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Comfortable and Stylish 💋

👀, 🗣, 🖐🏼 cues First day learning position 1 hang clean went really well today. 14 year old swimmer cleared the @certifiedfsc front squat pre-requisite so we progressed to hang clean (pos. 1). 🖐🏼 Notice the tactile cues for the shoulder, wrist and knee position. I’m putting the athlete in the exact position I want for the lift. 👂 I’m saying the same cues (external) before every rep 👀 Her jièjiè (big sister) is giving her a great visual of what the jump and catch should look like.

Day 1 of only being able to do legs for at least a month time to let these puppies grow ( thanks to the guy who put all the plates on for me because I can't lift you are the real MVP) @murphsgym @calumvonmoger motivation legday squats gymin grow model converse liftingheavyshit yeahbuddy staunchnation letsgetit hdmh catchalater

Who else loves goblet squats ???? In this video I’m doing 3 sets of 12 with a 3 second negative which means 3 seconds down then straight up. gymgobletsquatslegssquats

Leopard heels for the Win ✨✨✨

Everyone tonight seemed to prefer the cushy foam box for squats vs the old wood box 👍

w0d0 with some intro volume 9s - squats at 160kg and bench at 95kg - rpe something. After 2 weeks of uninspired reintroduction to the barbell, time to get this machine (with some extra body weight and some extra hair after the wedding) back into business.aloha joeyscannolis powerlifting 120kgplus 120plus usapl nypowerlifting squatsandsciencesquats deadlift benchpress@joeycannoli_sns

First time bent pressing the bar. Worked up to 95 pounds :)

Long work day finished off with some bench training 410, & 420x1RM. 14 weeks out starting this week. Gear:  @pgstrengthsystems Coach:@fusiontrainingsystems850poundsquatchaser africanathletespowerlifting fitness powerlifter rpspowerlifting  rawpowerlifting powerliftingtraining powerliftingdeadlift gym deadlifttillimdead powerliftingmotivation squats squat powergoonss benchpress strong fitfam panafricanist blackathletes chasefor2000total

Get the look ✨✨✨

Squats at 345x8 Squat has been a bit janky lately but this definitely feels like progress 😁 2ds video is a set of 5 before this. I guess that makes it a 7rpe?? Haha felt much heavier at the time!poweronward enjoytheprocess powerlifting squats

Hit some back work along with my regular arm wrestling workout. Got some good work in with my various @armassassinstrengthshop tools. Worked on deadlifts, back pressure, rows, rising pressure and toproll elimination. @walunderground @armassassinstrengthshop @anytimefitnesssalemva armwrestling armwrestle armwrestler armfight powerlifting powerlifter squats bench deadlift fitnessmotivation fitness fitfam

Bosu Ball Squats (325x8). To be an athlete, you have to train like one! Starting to incorporate more stability work into my lifts. Tag someone that you think could do this 💪🏾

Is the dreaded “butt wink” 😉 causing problems with your squat? This is another common core control issue we see during squats 🏋️‍♀️ that can lead to low back pain 💥... The “butt wink” typically happens when we reach too much depth in the squat. This causes the lifter to lose tension in the core and tuck the butt under causing excessive flexion of the spine ☹️. Understand that in the case of maintaining “neutral spine” position in the squat there is an acceptable range... It’s when we see excessive extension or flexion of the spine accompanied with pain that it’s time to fix it ✅ The drills we mentioned to help optimize your squat & fight 🥊 back pain are coming your way tomorrow! Lift Strong 💪! squat squats squatober weightlifting powerlifting crossfit olympiclifting olympicweightlifting strengthtraining physicaltherapy wilmingtonnc wilmington

Burgundy and Black 🖤

🅃🄾🄳🄰🅈'🅂 🅀🅄🄾🅃🄰 * . ..... and just like that, 300 more squats added to today's quota. - . 5 miles on runstreak Day 278 and 600 squats for Squatober - . @nassy03 and I joked. We are expecting legs cut up and shredded at the end of this squatchallenge - . I mean, a girl can dream, can't she? 🤔🤨😂 - . . . . . . . . . .Garmin garminvivoactive3 momentumjewelry running findyourSPARK iamarunner runeveryday squat legday squateveryday dowhatyoulove Discipline pushyourself challenge challengeyourself teamwork eatsleeprunrepeat crosstrain crosstraining run womenwhorun womenwhowod accountability workoutbuddy

The homie @dylan_viii using some calimamba. We go hard 💪 use code CLAY25 to get your self some high quality supplements from @socalsupps for the low low😎calimamba preworkout athlete socalsupps abs ripped bodybuilding powerbuilding aesthetic fitnessmotivation legday squats powerlifting personaltrainer lifting back veins

IV Therapy; infused directly into your bloodstream. Our digestive system metabolizes supplements & reduces the amount we need. With this technique, it bypasses the digestive system! It will be customized to your specific needs.This is great before your workouts or before you go on about your Active day! Come see me! 💉💦 GAINZ gym glutes fit fitfam fitmom fitness fitchick intense muscles motivation dedication squats lifestyle traindirty beastmode bodybuilding health igfitness girlswholift shredded physique aesthetics upperbody abs personaltraining legs ivtherapy

Leg Day oh Leg Day! AKA the best day of the week. If you have been to the gym ever you have seen those gym goers that work on their upper body everyday and neglect the lower body. Little do they know that they are killing their strength gains and fat loss. The legs are the most powerful muscles in the body based on the amount of active muscles that are working to keep homeostasis in the body. ————— ————— Since the legs are the most powerful muscles in the body they undergo more hormonal responses. Working legs as opposed to the upper body secretes twice as much testosterone into the body which in turns causes more muscle growth and fat loss. This secretion of testosterone into the body is essential whether you are thinking of increasing muscle size or just increasing absolute strength. This exercise will for sure help secrete more testosterone into the body. 4 sets of 10 reps of barbell squats. Try it out and remember to never forget leg day. trainiac fitnessjunkie getfit fitfamily workout legday squats fitgoals healthylifestyle healthnut instafit fitnessmotivation fitnessfreaks strengthtraining strength

Amor a las sentadillas, así resumiría esto 🔥❤ . . .squat squats legsday legsworkout hard hardwork body bodybuilder bodybuilding live love life lifestyle lovegym gym gymaddict gymlife fitnessaddict fit fitnessmotivation gymmotivation . . . @bodyadvanceoficial

Always go for the challenge .... I’m trying to teach my Kids this ...

This look is so perfect for this season 🍂

Wearing Pink on a Wednesday🌸👄👚. Sporting my nice new pronghorn20th 🧢 @j.j.ondrus & hockey socks @twlgrant !!!squats womenwholift rugbyalumni oldgals powerlifting personaltrainer yycstrength

On Wednesdays… we wear PINK for breast cancer awareness!💗 We are extremely proud of our OTFcommunity for being always so united and supportive. OrangeOhana BreastCancerAwarenessMonth

Quarter turn pose, Roelly Winklaar vs Brandon Curry at 2019 Mr Olympia.

🚨 SPOILER ALERT 🚨 . There’s more than one way to set up for a squat. . Things that can impact the way you squat: . 1) GENETICS 🧬: Hips. Knees. Ankles. The the angles in which our leg bones connect to these joints vary slightly from individual from individual, and we can’t change this at all. This will absolutely impact the degree of stance width, shin angle, and turnout of your squat. . 2) LIFE STUFFS ⏰ : Past injuries. Workplace ergonomics. Daily movement. These all fall into the category of what I call life circumstances. Technically we can change most of these things, however some are easier to change than others. For example, it’s easier to add in exercise than it is to quit your day job because it requires you to sit too much. Don’t worry, we get it. . 3) FLEXIBILITY 🤸‍♀️: Hamstrings. Glutes. Quads. Back. Your range of motion (how far you can squat down) will definitely be impacted by the degree of flexibility in your bottom half. It’s not uncommon to see range of motion (due to increased flexibility) improve over a few weeks of squatting correctly. . POINT IS : as always every BODY is slightly different. So it’s okay if we squat slightly differently. Watch the video and see which type of squat stance works for you and put that in your back pocket for future workouts! .bejolly livejolly jollybodies squats squatform squatguide legday turndownforwhat apl

A little fun run this morning followed by some late night squats. It’s amazing how little tweaks can make all the difference in a lift. Had a coworker adjust my form at work, telling me to push up from the hips, didn’t make a new PR but everything felt better. Always be open to advice. legday legs squats garagegym gym chickenlegs wednesdayworkout

Working on getting my 🍑 low with heavier weight. 155 2x2 530amworkout getitdonebeforethesun progressnotperfection fitmom dothework gotworktodo strong momswholift squats

Changed it up with a narrower (Olympic)stance in hopes my depth would improve, and just to try it out. 330x 19 🤦🏻‍♂️ shown 1-7,8-13,14-19 keeptrying countingishard squats endeavortrained

Eagerly anticipating what these meat rockets will look like by Christmas !🍖 Progress makes the work seem effortless!Fitness StrongWomen HumpDay

Volume. It's not glamorous or exciting to watch. Or to do. But it is so important! -- Sets of 10 bench at 110lbs then sets of 20 with the slingshot at 95lbs. And then sets of 20 dumbbell bench. It's safe to say my bench better grow after all of this... 🙄 -- Also did some stability work & trying to fix/figure out what is wrong with my back...😬 --progressnotperfection consistency powerlifting squats bench deadlift deadlifting girlswhopowerlift gwpl girlswithmuscle girlswholift fitnessmotivation gains fitgirls fleoshorts uspa lifting savagebabe teacherswholift girlswithmuscle FortisFitnessStudio RedefiningStrong redefiningbarbell fortispowerlifting

Charles: Deadlifts - Top set of 5 @ 430! ⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Albert: Deadlifts - Easy single @ 475! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀powerlifting usapl fresno ucla calpolypomona fitness health squats bench deadlift lift gym bodybuilding workout athlete motivation raw gains fit hookgrip fun

Squatober Workshop w/ Ellen was a success! 🏋️‍♂️ She will be hosting another open event next week. Details coming soon 👀 ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀personaltrainer livefitgymsf pt squats squat squatsquad fitfam fitlife flex fitness livefitgym livefit livefitfam goals gymlife sffitness fitness livefit livewell

Happy Fall Y’all 💋

Strength is gained in the range it’s trained ‼️ 💭 The Inertia Squat (or pin squat) is a versatile way to improve your squat numbers, develop tons of speed and power and bust through plateaus. 💭 First, identify where you get stuck in your squat and (provided you’re going full range) find your sticking point. Place the pins at top 1/4, half or bottom 1/4 and work on that range you’re struggling with. 💭 Here I’m using inertia as a speed method where the idea is to move the bar as soon as possible using a weight that’s only 50-60% of your 1RM. 💭 Not sure where you’re struggling? Want to find out how to bring your training to another level? Come find me 🤓 💭inertia squats speed power training periodization strength legday

A. Slow snatch + snatch (1+2) at RPE6.5 (1+2) at RPE7 (1+2) at RPE7.5 (1+2) at RPE8 • B. Deadlfit 4 at RPE6 4 at RPE7 4 at RPE8x2 • C. Superset 1a. And 1b. 1a. Front squat 4 at RPE6 4 at RPE7 4 at RPE8x2 • 1b. Strict press 8 at RPE6 8 at RPE7 8 at RPE8x2 • 📸 @doubleexposureplease •doublestrength doublestrengthplease weightlifting powerlifting olympiclifting squats snatches cleanAndJerks lowbar deadlifts pR gainzzz strength frontsquat squats pr liftWeights lifting workout orale ladieslifting ladiesliftingmorethanyou

Recovery vs. Adaptation •••••••••••••••• One of the most widely discussed topics in health and fitness is inflammation, and it is mostly talked about by people that pull their information out of thin air! Google searching a topic does not make you an expert! Recovery tactics such as an ice bath are used to control inflammation, NOT eliminate it. Is having some inflammation a bad thing? No. •••••••••••••••• ✅➡️Ice baths, cryo, sauna etc. will in short term allow your body to recover faster, but it will also limit the amount of adaptation you are going to endure.⬅️✅ For example, if you are trying to increase lean body mass (LBM) in your off season, it may be better to have a little more inflammation in the short term in response to that training session. If you are in a fight camp or prepping for something in your specific sport, it would be a better idea to use something like an ice bath etc. because you are not worried about increasing LBM at that time (in season). •••••••••••••••• Finding a happy medium is necessary here in order to determine the response you are looking for from your body. More to come on this later so stay tuned. GetFunctional FunctionalAesthetics

Flexing and dumb faces anytime we’re at the gym together 😝💪🏼 — • • • • • •powerlifter powerlifting powerliftingmotivation bodybuilder bodybuilding bodybuildingmotivation muscles fitcouple fitnesscouple relationshipgoals couplegoals workoutwednesday fitness fitnessmotivation usapl squat squats deadlift deadlifts uspa workout workoutmotivation iam1stphorm fit fitspo fitfam igfit sixpack gym gymmotivation- @juggernautnutrition @herbstrong @hviiibrandgoods @vivobarefoot

Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn’t work hard 🙌🏼

16 mths and @lcandlittleg finally gropes me 😍😍.......200kg squat a 40kg PB!! Unfortunately that’s the last of my lifting for the time being I have to take a hiatus (doctors orders). If I never lift again 120kg bench, 200kg squat & 210kg deadlift are pretty impressive numbers. I could never lifted anywhere near this weight with out @lcandlittleg help his programming, support and friendship have been amazing & I’ll be forever in debt trying to thank him.....it’s been fun, it’s been cut short but it’s time to get healthy powerlifting squats pb groped ilikedit manlove thanks gratitude doctorsorders stop whatnext

First video was my first shot at 820 tonight. I rolled forward from the get go and fought with everything in me to recover in the bottom. Felt like I was in the hole for 30 seconds. And the second rep suffered for it. The goal was 3. I racked after two and @its_perseus convinced me to collect myself and get a single to get that confidence back after a terrible first set. That last single (second video) of 820 was so much better. So thankful for Perseus and the guys pulling me out of a rut and making me earn it. Third rep kept the night from being a complete wash. 🤘🏽 @massenomics @obsidian_ammonia COACH @leskeyes @diamondklifting Massenomics MassenomicsEffect Obsidian ObsidianAmmonia Squats Skwats 5weeksout WRPF ABCOpen Powerifter Powerifting BelieveAndAchieve Mustache Mullet Jorts DiamondKpowerlifting Les🔑🔑

The look you make when you see all your gains gone from not squatting a couple of months 😩 CertifiedMuscleGains PowerWorld Gains LegDay Squats Hams

“We must embrace pain and burn it as fuel for our journey.” grateful for the pain I’ve suffered, it’s made me who I am. Grateful to my true friends on this journey 🙏 it’s more rewarding to celebrate with others than to celebrate alone. Feeling blessed. handstand yogaeverydamnday mindset barbellyogi liftheavy practice yoga, do your squats. Team thickthighs weightlifting powerlifting girlswhopowerlift

HOLY SHIT PR 😱😱😱 162X1 an 8lb bench PR at 20lbs less body weight 👏👏👏 We haven't even started my strength block and I already set this monumental PR. So so happy with how far my bench has come!

Happy Humpday, Love's! 🙌 . Taking a Much needed rest day today! So sore from yesterday's leg day! Loving these heavier workouts lately! Definitely looking forward to seeing the progress I make this fall/winter! Let the Gains begin! 🙌💪🏼 . I hope everyone's having a great week! Today's work day was busy, busy! Currently, enjoying an adult beverage to wind down, then off to bed by 8! 😂 Hang in there.... the weekend is near, friends! 😜

Tonight’s workout= Trying to grow these sticks I call legs.....Wish me luck!🤙🏻 ————————————————— . . . .squatssquat legdaylegworkout fitnessgymmotivation💪🏻workoutmotivationbodybuildingfitfamgetfitfastgetfitforlifegymmotivationsbluelinebeastsarmyfreshfitnessfitnessmotivationbluelinemilitaryfitnessfitnessprothinbluelinemilitarymusclefitnessjunkiefitnessmotivation

Week 4 – Weekly check in. Feeling like I’ve lost fat but it doesn’t look like it on my end. Still getting stronger and feeling full, but I wish this belly would disappear a little bit faster 😂oh well, patience is a virtue for a reason I suppose. • •legs legworkout quads hammies squats skwats legburn fitfam gymlife trainhard bulking shoulders mentalhealthawareness mentalhealth fun strengthtraining workout gym instafit instafitness physique physiquefreak health healthyliving fitnessmotivation noexcuses bodygoals findyourstrong gymmotivation lift

Damn who’s that cutie with a booty tho? 🍑

You are special 😘 Focus.

DO YOU See the Effort? 👀 . DO YOU Feel the Energy? 😮 . YOU wondering how WE do that DAILY??🤔💭 . Because, This is how WE are LIVING, NO ACTING‼️🦅 —————————-dirtybirdcrossfit effort fun squats squatsquatsquat crossfit motivation hype morning marietta kennesaw eastcobb georgia

DO YOU See the Effort? 👀 . DO YOU Feel the Energy? 😮 . YOU wondering how WE do that DAILY??🤔💭 . Because, This is how WE are LIVING, NO ACTING‼️🦅 —————————-dirtybirdcrossfit effort fun squats squatsquatsquat crossfit motivation hype morning marietta kennesaw eastcobb georgia

What a difference lifting makes 😭🤞🏽 I still have a long way to go 🙌🏽🏃🏽‍♀️🏋🏽‍♀️ The first pic was me at my biggest in January and the 2nd pic was today, October 22ndweightlossjourney lifting weighttraining squats fitspo cardio gym fitness workout plantbased squatober gains wellness strength training weightlossmotivation losingweight fatloss

Caution‼️ Big booty😂 hahah No, but in all seriousness my butt actually feels flat af!!! I’ve been on point with my diet and lowered my calories throughout the week to eat more on my weekends. It’s so bittersweet when I’m leaning out because I get the abs and definition, but I lose the plumpness in my skin and butt and just feel SO deflated👎🏻. Let’s just say I can’t wait to carb load this weekend😍🍕🍝

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