильм. Все, что связано с купанием и с водой, подстегивает ваше желание. Термальные источники, сауна, крывающий очертания тела пар и полупрозрачные перегородки дают простор вашей фантазии. Вы можете черпать вдохновение в восточной традиции любовных ритуалов. Зрительные образы возбуждают вас сильнее всего. Вам понравится полистать вдвоем книгу японских гравюр: раньше они помогали молодым женщинам познавать науку любви. Ритуал ваших восточных ночей неспешен и изыскан, а фантазия подсказывает неожиданные аксессуары. Конечно, при условии, что ваш партнер (партнерша) охотно включается в игру. Чтобы лучше почувствовать друг друга, примите ванну вдвоем — это позволяет открыться самому и открыть для себя другого. • ° ☆ • ° • ° • 🔥 2 Индийская чувственность Вы обладаете несомненным эротическим талантом. Удовольствие, чувственность, любовь вы воспринимаете как необходимую составляющую повседневной гармонии. Вы все познаете чувствами и не признаете формальных «брачных танцев». В ваших отношениях никто не пытается доминировать. Натура непостоянная, свободная, любознательная, вы обожаете всякие новшества. Ваши любовные фантазии бесподобны. Вдохновение вы черпаете в поэзии и кинематографе. Однако остерегайтесь вашей склонности в любовных историях руководствоваться больше воображением, нежели реальностью. ПРОДОЛЖЕНИЕ В КОММЕНТАРИЯХ 👇👇👇

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