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When you’re dissapointed because you were expecting your first nobelprize. hardknocklife sounfair iexpectedmore

☕️+ sweets for mommy. It's been a morning. 🙄 butfirstcoffee firstcupoftheday sounfair yum vegantreats

The best spot for squirrel watching is right here on the front porch 🐿 my human is mean though, and won’t let me chase them 🤨 whynot rainedontrunaway rainedontchasethesquirrels thisisallihear sounfair atleastitfinallyfeelslikefall alittle floridafall iguessbeggarscantbechosers

I miss you so much.😢💔 I will see you soon my handsome. broken sounfair myheartisaching wontstopfighting

This isn't right to have to get rid of one.🤦🏾‍♂️ I'm choosing wings only because it's my favorite! Hbu?? sounfair foodiechats

Tu es, bevor du es bereust, es nicht getan zu haben. Egal was.daslebengenießeneskannsounfairseinlachenfasade

I slave in the kitchen over home-cooked meals for hours, and the kids are like: "Meh." Nelson takes 2 seconds to cut a strawberry up "fancy" over some chocolate for dessert, and rolls up deli meat and cheese, and the kids go WILD. WTH???! SoUnfair DadLifeVsMomLife

INKredible_inktober 4/11 Healing roots. At first I had an idea to draw something cute and sweet and such. But I wanted to draw something messy and horrible, so here it is. And, I've got a perfect segway for the topic: This is all those stupid main bosses from any game, where, when you've almost defeated them or at least half way, they by some annoying means heal themselves and are twice as hard to fight afterwards. This was drawn quickly freehand without any sketch so I realize it is hard to read. But boy have I missed using brushpen! - - -inkdrawing brushpen pentel pentelbrushpen ink drawing demon fantasyart fantasygames bossfight healingroots sounfair quickdrawing freehand suchamess

𝘰𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘩𝘺𝘱𝘦𝘥 𝘴𝘬𝘺𝘱𝘦 #🙄 iamtheonlyone #😁Toetheline holdtheline keepchecking for, like, 10minutes justincase there's actually a meeting this week.Managers, remember to send meetingcancellation notices.Letthathavebeenme... sounfair, the hierarchical hypocrisy.

My facebook broke, tryed like 20 times wont upload my id....awww stupid facebookbroke wtf reallynow ihatethis sounfair

When you find out humans eat different things everyday when you’ve been stuck with the same kitty kibble for years 🤯🍗🐟 prescriptiondiet sounfair varietyisthespiceoflife

Fugly? Yes. hatethis sounfair whyme

Not in my size!!! Why?? sounfair lifeishell horrorstories

Working as a top model can be exhausting. Wonder if I can get another holiday with uncle Jon to recharge my batteries stillonadiet sounfair nonstoptreatswithunclejon andnopicturesallthetime

This genuinely concerns me. Just the thought of it. So reckless. genderinequality sounfair

How do you start over after losing all this. I’m lost, I’m speechless, I’m numb, I’m pissed, I’m hurting, my heart is fucking broken. I will miss you Bruno. The things can be replaced but you were truly. a wonderful and great member of our family. I’m so sorry I couldn’t get you. You will always always be in our hearts. justlost numb sad itwashome doglove sounfair tryingtomoveforward doglife

Title: Views from a 4:37pm Friday nap . . . . We still have half concrete half hardwood!!! slableak homeinsurance fighting sounfair ridiculousnessarabia

Update on my sister. My heart is hurting. “... She is now on a new medication for her pulmonary hypertension. (That will make 3) It's inhaled 4 times a day and her body is trying to get used to it. Severe side effects are: headache nausea and throwing up. A half hour before she started rehab today, she got deathly ill trying to throw up. For those of you who don't know, she gets the sensation to throw up but can't. She has her stomach tied because when she was a baby she had severe aspiration and that had to be done to protect her lungs. So don't let the smile fool you. Tough. That's all I can say...” www.GoFundMe.com/FrencescasRoadToTransplant 🙏🏻 • • • • •doublepost dontcare formysister keepfighting keepbreathing justkeepbreathing doublelungtransplant pulmonaryhypertension pulmonaryembolism beadonor donatelife life journey destination shesgoingtogetthere mysistermybestfriend sisters bondlikenoother iloveyou youvegotthis support fuck todayiaskwhy why sounfair

It was my first time to try the myanmar beer and the bbq skewers since our assistant of department will leave tmr. He was so nice person which i rarely meet cuz he always smile to any people even he was blamed. He is a good young man. I wish all the best for him. Actually, i just realize that my salary is much lower than the other taiwanese since i dont know how to negotiate my salary. Thats right, company might think that wow we hired one Uk MBA degree perosn with lower costs so we r so lucky. I really wanna say that fuck them indeed. I might resign soon within trial month because it is unfair la. The other new employees come here as same time as me. They got double or triple compare with me evn they education is much lower than me, freaking bullshit. Im sorry to keep complaining in my ig cuz i need to release my anger. fuckingcompany fuckthem bitchcoworkers ihatemyself sounfair whyimsocheaper TT life me

How come she gets to go onto a bed whenever she wants, but I have to wait for a permission/invitation to do so?! 😾😑😩 . Life hack for everyone who has the same problem: you don’t need a permission or an invitation when you’re home alone!!! 😏😜 .lifeproblems lifeisunfair sounfair lifehack tipoftheday bedtime snugglecat cozybedroom pinknose cutiepie catsofinstagram bigeyedcat bunnycat bigears whiskerswednesday pulkthecat

When you feel that everyone hates you right about now. I am actually over this and can’t be bothered anymore. Oh and to make things worse my gym membership has been frozen for a week too. fml hatethis thissucks life fml mood shitty bpd hospital home bendigo timetogoforarunfirst sad angry hateeverythingrightnow why emotions feelings struggle mentalhealth depression anxiety lifesucks suicidalfeelings wednesday sounfair anger tired feelingssuck anotherweekofnogym iactuallycantdothisanymore

Fifth review. Zits...Am I right?? 😡 Also my face isn’t oily, I just use face cream! grrrr sounfair zits teenager haircut instafamous pleasegetridofthisgodbeforeibestowuponmyfacebukkake dogs- Zit: 0/10

In memory of u my princess heatbrokenneverthesamesounfairRIPbeauty 💔💔

Human is making HER dinner that she never shares 😿. It doesn’t matter that she fed us first sounfair sadcat cutecat burmeseworlddomination

✊I am choosing NOT to be a victim. What about you?⁣ ⁣ 😾Are you finding yourself often wondering why bad things are happening to you? Why you? Why now? And trying to find a culprit, whether it's someone else or bad luck? Maybe it's time to reframe all that and place you back in your own power!⁣ ⁣ 🙊Last Friday I sprained my left ankle. I was trying to clean up the tiny house to make it nice for my mother to visit me for the next two weeks. I was rushing as I had a bus to catch to go back to Vancouver. Had I missed that bus I wouldn't have been able to see my friend later on. So I rushed. I was doing the dishes while being on the phone. I wanted to take out the compost bin and missed a step coming out of the tiny house. I fell hard on the ground, and my left foot twisted inward under me.⁣ ⁣ 🤬AAAAAAAAH It was SO frustrating!! I immediately went into victim mode: WHY ME?!? WHY NOW?!? I had no time to get injuried and it would ruin my weekend. Immediately my anxious mind went on worse case scenario mode: What if I can't get up? What if I am alone on the property and none can help me? What if... ⁣ ⁣ ENOUGH.⁣ ⁣ 🌈I was laying down on my back, looking at the blue sky (at least it wasn't raining) and I thought: You know what? I brought this on myself. I was going too fast. My mind was ahead of my body. And my body didn't fell me. It had to happen so I could slow down and reconnect as one piece. And I am grateful for that. Because I was so in the future, it wasn't fun. AT. ALL. This didn't happen TO me, it happened FOR me.⁣ ⁣ 🌬️So I took 3 deep breaths and decided to relax my entire body to just feel the pain where I should feel it: In my ankle. Not the rest of my body, that was so tensed from the frustration and annoyance. Then I slowly got up. I thanked my body to have reminded me that I was not connected with my full self. And I got on the bus.⁣ ⁣ 🏋️‍♀️This is a practice to follow for ALL of us women who tend to feel burned out. We do because we disconnect from our bodies. The mind go far in the future, makes us all stressed out and the body tries to follow until it can't, until it won't. Setting boundaries. Now. [Continues in comments]

Mum has started this new rule where we aren’t aloud on the lounge anymore. So unfair. . . .aussiebulldog aussiebulldogsofinstagram bulldog bulldogsofinstagram newrules sounfair moetheaussiebulldog

All dogs love my brother. sounfair ifeedtheselosers itsadogslife

The face you get when you told him he needs to settle down at 9pm... TeenagerPuppy MrAttitude ButMom SoUnfair YoureRuiningMyLife SmallMonsterlander

I love this photo of Chris when he was 4 years old. This is such a perfect depiction of his personality. It was at this age when he would follow me around the house with a dust cloth and help me clean. . . .myson 4yearsold myhelper misshimsomuch sounfair whyme whyhim whynotme abduction murder painnevergoesaway

While I work they snuggle... doesn’t seem fair to me... 😢 snuggle mykitten cherry kittenlove loveher lazymorning offtoworkIgo sounfair #🍒🥰

And because I've got chronic insomnia & have to somehow, pass the time while every fucker else is snoring their boxes off around me!! 😱 sojealous itsnotfair sounfair notright asperusual icantsleep cantgetnosleep cantsleep insomnia insomniac sleep whatsthat idontneedsleep overrated chasingdreams dreamcatcher lioness lion lionandlamb sheep countingsheep thrivewithnia thrive

Trying to find some positivity today when life can seem so unfair at times especially when the lovely people in life leave this earth so suddenly lookingforpositivity why sounfair

When you see the Rabbit outside enjoying his day and your stuck inside 😾 wascalywabbit sounfair

Other proves that I am in the wrong country is that I wear a scarf in september 😕and the second, but most important, for the last two hours I've been looking for an Espresso cup and...could not find any, nothing, nowhere...There were cups for latte, cappuccino, tea with names, images, horns except one tiny cup for my espresso😢☕SOUNFAIR 😔😂 . . . . .september fallmood autumn espressolover lookingforespresso coffeeandfall chill wrongcountry helpme music jbl

How unfair is it that baby dimples are like the cutest things ever!!!! Would you check out that knee dimple 🥰why can’t it be the same for grown ups?!! 😫💙✨ . . .firstwalkers babydimples chunkythighs sounfair

My mom is being so mean. We are waiting for the vet to come in for my appointment and the waiting room is full of other playmates and she won’t let me go out there to play. sounfair friends letmeplay nevermetanenemy

my Monday did not look like this 😭👎🏻 sounfair

And then came...the betrayal 😩 Mom said I was smelling a little funky and had the audacity to give me a bath! So rude! seriouslymom rubadubdub sounfair bathtime notfeelingthis myfacesaysitall puppydogeyes freshandclean theaudacity minpinchihuahuasofinstagram minpinchihuahuamix minpinchi dog_ig dogsofinstagram dogstagram dogs rescuedog cocobean

This sofa used to be mine on the boat... until the small human took over 🙄 fml baby greyhoundsofinstagram sounfair canalboat

Why do my friends think its ok to eat this next to me!veganlove crying sounfair saturday foodenvy chocolate

OMG I'M HAVING SUCH A BAD AFTERNOON.. I hope things get fixed.. sadsounfairsomessedup😭🤪positivevibesonly💯stayingstrongbutitshardshockedpeoplearejerkswow😭🤦ineedavacationineedamiracle

So so so missing it😩😩😩😩😷😷😷💜👑 I never rest my mantra is "no rest for the wicked" I only rest when I am away 🤔.... Well.... Who am I kidding?.. why am I lying?.. 😆 I guess I just don't rest😆👑💜 repost @emmagreen_personaltrainer norestforthewicked divastrop laughatyourself sounfair

Life isn’t fair. Poor @ccicanine servicedog Renata has literally six inches of seat and Caspin is laying on her head. youngersiblingproblems youreinmyspot talesofalab. .sounfair siblings cartrip labsofinstagram patientdog seathog

Alyssa.... The apple of my eye & my pride and joy is 1️⃣3️⃣ today!!! 🥳 I love you more than you will know, even if you do have bend down to give me a hug now!! Happy birthday angel 🧡 @_.alyssanewwxo birthday 13 love niece teenager kevinandperry sounfair 13thbirthday presents totoafrica tall

My car is having a nice day at the beach while I'm stuck in the office.... sounfair

Ana is getting her rabies shot. Why have you brought me along to the vet??!! I don’t wanna chaperone. Not cool mom. Not. Cool. notcool vet why sounfair galgos galgoarmy galgo bestdogever freethegalgo

Its just not fair. You had two whole days of living as a 20 year old. Two days. 💔💔 People are absolutely heartless. You shouldn't be gone. An innocent kid in the mix and a life cut drastically short over petty drama and insignificant arguing. I pray to God the person responsible for the hit and run is found an prosecuted to the fullest! 🙏🏻💔😭 JusticeForChristian CJN SoUnfair

And this was the last full cycle before our RE appointment. AF showed her ugly face yesterday evening and even though I knew it was going this way I still hoped for a miracle. I feel like I want to throw a fit like a five year old. The full set with throwing myself on the ground, banging my fists on the floor, crying and screaming that this is sooo unfair. And I don't, don't, don't want to have to go through IVF. But yes, I know, nobody wants to and yes I know we have had this coming for quite some time and yes I know I'm a grown up so I just cry a little and throw my fit inside my head. And tomorrow is a new day. . . So, das war dann der letzte komplette Zyklus vor unserem Kiwu Termin. Hab seit gestern Abend meine Tage. Und auch wenn ich wusste, dass es so kommen würde, hab ich trotzdem irgendwie auf ein Wunder gehofft. Ich würde jetzt gerne einen Wutanfall wie eine 5jährige bekommen, mich auf den Boden schmeißen, mit den Fäusten auf die Erde Trommeln, heulen und schreien, dass das alles ganz ganz unfair ist. Und ich keine Kiwu Behandlung über mich ergehen lassen müssen möchte. Aber ja, ich weiß, das möchte keiner. Und ich weiß ja schon länger, dass es für uns so kommen würde. Und ich weiß, ich bin erwachsen, also weine ich nur ein wenig und verlege den Wutanfall in meinen Kopf. Morgen ist dann wieder ein neuer Tag. . .sounfair unfair angry sad fuckinfertility ttc infertility infertilitysucks infertilitysucksyoudont ttcjourney babywunsch kiwukmpfer iam1in8  1in4 ttcsupport ttccommunity ttccommunitysupport ectopicsurvivor waitingforthatrainbowbaby  unfruchtbar unerfüllterkinderwunsch  ttcsisters ttcafter35 faithtrustbabydust kiwu ttcwarrior handlettering handletteringpractice babywunsch schwangerwerdenistsoschwer unerfüllterkiwu

What I’m doing with my life right now! I’ll never be able to pass through LA the same anymore! sounfair thinkingofyoualways

Firework season has him crying every five minutes. He has my heart broken. Wish he had a better life ❤️ baby pupper scareddog sleepingwithmama dogmama sickdog hardlife sounfair heartbroken

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