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I realise what this moment o life felt like yesterday, does anybody remember Bernard's watch!? The tv programme from when I was little. Bernard has this watch that literally froze time. Everything else stood still but he could still move around an do things or get things done! I'm really trying to purely focus on how 'Bernard's watch' this whole thing is! 😁 ▫️designedwithplants housfolkcollective homeiswheretheheartis pretty_small_spaces storyofmyhome thiscreativehome dailystarshashy walltowallstyle interiorescapism myhousedownsouth eclecticallymade styleitreal sorealhomes artfullyhomes myinteriorsquares myhousejournal scrollstoppinghome dabblingwithdecor dailyhomeshare plantsathometheseplantsofmine hangingpots scattercushions cushiosofawalldecorpalletfurniture mybohoabodedarkinteriors styleitdark

stayathome @myhousejournalmyhousejournalWhat are your top 3 tips for staying sane these days?! I'm home with my husband and 2 fully charged boys - 6.5y and almost 18m. Mine are: ✔ We have some new rules (like adults only allowed on their phones twice a day). We come up with one new activity every day and dig deep to find things WE used to do as kids. Such as painting this old battered ladder together 😂 ✔ We don't religiously do home schooling for the eldest. He is only in Year 1 and I'd rather he remembered this period as fun family time. We do daily Hot Wheels car races and he adds up the points on the board so I count that as a Maths lesson 🤣 ✔ We only watch the news once a day around 4pm for the daily briefing and kids watch their cartoons at the time so we don't constantly talk about what's going on in the world. How about you? Stay safe everyone!!! Before & After @pimpupmypad pimpupmypad howihouseplant howihaven plantladder plantgoals plantmama plantshelfie plantgang myperiodhomestyle myperiodhome victorianapartment mycolourfulinterior thiscreativehome myvictorianhome interior_delux myinteriorstyletoday myinteriorsquares myhomevibe harrogateinteriors interiorinspirations interiordesignlovers dailydecordetail dailyhomeshare dailyinterior interior4u homebloggerstyleitreal styleithappy

🌴 g r e e n w i t h e n v y. Happy Monday everyone! Considering how I can change things in this room. Lots of people seem to be doing panelling and I’m wondering if that would looks good in here 🤔💭. Now I need panelling inspo - who’s panelling do you love? . . .greeninterior darkinteriors styleitdark deliciousdarkdecor pocketofmyhome bohodecor greenbedroom jungalow valspargalapagos interiormilk myhomevibe darkwalls greenwall taylorwimpeygosford myhome2inspire apartmenttherapy typographyprint rockon glamupnorthinteriors greathomestaketime styledupinterior dailydecordetail dailyhomeshare eclectichomemaking walltowallstyle showusurgaff styleitreal pinkinmygaff urbanbotanic pineapplelamp

This is our guest bedroom, not that we’ll be entertaining guests anytime soon! I’m not going to lie, it’s a bit hard to get up in the morning when you know your not going out...for weeks maybe months! Yesterday I had a little wobble, everything just got to me. Easy done I guess with the news updates and worry of the virus flooding through the airwaves and not knowing how long the lockdown will continue for. I am sure that plenty of you will also have had moments of mild panic as the situation gets more serious each day. So the best thing to do is to focus on the positives, the additional family time, home cooking, catching up on all the chores and diy, getting the garden in order and virtually reaching out to friends and family. So take one day at a time, keep washing your hands and bake lots of cake! (google flourless recipes 🧐) Stay safe and help the vulnerable where you can 😘🤗myhouseismycastlethis creative homedabblingwithdecormyperiodinteriorstyleitrealstyledabodedailyhomesharemyperiodhomemyperiodhomestylemyfabhomedesignupnorthdailydecordetailinteriorobsessedwalltowallstylemyhousebeautifulstyledupinteriormyinteriorsquaresglamupnorthinteriorsmygorgeousgaffcornersofmyhomeperiodhomeperiodproperty25beautifulhomesidealhomeperiodhomesofinstarealperiodhomesletterboxhomenesttoimpressrockmystylishhomeinteriorsmicroinfluencers

myhouseandhome Day 30 and the theme is INTERIOR DESIGN. Since watching classic shows like 'Changing Rooms' back in the day (!) I've always loved interior design, but never thought too much about it until a couple of years ago. Having given up work to become a full time mum I decided that I'd love to pursue my passion for interior design and see if one day I could make a career out of it. I'm still a way off that dream, but two years into a course with the @id_academy_ie and I'm as determined as ever to make this happen. So today I thought I'd share something a bit different for me, and it's some pics of a model I made last year for an assignment. The brief was to design a studio apartment for a young, female professional.STORYOFMYHOME If I can pull off this new career it'll be ALL I EVER WANTED!myhousethismonth LET THERE BE LIGHT - Funnily enough the lighting was the hardest part of this model to make (hence I actually left most of it out!!!) styleitreal caringtoshareyourfeed artfullyhomes irishinteriors irishhomes walltowallstyle cornersofmyhome irishinteriors irishhomes myhomevibe howihome stylishhomevibes myinteriorvibe styleitdark darkinteriors darkinteriorstyle myhyggehome scandimaximalism maquette interiordesignmodel desperatelyseekingstyle

Is it bad that I'm actually really enjoying this lockdown? 🙊 Slow and simple days every day. Making the most of it ✨

Let there be light @myhousethismonth This was taken last week, so lovely to have the doors open for the first time this year. Don’t think that will be happening this week! When we first moved into the house 36 years ago! there was just a small window here. Some years later we had the brick work under the window knocked out and a single door put in. Move on a few more years steel beam and double doors. Finally got it right I think. Love being able to sit at the other end of the room and look out at the garden and in the Summer the doors stay open all day long. . .myhousethismonth storyofmyhome myhousebeautiful myinteriorsquares spotlightonmyhome walltowallstyle cornerofmyhome livingroomdecor apartmenttherapy myperiodhomestyle thiscreativehome interiorescapism styleitreal pocketofmyhome dailyhomeshare myhouseandhome myhousedownsouth mygorgeousgaff styleithappy myhousethismonth realhomesofinstagram myhomestyle patiodoors gardenview

Let there be light 💡 Day 30 With so much going on in our lives everyone needs a bit of cuteness😻 Day off for little me today.. debating whether I’ve got the energy to tackle the wardrobe or just start on an unopened jigsaw puzzle that has been sat in the back of the cupboard for some time. 👗🤷🏼‍♀️🧩 myhousethismonth cornerofmyhome dabblingwithdecor cosycorner myhome myhomevibe myhomevibes livingroomdecor catsinmyhouseandhome yourhome styleithappy styleitreal walltowallstyle happymindhappylife houseplants petsathome weeklyfluff persiancat letterboxmag catlife catsofinstagram

Making my home monochrome 🖤🤍 All Spick & span with a lick of paint , all I ever wanted was a black and white hallway so I’m doing it now but by bit here’s a freshly painted corner loads more to do but it’s a start 🥰 @storyofmyhome - all I ever wanted desperatelyseekingstyle - spick & spanhallwaydecor thatmonochromelove myinteriorstyletoday cornerofmyhome myseasonalrevamp howihome thiscreativehome myinteriorsquares periodhomesofinsta myperiodhomestyle mygorgeousgaff interiordesign interiordecorating interiormilk interiorescapism interior123 homedecor lovetohome caringtoshareyourfeed dailyhomeshare dailydecordetail storyofmyhome styleithappy styleitreal stylemyhome styledupinterior

I’m sorry I don’t have to time to like and comment on your posts as much as I would like to. I’ll make up for it once it’s all quietened down a bit. Hope you’re all doing well and I’m sending virtual hugs to each and everyone of you 🤗🧡🌸. mirbleiwendoheem zesummendoheem myhousethismonth - day 30 / let there be light

Good morning instas. I hope you are all well and coping. Sending love and strength. . . Over the weekend we spring cleaned my oldest son's bedroom. I invented and created this desk for him a while back. I'm pleased to say it's doing its job perfectly. All ready for some school work this morning after a bit of pewithjoe of course. . . I will be getting stuck into finishing a bunting order and creating others this afternoon. I'm hoping that we can split our days with school in the morning and work in the afternoon. . . Day 30 @myhousethismonth ☆ Let there be light ☆ I love how my son @n.e.t_photography has styled his lighting. All his own styling. . . @__itslucy__ @littlehouseinlondon @jonpaulclark . .home homesweethome myhomeinchester myhousethismonth teenbedroom XboxLive xbox homeinspo actualinstagramhomes myhome myhometrend mydecor dabblingwithdecor instagrammademedoit featuremyinterior picoftheday mumsinbusiness dailyhomeshare spotlightonmyhome homedecor styledbyme styleitreal dailydecordetail myhomestyle countrycottagestyle liverpoolfcfan lfc walltowallstyle betsyprimrose

I’ve been pimping up my shoe cupboard this weekend and realised I haven’t really done a before and after. So here it is, we panelled and painted it using @farrowandball Pavilion Grey. I’ve put a little tutorial on my highlights but I was totally inspired by Grace @my_best_laid_plans x. @pimpupmypad pimpupmypad bootroom diyprojects interiors4you beforeandafter shoecupboard diyhomedecor hallway hallwaydecor farrowandball walltowallstyle panelling interior123 homestyling hallwayinspo homestylingideas housebeautifulmagazine sahstylists interiors pocketofmyhome myinteriorstyle myinteriorsquares myhousethismonth dabblingwithdecor styleitreal interiorescapism styledupinterior mrshinchhome homeorganizing realhomesofinsta

Morning, I should get up and start working on the staircase spindles - anyone seen my motivation?! Nope, me neither... How are we all doing? Up and at em this morning? It’s so weird waking up to a quiet street. No chatting kids heading off to school, no school run 4x4 traffic... Also, where have all the seagulls gone?? Has anyone else noticed it?! All I’ve ever wanted is for them to shut up - now I’m missing the noisy shite hawks 😂 myperiodhomestylestoryofmyhome - All I ever wantedmyinteriorsquaresapartmenttherapymyseasonalstylingmyhousethismonthpostitandsmilemyhouseandhomeinteriorwarriornestandthriveenglishhomemystylishhomehouseenvyhyggestyleinspiringinteriorshyggehomerenovationprojectsecretstylingclubcosyvibesmyinteriorvibecountryhomestylespotlightonmyhomemyinteriorstyletodayhowivintagemyhouselikethismyhousedownsouthmyseasonalstylingscrollstoppinghomestyleitrealstyledupinterior

All I ever wanted was a big kitchen and my family around me..... and that’s what I have right now! My grown up children are back in the nest, hubby working from home and we are all together. Due to our busy schedules this would never happen, aside from Christmas, and it’s wonderful. There is lots of cooking happening on my big beautiful Everhot range which I absolutely adore. I had an Everhot at my last house but unfortunately had to include it in the sale. I didn’t want the cost of buying another one from new so I found a used one but it was black. Not a colour that works in this house so I had it recoloured to suit the kitchen... ‘let there be light’!!myhousethismonth storyofmyhome

Day 30. All I ever wanted was more time at home. I’d see organised people with their immaculate homes and wished I could be that domestic goddess. I’m lucky that I have Thursdays off school but I always have a load of marking and lesson preparation to do. I am always saying I must get up to date with my husbands accounts and never get there! There is always that big under stairs cupboard that needs clearing out, the basket of odd socks to sort , the prints to frame, the pile of books to read .....but never enough time!!! So now I’ve got what I wanted in a way that would seem unimaginable just a few weeks ago! Last week I just relaxed with the family and enjoyed the sunshine but this week I’m writing a list of jobs and chores and going to use this extra time at home wisely!! Let there be light at the end of this tunnel we’re all in. Hopefully in a few weeks things will return to normal..... but for now I’m working towards being that domestic goddess..... first job cleaning this sofa!! ... thanks Pablo. Any tips? —————————————— All I ever wanted. @storyofmyhome let there be light. @myhousethismonthstoryofmyhome myhousethismonth interiors home homesweethome myinteriorstyle myinteriorvibes myvintagehome myvintageabode myhousedownsouth mycolourfulinterior mygorgeousgaff myinterioraquares realhomesofinatagram homesofinstagram1930shouse 1930shouserenovationcaringtoshareyourfeedpimpupmypadstyleitrealletterboxmag gardenroom orlakiely todolist selfisolation letsstayhome stayingin housework colourfulwall @jackdmarch @littlehouseinlondon @jonpaulclark

Kitchen sink! Feels like I’m constantly chained to this at the moment. Kids at lunchtime think they’re actually in a cafe and each demand something different to eat. I should be stricter, I know, and just give them one set meal but when one doesn’t like beans, another doesn’t like cheese and the third doesn’t like pasta things get complicated!!!! I’m better with our evening meal (I call it tea but I know this will start a debate so have settled with evening meal 😂) they’re all given the same thing and each takes it in turn to leave half of it 🙈🙈🙈 Oh the joys of home schooling. I much preferred it when they were having school dinners and I was oblivious to what they ate (or didn’t!) How are you lot all getting on with lockdown lunches? Any good ideas for things I can try? .storyofmyhome - all I ever wanted - my plywood kitchen mycolourfulinterior - I got our builder to make me this sink protector with an offcut of worksurface decodwelling dailyhomeshare crashbangcolour plywoodkitchen colormadetheroom spotlightonmyhome myhousethismonth styleitreal secondhandlivingetc myseasonalstyling thiscreativehome colorloveddecor myhomesquares decorstylefiles storyofmyhome instahoodwatch myhouseandhome myboldhues desperatelyseekingstyle livemorecolorfully colourinmysquare livinglifeathome postitandsmile scrollstoppinghome wildsideinteriors colourismyjam howivintage myhousejournal ourhomeobsession

Yesterday I saw a video that focussed on all the positives that will come out of isolation. It mentioned all the changes we will be seeing in a years time, here are just a few: - A rise in small businesses through people being creative and generating new ideas - Happier family units because parents are spending more time with their kids - Improved cooking skills because people have adjusted to using what’s left in the supermarket rather what they normally buy - A bigger priority on taking care of your health - Closer relationships with family and friends through people communicating more It may seem a strange time at the moment and it may feel like everything is falling apart, but underneath all of that the sense of community and togetherness is really heartwarming at the moment. So, there is a light at the end of this tunnel, and I can see it being a big one! @myhousethismonth let there be light @storyofmyhome all I ever wanted @mymonthincolour my fave decor . . .myhousethismonth storyofmyhome dailyhomeshare mycolourfulinterior myseasonalstyling scrollstoppinghome styleitreal boldvibranthome walltowallstyle dabblingwithdecor myinteriorsquares mymonthincolour showusurgaff brightenmywallthursday colormadetheroom eclecticallymade sorealhomes howihouseplant colorismyjam crashbangcolour howihome cornerofmyhome mycolorfulhome spotlightonmyhome thiscreativehome howicolour myhouseandhome yourhomemagazine boldinteriors stopandstaredecor

Day 30 @mydailyrenovation steppingout @storyofmyhome allieverwanted @myhousethismonth lettherebelight @mymonthincolour myfavedecor @caringtoshareyourfeed @showusurgaff @fridayhomefeatures @myhousedownsouth @mynortheasthome @mydailyhomesquare As there is no stepping out anytime soon, I thought I’d finally share some before’s and after’s of our new gorgeous upstairs bathroom 😍 Swipe to see how it used to look ❤️ All I ever wanted was a non leaky, nice looking bathroom & it has exceeded my expectations @kedlestoninteriors ❤️ I love it! 🥰 It now is my favourite room & decor in the house 🥰 mydailyrenovation storyofmyhome myhousethismonth mymonthincolour caringtoshareyourfeed showusurgaff fridayhomefeatures myhousedownsouth mynortheasthome pimpupmypad interiorescapism styleitreal mygorgeousgaff beautifulhomesofinstagram homesbeforeandafter 1920shouserenovation bathroomremodel bathroomdesign bathroomdecor bathroomsofinstagram bathroomrenovation renovationproject myrenostory myperiodhomestyle periodhomesofinsta

🖤... hi, hope all is well in your homes... the sunshine definitely lifts the spirits for all,in lighting up our rooms.This is my novelty ‘hole in the wall’... not quite open plan kitchen/dining 😂...maybe a future project.. but it comes in handy and sets a nice frame into the dining room where I can adore my @lincrusta.official Art Nouveau dado wall panels 🤍swipe to see from the other side... I saw this on one of the many home decor programs 20years ago and it was ‘all I ever wanted’@story of my home day 30 and had to have it!!... Have a lovely day 💫 stayhome bekind

You know, I give Mr P a hard time about how long it took him to propose. 8 years passed and I was still waiting on that ring. Then we went to Paris one February. We were stood at the very top of the Eiffel Tower at night, watching beautiful Paris lit up below us, and it snowed. I felt like I was in a movie. I had that feeling that something was going to happen. Okay he couldn’t have planned the snow, but the rest was just so romantic. He turned to me, took my face in his hands, and said “it’s bloody freezing, should we go back down?” . He proposed almost one year later, on the first Christmas in our first home together. I’d always said Christmas proposals were cheesy and absolutely, categorically, under NO circumstances was he to propose then. So naturally he did. At least my pajama clad, crazy haired, make up free self was surprised. He does my head in sometimes with his refusal to put his clothes in the laundry, but he’s all I ever wanted 💗 I’d love to hear your proposal stories? I’m feeling romantic. Show me the light. . Day 30myhousethismonth - “Let There Be Light”storyofmyhome - “All I Ever Wanted”instahoodwatch - “Through the Doorway”myhousedownsouth .myinteriorsquares dailyhomeshare homediarydaily homesweethome livingroomstyling livingroomdecor myspaceanddecor makingmyhaven thiscreativehome myhyggehome interiorstylinginspo homesofinstagrammyseasonalstyling walltowallstyle discoverunder5kstyledupinteriorinteriorsquareshare farmhousefeatures dabblingwithdecor interiorescapism styleitrealcaringtoshareyourfeedmyhouselikethis mydailyhomesquare postitandsmile myhousebeautiful

All I ever wanted is.... • To eat cake smiling in full knowledge the pounds I gain will soon come off; • My hair to remain thick and shiny, and to hold the style for days so I don’t have to wash it regularly (45 mins to blow dry is an arm killer); • To have a regular income; • To have a home I can call my own; • A warm bed to sleep in every night; • Delicious meals, that I may have to cook myself, that I make while singing along to my favourite tracks; • Is to be able to read and write, and enjoy literature in many forms; • to have great friends and family who I can rely on no matter what; • daily hugs from those I love most. @storyofmyhome I started writing this post about things I always wanted, it didn’t feel right, so I completely re wrote it focusing on the things I already have. What are you grateful for? Also, today is the last day to enter styleitreal to be in with your chance to win a £50 voucher for @stoneandsageshop please make sure you are following the @styleitreal_ and all of the hosts @houseofspolland @renovating_number_16 @lifeatthegreyhouse @woodsintothewoods and me. I’ll be hosting on the page today!

🎼 Music is my lifeline 🎧 ⠀⠀ Music plays a big part in our family life. I don’t think a day goes by without a song and dance in our home 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽 Hands up if its the same for you? 🙋🏽‍♀️ ⠀⠀ Print available in 7x5, 8x10, A5, A4 & A3. Want a different colour? Message me through the store to customise 🎨 . . . . . . . . . . . . .GoodDayPrints musiclove musiclover musicismylifeline fashionprints moderninteriors simplystyleyourspacegreyhomedecor greyinteriorlivingincolour interiorinspohomeaccount houseproudhomecommunity homeaccountshomeinterioruk interior_and_homestyleitreal dabblingwithdecorinteriorinspirationinterior4inspo firsttimebuyer homeinterioruk budgethomestyling newhomeinspo newhomeideasnesttoimpress housetohomehomedecorideas homeaccountuk

You'd think that with all this time at home I'd have taken loads of house pics. Didn't manage any over the weekend. So I have just leaned out my bed and took this. Soz. . . How are we all? Ready for week two? I am going to try and be more patient today, I'm finding it hard and working on top of that isn't easy. But I must try. . . The weather was crazy yesterday so didn't manage much other cleaning the house and baking and roasting - actually thays quite a lot. . . Sending love and strength wherever you are, Jesus I need it 😂 . .styledupinterior styleitreal dailyhomesharedecodwelling decorstylefiles myhousebeautiful myhousedownsouth myseasonalstyling myhomesquares mykindofcontent myperiodhomestyle myperiodinterior ourhomeobsession periodhomesofinsta postitandsmile stylemyownhome spotlightonmyhome thisbudgethome interiorsquareshare dailydecordetail myinteriorsquares walltowallstyle luxuryinteriorsonabudget bedroom 1930shouse littlebudgetbigstyle

Last week @kerrylockwood uploaded a super helpful YouTube video on how to create a stop motion video. So, feeling optimistically inspired, I decided to give it a go too... Now, mine is pretty rough around the edges including a rouge hammer and a wobbly camera stand but it's a start and I enjoyed making it so that's what counts right?!🤓 . And if that wasn't enough excitement for your Monday, this is also a debut of our office! You lucky devil's you! This is my side of the room, I'll show you the hubby's when it's clean...which may take a while😬! I've never shown this room properly on the grid as it used to store a rather ugly sofa bed and was not at all insta worthy! But with a trip to the recycle centre and @ikea for a new desk (both pre pandemic of course!), it's ready for when I start my online interior design course! (Might chat more about this on my stories at some point, anyone interested?) Anyway, swipe for a photo of the final look➡️! What do you think? athomewithkerry stopmotionvideo gallerywalldecor crashbangcolour eclecticallymade housfolkcollective artfullyhomes styleitreal retrohauls desperatelyseekingstyle rockininteriors myseasonalstyling caringtoshareyourfeed mycolourfulinterior rockmystylishhome showusurgaff interiorsmicroinfluencers interiorescapism scrollstoppinghomes mydailyhomesquare brightenmywallthursday diymyfriday pimpupmypad

{EASTER HOLIDAY} So officially it’s the first day of my easter break..... feels like I’ve been off for 192735392927337393 days already! . . Totally unrelated bathroom pic but it does feature our (not so) new toilet seat 🙌🏻 . . Happy whatever day you want it to be 😚 . .bathroomdesign smallestroom dailydecordetail scrollstoppinghome pimpupmypad interiorescapism mymonthincolour storyofmyhome styleitdark styleitreal interiorsquareshare myperiodhomestyle myperiodinterior myrenostory beforeandafter periodhomesofinsta walltowallstyle faffwithflowers boldvibranthome mycolourfulinterior crashbangcolour dabblingwithdecor myhousejournal

I’m ready for you week 2.................⠀ ⠀ I feel like last week was just a practice run, this week is going to be less stressful, more productive and hopefully run altogether smoother! ⠀ ⠀ I really enjoyed the weekend lots of downtime, catching up with friends and family on zoom and definitely eating and drinking too much, but hey ho if that’s what gets us through this life experience then so be it! ⠀ ⠀ This picture was taking in my kitchen last week on one of the gloriously sunny afternoons, can we have more of that please 🌞????⠀ ⠀ Come on everyone we have got this xxx ⠀ ⠀itsmondayhomeisolationkitchendesigninteriorinspostylemyhome⠀⠀⠀stylemypad⠀⠀⠀interiorstyling⠀⠀⠀interiordressing⠀⠀⠀stylemyhome⠀⠀⠀houseinteriorhomedesignrestoredhomeinteriordesigntrendsinteriorstylesbeautifulinteriors beautifulinteriorsofinstagraminspiredecorinstagraminteriorinteriordesignlondoninteriortrendsstylish-interiors⠀stunninginteriorsloveyourhomestyleitreal⠀⠀myperiodhomedailyhomeshare⠀⠀dabblingwithdecor⠀⠀pimpupmypad⠀⠀myperiodinterior

Good morning all- hope everyone’s well & ready for week 2. 🙌 I know I’m among friends & likeminded folk. So I know I can’t be the only one really enjoying seeing the people on tv broadcasting from home. I love having a good old neb at their interiors. ☺️ I’ve seen some beauties & can’t help thinking “oooh- wonder if they’re on Insta 🤔 I need to know where that lamp came from”. 😂 Anyway, back to business- I originally bought this mirror to go over the fireplace. I really wanted a giant, detailed one, but when we hung it, it totally overpowered the fireplace & made it look so small & pitiful. So it got packed back up ready to be returned, however I thought I’d just try it on the adjacent wall, opposite the window & it worked!! I love how it reflects our chandelier (hot air balloons are intrinsically linked to Bristol & this light really reminds me of one) & it lets in sooooo much light to what would otherwise be a fairly dark north-facing room! 🎉 Luckily it turned out to be all I ever wanted! Day 30 @myhousethismonth - Let there be light Day 30 @storyofmyhome - All I ever wantedhaveyouseenmyareainteriorvampiremyhousethismonthstoryofmyhomeperiodhomesofinstamyperiodinteriormyperiodhomestylestyleitrealvictorianhomevictorianhouseinteriorrebellionhousfolkcollectivemyhousedownsouthbristolmybristolhomefarrowandballdenimesbluedecormirrorvintagemirrorlivingroomlivingroomdecorlivingroomdesignchandelierhotairballoonlightinglightingdesignblanketboxoriginalfeaturesbrightrooms

All I ever wanted was a little house. It took a long time to save while living with my parents (I live near London & I’ll be fair, while property prices kept increasing I didn’t take saving that seriously for quite some time) and finally managed to get half of a little house in the form of our pretty dinky maisonette. My next plan is for us to get that little house with a little garden within the next few years. I didn’t realise just how much I’d miss a garden until you’re not allowed out of your home! @myhousethismonth - Let there be light @storyofmyhome - All I ever wanted @myhousedownsouth storyofmyhome / myhousethismonth / artfullyhomes / thiscreativehome / dailyhomeshare / victorianterrace / rockininteriors / colourmyhome / myvintageabode / myeclectichome / myperiodhomestyle / myinteriorstyle / walltowallstyle / actualinstahomes / / dabblingwithdecor / periodhomesofinsta / myinteriorsquares / styleitreal / mybombshellhome / myeclecticshack / myhousedownsouth / housfolkcollective / mystylishspace / sorealhomes / myhshome / retrohauls/ apartmenttherapy / myseasonalstyling / howihome / fridayhomefeatures /

Morning! thank you for all the panel love yesterday. I’ve got a days work to do and then I can carry on with it a bit this evening. It’s quite a satisfying job in the sense that it’s straightforward and you can see the results really quickly! Thanks also for all the white suggestions - cue days on end of agonisingly staring at subtly different shades of white while I decide 😂. Have a brilliant Monday all, kicked off with this picture of Ralph in his best bandana, he insisted on wearing it yesterday ⭐️. kitchen kitchensofinstagram oakworktops terracottatiles shakerkitchen thedogandthedecor belfastsink styleitreal periodhomesofinsta myperiodhomestyle apartmenttherapy housebeautiful myhousethismonth storyofmyhome

Missy Meow planning her next nap... if only life was that simple 🤷‍♀️😹 Monday’s list for us = Homeschool, working from home for me (including a cats photoshoot) Hubs flat out WFH, then squeezing in exercise, cooking, online food shop, washing, housework and planning Ava’s birthday (she turns 13 on Saturday!!) - any stayathome activities and ideas welcome! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ 🥴 So basically pretty much winging it then... 😂🙈 Just gonna do as much as we can. 🤷‍♀️⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Right, off to make a HUGE coffee ☕️☕️☕️ Monday... let’s do this. 🙏👀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ .⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ Past collabs in post stayathome themindfulmovement homesweethome victorianterrace livingroomdecor interiorsquareshare myinterior apartmenttherapy designyourspaces diycore myperiodhomestyle myhouselikethis myhousedownsouth myseasonalstyling styledupinterior styleitreal walltowallstyle interior123 myhome myhouse livingroom mylounge postitandsmile faffthegaff lovetohome lovemyhome decorcrush plantationshutters baywindow

I had a cleaning frenzy this weekend and the bathroom was one of the rooms that got the spring cleaning treatment. Darren had been working in the garden and when he came back in was keen to jump into my beautifully clean shower before I'd taken any photos of her in all her glory. 😱 A few months ago I'm not sure I'd have understood the problem - does this mean I'm a full blown instagram w**nker now?! {this post features previously gifted items} bathroominspo bathroomdesign bathroom bathroomgoals exposedbrick featurefloor apartmenttherapy sulkingroompink howihouseplant myhousethismonth mynortheasthome storyofmyhome bathroomrenovation tuboftoday dabblingwithdecor interiorescapism periodhomesofinsta myperiodinterior abmlifeiscolorful lovetohome interiorsmicroinfluencers darkinteriors interiors123 howwedwell styleitreal styledupinterior 1930shouse colourmyhome

I once heard that the inmates in Guantanamo bay were subjected to Boyzone blaring at them for endless hours (can you imagine 😱). While we are restricted, we’re not being held against our will nor are we being boyzoned. We all want to stay at home for the greater good. For our most vulnerable. For our parents and grandparents. For our families. For our doctors and nurses. We’re all in this together and no matter how bad things get we’ll always have music and in the immortal words of Annie the sun will come out [tomorrow] [or possibly the day after if you’re in Ireland] . . . .interiorrebellion retrohauls showkateyourvintage howivintage nestandthrive walltowallstyle myseasonalstyling mycolourfulinterior scrollstoppinghome myinteriorvibe styleitreal styleitdark mydiymydecor irishdiyers myhouseandhome popsugarhome sodomino mybrightdiymodernDIYdesigninteriorescapism housfolkcollectivebrightenmywallthursday fridayhomefeatures thiscreativehome interiormilk mymidcenturymix uohomeirishinteriors pianogram yellowpop

ad| Happy new week lovelies 💛 Hubby’s working at home now for the foreseeable, so I’m feeling more positive than this time last week even though there’s still so much uncertainty. We’re just trying to make the best of the situation and enjoy this precious family time together 💛✨ ⁣ ⁣ Now we’re spending all our time at home I wanted to have some cosy, calming areas to enjoy 🤍🌿 I chose a few pretty homeware pieces from @lovewilko’s gorgeous new spring range for this corner of the lounge and they’ve made the space feel brighter for the new season 🌸 I’m looking forward to curling up here with a book whilst Charlie naps today 📖☕️ Hope you have a good day! 💛⁣ ⁣ *Cushions, vase and basket gifted from @lovewilko lovewilko

All I ever wanted when I was little, was to get married, own a house & live in the Lake District. I have achieved 2 of the 3....and we are now more determined than ever to move to the Lake District. I took this photo on a recent trip to the Lakes before the lockdown & it sums up perfectly why we want to live there. Wellies, fresh air and walking! Let there be light! . Is there any dream that you will now achieve after all if this is over? . @myhousethismonth - Let there be light myhousethismonth @storyofmyhome - All I ever wanted storyofmyhome .wellieshot stainedglasswindow originalfeatures myseasonalstyling marharinteriors caringtoshareyourfeed dailyhomeshare countryliving countrydecor countrylife englishcountryside homestylingideas stylemyhome stylemyhouse styledupinterior myhomesquares styleitreal postitandsmile faffthegaff hinch cornerofmyhome mygorgeousgaff housebeautifuluk featuremyinterior dabblingwithdecor myinteriorgrid hunterwellies lakedistrict

Monday • I’m secretly loving spending all this time at home - I’ve been able to get loads of little jobs done that I never seem to find the time for! We’ve even added some extras to the top room so it’s a better work from home space • day 30 of myhousethismonth is let there be light and storyofmyhome is all I ever wanted • when we first moved into this house, we both agreed that we all ever wanted was a bright, monochrome kitchen and we made sure we got one with a lot of hard work and saving! • it’s such a bright and airy space - such a great place to cook in! I’m going to attempt to make some cakes today - what are your plans today? victorianterracewalltowallstyle myhouseandhomehowihomecornerofmyhomenesttoimpressmyhyggehomescandimaximalism stylishhomevibesmyspaceanddecormyinteriorviberealinstahomesikeaathomeinteriordesignperiodhomesofinstaperiodhomestyleitrealstyleitdarkmonochromeapartmenttherapysodominothiscreativehomeeclecticallymadedabblingwithdecorhowihouseplantrockmystylishhome

All we wanted was a puppy to complete our family and here he is and almost 2 already! He likes to jump on our bed when it’s morning and I have to say I’m loving these lighter mornings now too 🙌🏻 Day 30 @myhousethismonth - Let there be light @storyofmyhome - . .myhousethismonth ourcosyyorkshirehome styleithappy letterboxhomestyleitrealdailyhomeshare thiscreativehome myperiodhomestylelivinglifeathome spotlightonmyhomeinteriorandhomemyhousebeautifulcountryliving cosyhomehomedecor interiorinspirationrealhomesinterior4inspobedroombedroomdecor bedroomdesignneutralbedroom westie westiesofinstagram westiemoments westies dogsofinstagram dogslife dogstagram dogoftheday

Happy Monday all! Here’s to the start of week two of social distancing and spending time at home. Last week was only just the beginning and if I’m honest I am slightly daunted at having to potentially do this for another six months, fingers crossed it won’t be for that long and they’ll be some respite during that time 😵😵😵. . I hinted at it last week that one of the hardest things I’ve found about this personally is having to adapt back into being a full time mum again. Which I am entirely grateful for, but it didn’t stop me from feeling a little sorry for myself last week. But, it’s ok, we’ve done a week, its had its challenges and the lovely moments with the kids. I’m seeing and hearing things that I wouldn’t see if Freya and Bertie were in school and nursery, and there are a few pics if you swipe right. I’ve learned a lot especially when it comes to lowering my expectations and accepting this. We’re all in it together and just as much as miss the old normal one day we will be back to it ⭐️⭐️⭐️. . I’ve shared a couple of my thoughts in my latest blog post including some of the things that I’ll be doing and reminding myself of this week. Have a read, the link is in the bio. Do share if you think it may benefit someone else. There is so much more that I would have liked to include in the post, and the more I think about it the more I wish I had written 🙌🙌🙌. . What will be you be doing this week? Remember to keep smiling and stay away from too much of the news, and don’t stress too much about home schooling🥰. . These are my Mother’s Day flowers that the kids got me last weekend 💐 . . . . .myhousethismonth parentingbloggers myhousedownsouth lifestylebloggers thingstobegratefulfor myinteriorsquares kitchenextension chevronfloor crashbangcolour colourmyworld cornerofmyhome dabblingwithdecor rockmystylishhome interiors123 styleitreal myrenovatedreality victorianterrqce edwardianhome myhousebeautiful apartmenttherapy myrenostory sodomino kitchendesign mycolourfulinterior periodhomesofinsta housereno periodproperty brockley myspaceanddecor

Who's ready for week two? Can anyone see that light at the end of the tunnel yet? My tunnel is weirdly littered with sweets, chocolates, biscuits and cake! Anyone else's tunnel like that?! 🤔At this rate when we eventually get to the other side, there's a strong possibility that I'll get wedged in 🐷😂 . For anyone who can't see that light yet, you're more than welcome to borrow my bedside light hack to guide you through...details in my highlights...yep it was cheap! You know me...💁🏽‍♀️ . Hi Ho, Hi Ho...its off to work I go! Stay safe ✌🏽 . @myhousethismonth: let there be light . . .myhousethismonth myhousedownsouth myinteriorsquares bedroomgoals bedroomstyle bedroomdetails masterbedroom scandiinspo scandiinterior your_interior_inspiration homestylinginspo scandimaximalism showmehow sorealhomes sahstylists banthebeige newinteriorsontheblock thiscreativehome realinstahomes makingahouseahome mydiymydecor bhghome ikeaatmine showmeyourstyled walltowallstyle interiorsupnorth styleithappy styleitreal myseasonalstyling colourmyhome

Been awake for ages... can’t stop thinking... panicking... stressing 😢 . I might as well get up and head to the gym. Yep I’ve converted the front room into our exercise studio because I am missing the gym so much!! Today will be a 7.30am live work out with the gorgeous @aliceliveing 💪🏻 . So it’s now where the kids can do their morning P.E with the ace @thebodycoach, where I do my HIIT workouts and where the husband tries to find something heavy enough to lift... usually me or one of the kids 😂 So my brand new rug for now will be my workout mat, good job I’m not a sweaty betty! Isn’t it gorgeous!?! If you’ve not looked on @irugs.co.uk yet then you must.... soooooo many different styles to choose from at amazing prices! Scroll for a close up! . Stay safe, healthy and at home people 🌈 . . . .ad Madrid rug gifted by @irugs.co.uk . . .myhousethismonth storyofmyhome plantationshutters logburner shutters homegym howihome livingroomideas myinteriorsquares dailyhomeshare sorealhomes decorstylefiles styleitreal mystylednest loverenovate homeinterioruk darkbluewalls styleitreal stylishhomevibes dailydecordetail styledupinterior homeinspo walltowallstyle mycolourfulinterior spotlightonmyhome your_interior_inspiration designers_of_insta interiors4all color_place_interior rug

And just like that, week 2 begins... I had all sorts of grand plans this weekend, indoors plans obviously, mostly diy and decor related. But I didn't even pick up a paintbrush. Who even am I? Instead, I spent hours working which wasn't in the plan at all... I think subconsciously it's my attempt at clinging on to some normality in all this craziness. And of course, the diy will wait... the huge pile of wood in the hallway isn't going anywhere! . . . . .cosy dailydecordetail myvintageabode myhousedownsouth interiorsofinstagram colourmyhome dejabluelounge plantstyling cosyhomestyle thiscreativehome myspaceanddecor thisgoodhome myeclecticmix sassyhomestyle stopandstaredecor myhomevibe glamupnorthinteriors livingroomdesign myvintageinterior interiors4all cornerofmyhome spotlightonmyhome loungedecor myhousebeautiful interiorsquaresmyhousethismonth styleitreal myseasonalstyling navyblueinterior

Guys I’m OK...... . . Turns out I’m not annoying AF after all and kayla was just big pregnant and hormonal on Saturday 😄 she said I’m a pleasure to be around at all times, loves me dearly, amazing in bed and couldn’t live without me (OK I made that bit up but she was defo leaning towards saying it I’m sure😉) . . How was everyone’s weekends? Go anywhere nice!! Course not 😝 . . Oh also, if you are one of those parents that are letting your teenage kids go out, hang about with all their mates, kicking a ball about spreading germs in their groups.... have a word with yourselves, give your heads a wobble! I think you are A HOLES!!!!🖕🏼The longer we go about, doing normal things and acting like the worlds not in crisis, the longer it will be till we are all back to normal and can all go out and enjoy life again! Not to mention the loved ones we are losing!!! SHAME ON YOU!!!! 🤬 . . SORT YOUR SHIT OUT!!!! stayhome. . Gifted items tagged Runner @beijaflorworld Flooring @polyflorltd Light @dowsingandreynolds Mirror @williamwoodmirrors Prints @what.phil.sees . . .darkwoodwork black downpipe white love landing home houseplants house spiderplant devilsivy spotlightonmyhome howivintage myhouselikethis myseasonalrevamp scrollstoppinghome styleitreal styledupinterior walltowallstyle thiscreativehome dailydecordetail luxuryinteriorsonabudget myhousethismonth myinterior homeadore apartmenttherapy howwedwell mysmphome inspotoyourhome

Hi Everyone! While we all go about our lives under lockdown, we the brightspaceswelove quartet are trying to maintain our regular decor content. We are back with another very interesting topic this time- how to style a throw - not one, not two, but three ways! * So, here is my take on using throws in the living room. Swipe to see. * Casually thrown on the sofa- a bit of a messy look adds to the charm. And this is what I do to keep the couch from getting dirty when our three legged babies are sitting on it. * Folded and draped at the back- looks interesting and easy to grab if you suddenly feel a bit chilly but are lazy to get up. 😁 * Neatly folded and tucked under the cushions- must have one formal look for when we have visitors. Let us know if there's any other styling tips you'd like us to talk about. Do check out the feeds of: @ahousebythebay @thebluepaisleyhome & @theketlihome for their throw-styling tips. . . . . . . . . . . . . .throwblanket styleitreal livingroomdetails livingroominspo rentalhome housetohome beautifulhomesindia myhouseandhome theeverygirlathome simplystyled nordikspace scandiboho skandinavischwohnen whiteinteriors mydesiswag mycuratedvibe neutralhome homedecorindia homedecorinspo mycozyhome minimalhome

Have you ever had people in your life that just make it better? My first cousin, Jay, has always been an important part of my life. I grew up going to church with him and his family. Even as a young adult he would tell me stories that thrilled me as a Christian. Over Christmas, Jay’s wife, Lou Anne, and his daughters, Anne Scott, Ellen, and Lucy shared a book, Redemption, with me that just awed me. Today my momma told me that Lou Anne and her family, including Jack, watched a sequel movie that we need to see, I Still Believe. Brian and I decided to watch the first movie first! I Can Only Imagine. It’s the true story about the band Mercy Me’s song. Again this lovely family has touched my soul. I’ve heard the song a lot. Every time I hear it I yearn for Jesus to come back for us. I can totally imagine myself doing every one of the things Bart Miller sings about. The other day I asked Jesus for a message and he said I have to wait awhile longer (Judd 21 await the mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ). In times like these I know he is giving people another chance to love him and love each other. Thanks, Lou, for recommending this show. 💙Love, Kellie . . . . . . . .myhousethismonth storyofmyhousemyeclecticmix mycolourfulinterior interiormilk styleitreal sodomino eclecticallycool apartmenttherapy myeclecticinterior decodwelling nestandthrive thiscreativehome myeclectichome mystylishplace housfolkcollective mydiymydecor myhyggehomeartfullyhome interiorrebellion myhometrend mystylednest myhomesquares mygorgeousgaff interiorboom alliseeispretty eclecticallyspeaking kelliebabineaux kelliemcalumbabineaux

In Victorian times people in great Britain and America were overcome with pteridomania, a craze for ferns, often decorating upscale drawing rooms with fern terrariums.  Lately I am also overcome with pteridonania, and have been wanting to do the same.  Today I did just that! I created a fern terrarium and it was super easy! (Check out stories) ⁣ ⁣ Now with the houseplant movement in full swing, I promise you these lacey, delicate plants are making a comeback! Mix it up a little and incorporate a beautiful fern terrarium into your houseplant collection. ⁣ .⁣ . . . . . . . . . . .terrarium houseplants houseplantsofinstagram currentdesignsituation jungalow apartmenttherapy eclecticdecor lonnyliving diy diyhomedecor theeverygirlathome inmydomaine eclecticallymade thiscreativehome styleitreal mythriftedhome hometakestime yeahthatgreenville interiordesign interiorinspo plantsmakepeoplehappy thatroomiseverything howivintage

I warned you that roses were coming. Lots and lots of roses from the garden. The yard might look miserable, but the rose garden does not. Hope this brings some joy to your feed.

// DAY 29 // Trying to keep routine is hard at the moment, the weekend doesn’t feel any different to the week. Today we’ve tried to have a bit of normality and we’ve enjoyed some gardening in the sun and a Sunday roast. How’s your Sunday been? ——————————————————————— • • • • • •myhousethismonth storyofmyhome myhouseandhome myperiodhomestyle myseasonalstyling styledupinterior myrenostory styleitreal walltowallstyle spotlightonmyhome loverenovate myhouselikethis periodhomesofinsta myinteriorsquares thiscreativehome rockmystylishhome cornerofmyhome myhousebeautiful realhomesofinstagram mystylishspace interiordesign myfabhome interiorsnapshot revamprestylereveal pimpupmypad mydailyrenovation myperiodinterior livingroomdecor

It should be a lovely bright spring like picture, but time has ran out for me again, at least the the cushion and picture are Spring like. How is your lockdown going? we’ve pressure washed, stacked wood, washed windows, washed cars exercised every day and ate constantly, I’m going to be bloody exhausted and as wide as a bus! . Day 29 myhousethismonth springforward cosycorner gincollection shelfie styledupinterior thiscreativehome myinteriorsquares myseasonalstyling dailydecordetail myhousedownsouth vintagestyling styleitreal showusurgaff letterboxhome myhomeismycastle myhomestyle walltowallstyle spotlightonmyhome myhometrend myhouseandhome sahstylist dabblingwithdecor happydarkhomeperiodhomesofinsta pimpupmypad

Good evening treasures, how are we all? Not the normal weekend by any stretch of the imagination was it?!Are you surviving lockdown? Kids and other half driving you to drink yet!?😉 I decided today rather than just veg out, getting sucked in to a screen time black hole, to use the time wisely and feed my mind!! I went in to the office, with a cuppa and some homemade oat cookies 😋, shut the door on the rabble and left the hubs in charge! 💪🙌😁 I’ve long since been a fan of Lily of @layeredhome wonderfully creative and inspiring interiors account. Swipe to see her gorgeous home. Plus she is always so supportive on here. Lily has written two fantastic free resources, available through her website, Instagram & You and The Interiors DIY. So when she got in touch to ask me if I would be interested in downloading them, I didn’t hesitate. They were insightful, thought provoking and above all extremely helpful, particularly the Instagram resource. Lily shares lots of practical tips and exercises to get you going and think creatively about your account and brand. I scribbled lots of notes so that must be a good sign. So much so, I immediately wrote her a testimonial. If you want to feel similarly inspired, click on to her account and follow the link in her bio. Let’s face it, we all need a helping hand and a fresh perspective at times don’t we! And who doesn’t want the opportunity to grow their account! Particularly as we all have a little more time on our hands right now to give it more considered attention. Thanks Lily. 💚 💚 Post contains previously gifted items as tagged stayathomemyvintagehomemystylishspaceretwiggdinteriorstylinglivingroomdecorinspiringinteriorsinteriorinspirationeclectichomestyleithappydesignspongewalltowallstyleapartmentherapymyinteriorvibemyvintageinteriordailydecordetailsorealhomesscrollstoppinghomeinstalivingmyinteriorsquareshomesofinstagrameclecticallymademyhousebeautifulsahstylistsplantsofinstagram my_reclaim styleitrealroomporn

So I definitely need to take more pictures of the hallway and finish the bannister BUT I thought I could sneak a photo of under the stairs. This space is huge, swipe to see before which had a very questionable carpet and wallpaper combo. Such a lot of work has gone into transforming this space, we started by stripping the wallpaper, then plastering before finally painting top to bottom in School House White which we had colour matched by @decoratingcentreonline . .periodhome periodhomesofinsta myperiodhomestyle myperiodhome periodproperty periodfeatures victorianhome victorianhouse originalfeatures interiorsquareshare interioraccount myinstadecor myinteriorsquares myinteriorstyle myinstasquares myvictorianhomewalltowallstyle nesttoimpress cornerofmyhome styledupinterior greathomestaketime spotlightonmyhome periodhomesofinstagram dabblingwithdecor pimpupmypad meandmyabode peepmypad myhousejournal styleitreal hallwaydecor

How is everyone's little ones adjusting to being at home 24/7? Our little Stanley, who is 2, has been struggling with bedtime since lockdown. For the last few nights he has cried himself to sleep and this is just so unlike him 😔 It's like he knows that something isn't quite right. Lots of hugs for the boys tonight. I've never been more ready to jump into bed and sleep (after a few G&T's of course!) I hope you are all well. Have a lovely Sunday evening 💕

WINE TIME ▪️ This is a photo I never thought I'd post, this spot is so awkward to get a picture of as it's so narrow and right next to the door, but I couldn't figure out what else to take a picture of and had an itch to post, so here we are. I got this wine rack in a tombola at work, 30p a go! It was black plastic looking and not the best but we needed a wine rack, so we've sprayed it gold and it looks a lot better than it did, at some point it'll be changed I'm sure but for now I'm quite happy with our handywork. It's also looking a bit bare right now, but times are stressful and we need to get some supplies in for the coming weeks! 🏡upcycle wine winerack diy storyofmyhome myhousethismonth homerenovation howihome mygorgeousgaff homeinterioruk interiorstyling myhomevibe walltowallstyle styleitreal sassyhomestyle interior4you interioraddict spotlightonmyhome myinteriorvibe homeinspo interiorforinspo homedetailslovetohome pocketofmyhome cornerofmyhome myhousebeautiful sorealhomes housetohome dailyhomeshare colourmadetheroom

Two out of three down 😊 . Also got more window sills painted today in the freezing cold, my hands were purple when I finished, still another 9 to go, I hate painting them 😢 Now time for a cuppa and some cooking shows 🍜 . . . . . . .bedroom girlsroom prettyroom pinkroom nursery myseasonalstyling dabblingwithdecor homeadore sahstylists pretty_small_spaces prettypretty howihome myinteriorsquares myhousedownsouth mycolourfulinterior mymonthincolour stopandstaredecor interiorescapism aplacecalledhome styleitreal styleithappy myhappyplace sunshine sundayfunday mybabygirl

I’ve tried to zone out this weekend. I’m sure like the most of us, some much needed time away from the stresses of last week was essential. I took pleasure in creating some homemade bespoke artwork - been meaning to attempt this kind of typographical gold left print for ages, and now I’ve got the time...and now so can you if you fancy it - see my highlights. Have fun and much love 💓

These birds are done now. They’re for my niece Jessica and her husband Devin for their new house. They want to put them in the bookcases on each side@of their fireplace. . . . . . . . .art birdpainting myeclecticmix mycolourfulinterior interiormilk styleitreal sodomino eclecticallycool apartmenttherapy myeclecticinterior decodwelling nestandthrive thiscreativehome myeclectichome mystylishplace housfolkcollective mydiymydecor myhyggehomeartfullyhome interiorrebellion myhometrend mystylednest pelican mygorgeousgaff interiorboom alliseeispretty eclecticallyspeaking kelliebabineaux kelliemcalumbabineaux. . . . . https://www.amazon.com/Ghost-Kisses-Novel-Kellie-Babineaux-ebook/dp/B07V1YLF96/ref=mp_s_a_1_2?keywords=kellie+babineaux&qid=1562695422&s=gateway&sprefix=kellie+bab&sr=8-2 . .https://www.amazon.com/Kellie-Babineaux/e/B07J9W57SMtopa

Sunday 💫💖. Another very productive day - DONE 💪🏼 . Me and Ryan painted the terrace area BLACK it’s only had one coat but looks so good - so glad we did! It needs another coat in the week & then to decide on stencilling so any recommendations where I can get a floor stencil from please? . All the tiling in the bathroom is complete ( just in the shower to do now! Skirting boards, radiator & sink unit to be done tomorrow & wallpaper Wednesday! 💖 slowly but surely! Exciting. . Hope everyone’s having a lovely weekend & keeping safe!

We have bedding on a bed, somehow feels more like a room? 😻 Can’t wait to get curtains, a light shade, put the mirror up and generally fluff up this room. Love how well my Facebook marketplace bargain side tables go with the wall though!

𝙻𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚠𝚎𝚍𝚍𝚒𝚗𝚐 𝚍𝚎𝚌𝚘 💕 • • • @thessy.k 𝚝𝚑𝚊𝚗𝚔𝚜 𝚏𝚘𝚜 𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚜 𝚙𝚎𝚛𝚏𝚛𝚌𝚝 𝚌𝚘𝚖𝚋𝚘

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