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This weekend the Women's Committee was out and about doing there best to support all surrounding Local 28 Our first event was Friday at the Honor Roll This is such a great event held by Local 28 every year Our members received their 60 50 40 25 or 15 year pin CONGRATULATIONS to All! We hope to see more members attend and support such a great event next yearlocal28 honorroll local28womenscommittee sistersandbrothers pinned support womeninsheetmetal smart

Lemonade... 🥝🍸 Pic courtesy : @camstromer • • •shphotographyclub /@sh_photography_club • • •lemonade lemon water green potrait photographs photography support follow likeit

Cheeky no scope 🔥 Credit to @ivy_kikitoon for this clip 🙏 Follow me here @oz.tv 🔽Ignore tags🔽gaming gamer game rainbow rainbowsix siege xbox ps4 awesome minecraft fortnite rocketleague gaminglife apex apexlegends follow fun r6 meme live cod modernwarfare support

@elsaesnoult Vas-y Elsa, vas-y ma belle ! Vas-y ! Danses ! 🥰💕🌹🦄🌈 On est toujours derrière toi ma chérie. 🥰💕🌹 Tu es de plus en plus belle. 🥰😍💕🌹🦄🌈 Je t'aime. 💕🌹🦄🌈 Love. 💕🌹🌈🦋 @anthony_colette @tf1 @dals_tf1 dals tf1 mytf1 team teamelsaesnoult teamelsaanthony supporters support love forever

If you really care about your folks, please try to understand that your bullies can actually shake a person's self esteem real hard. If you really care about your folks, please try to understand that, there are more ways to address a problem. Shedding extra mass is not an impossible errand. If you really care about your folks, please try to understand that, not having white skin is perfectly fine as long as you're healthy and comfortable in your own hues. If you really care about your folks, please try to understand that bullying is certainly not a solution to a address a problem. I'm not a feminist but I went through all these before I understood that being physically and mentally sound is more important than being a plastic doll. Fat shaming is real. Folks, if you really care about someone, do accept them in their own skin. Please. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .fatshaming racism bullying acceptance support community empathy ownviews justlikethat randoms instamood instagood maketheworldabetterplacetolive spreadsmiles positivevibes happiness mondaymotivation likeforlikes shareitalong

Drop "❤️" 5 times in comments 👉Follow @girly.sayingss for more . . . . 📸~ respective owners (kindly dm for credit)quotesoftheday quote millionaremindset poetsofinstagram positivevibes positivity inspiringquotes motivationalquote motivationoftheday successmore support keepsupporting kbye goodvibes bonus quotestoliveby

When T Feel A Little Down , T Put oN mY FavouriTe High Heels And Dance 💕 #instagram insta picoftheday📸 newone😍 support pappayagaikwad papayagaikwadofficial love all newone😍 100likes mood nature kerala rxlvr pop 100m nature

🎥Snap no : 141📸 🎞️Photography contest 🌟 🌠Local lenz☀️ . . 💪Pic credits : Balaji dks . . Conduct by✌️ @freez_world 📸 @black_hole_solutions 🤝 @phoneix_holidays 🔥 . . .photography_contest local_lenz Freez_world freez_world_ksr freez_world_studio blackhole blackholesolutions contest photographic photooftheday photographycontest naturephotography support instagoodinstadaily instagram

Diwali ah Enjoy pannunka 🔥🤩 Follow_ @vijay.sati_memestamilcomedy vijay_cmvadivelumicseterumasaanitamilmemesthalaajiththalapathyvijaysethupathivijaydevarkondacrushtagafriendcommenttrending friendsvideotiktokmemestrolldhonisupportloveviralvideosensationtwitter 🔸▪️🔸▪️🔸▪️🔸▪️🔸▪️🔸▪️🔸▪️🔸▪️🔸 kamalhassan rajini bigil

It’s been months since we’ve climbed together, but here we are! Daniel just got a membership at SenderOne since he now consulta for a client near LAX. Melody will still be climbing at Stronghold. Cheers to more climbing! 🧗🏻‍♂️🧗🏻‍♀️🤜🤛 . . .climbingchefs lifestyle backatit climbinggym letsclimbmore love support funtimes climbing

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Because is Cancer Awareness Month Work the other day CancerAwareness PinkRibbon Support MedicalField TheOtherDay WorkSelfie

Are you interested in support to find your ideal job? Training? Learning to drive? Then scroll no further - here's how easy it is to register your interest with us.Mndaystopscrolling employment support jobs training recruitment driving success mondaymotivation website enquiry proud happy

Good morning ☀️ my beautiful ladies , and gentleman! I hope God has blessed you to rise and be great this morning, homecoming is here and let me tell you something sis , THESE LASHES ARE IN!!! You would want to wear your best clothing for homecoming right ? So why not have a set of 25 mm 100% mink lashes to match on that gorgeous face of yours 🥰 All lashes are now $6 , 2 for$10 or 3 for $12 !!!! That’s right 3 pairs of kanni Kasmetics amazing lashes for just $12 !!🥳 Now that’s the truth!!!! Come shop the doll way @_kannikasmeticsinc !! Dm me for purchase or set up a time,place and date where I can come to you!!! Do what’s right ladies , And remember it’s not just lashes , It’s a Lifestyle 🥂💕 lashes lashextensions jcsu jcsuhomecoming jcsudance jcsu23 jcsu22 jcsu20 jcsu21 minklashes best blackownedbusiness supportexplorepage yeaaaa

Of the things I shared today in our newly weekly newsletter, one of those that I want to highlight is one of our employees: Feya. 
Feya started with Alice Alexander in May 2018 . Since then Feya has become a key part of our team, cutting, sewing and creating pieces that some of you may have in your very own closets. Feya is a first-generation American, non-binary and a single mother. They’ve got a LOT on their plate, but it’s never slowed them down. A few months ago, Feya decided to pursue a new path, one that would merge their passions, their commitment to social justice and provide a new financial reality for their family. Feya enrolled in an educational program at Jefferson Hospital to study to become an EMT. Through hard work Feya managed to pay for the bulk of their tuition. But life is complicated and now Feya needs our help! Feya has put together a Go Fund Me (link in bio) to raise the funds they need to finish their education. As Feya writes: “My goal is to bring reliable access to emergency health services to communities who are both at the highest health risk and historically low attention from the medical field. Representation of women and people of color makes all the difference in gaining access and trust in our communities so people feel comfortable addressing health concerns before they become life threatening.  I’m excited to create an environment of respect and quality care for queer people, immigrants, sex workers, and other communities that may not feel embraced and protected in a medical environment. Everyone’s health matters, everyone deserves quality care.” Although we’ll be sad to see Feya leave our team, I’m personally thrilled to see ANYONE pursue a career that fulfills their passions while lifting others up. Let’s help Feya meet their goal! Click the link in bio to read more and contribute. And please SHARE this post! Thank you friends! . . .gofundme ethicalfashion ethicallymade support philly madeinphilly

Big ShoutOut to our female co-workers and guests who are STILL giving us motivation for our mondays ! We appreciate you and your positivevibes so thank you!HappyMonday Monday MotivationMonday MondayMotivation InspirationalQuotes Inspiration Support WomenEmpowerment WomenEmpoweringWomen

Creative distraction can increase well being. It can help with focus & performance both in & out of work. Are you a great employer looking for interesting tailored activities to reward your employees at your work or group. If so, contact me to see how I can help.wellnessatwork mentalhealth learningisfun wetfelting needlefelting feltingfun speakup support mondaymakes

Which one will you invest in today? ________________________ Follow @lovethysistahood Follow @lovethysistahood Follow @lovethysistahood_atlanta _________________________ _ _ _ _lovethysistahs womenoffaith sisterhood sistahs pray members spiritual selfcare empowerment followers instagram relationships memberships lovethysistahood community smallbusiness womenempowerment success womensupportwomen prayer support faith blessings motivationalquotes monday mondaymotivation goodmorning

Happy Birthday to those born October 21st! You are your own life-preserver. It is up to you to give to yourself the comfort and support you need. This is what inner-child work is. It is a wonderful gift to have love modeled for us by other people in our lives, but ultimately this gift is so that we can learn to love ourselves. Then, by embodying realistic and wholesome loving practices, we complete the cycle by modeling love for others. If nature is something that brings you grounding, recharging, harmony and alignment give yourself some time to go on a walk, or just hangout with a beloved pet, or simply step out the door into the outside with the intention of allowing the fresh air to being fresh joy into your heart. •••••••••••72angels angelic happybirthday October21 oraclecard oracle archetype rescuer naturechild love comfort support gift alignment harmony 1111

Lama gak posting nih,😃 Posting AFO lagi ajalah.. Jadi kalau ada yg masih bingung dan mau konsultasi maupun sekedar tanya2 silahkan bisa langsung hub no saya lewat TELP/WA/SMS di 085725522221/085330522221 😉👌 grafo dafo stroke koreksi imobilisasi fixasi support standing standingframe scoliosis alkesjoga alkesindonesia sleman yogyakarta jogja afo afodinamic ankle foot orthosis alatkesehatan alatkesehatanjogja alatkesehatanmurah spastic cerebralpalsy cp tumbuhkembanganak tumbang talipes sepatuafo

Queer used to be a mean way to say someone was different or odd...now it's an expression that helps people to feel like they belong ~🌻 queer lgbtq #🏳️‍🌈 gay support loveislove beyourself loveyourself rainbow

MONDAY VIBES I’ve Been A Firm Believer Of WomenSupportingWomen; As Far Back As I Can Remember... This Image Of Me & Some Of My Key MIAMI Ladies Depict What It Truly Means!!! Here We Are Supporting @maryelepps At Her Opening Of GospelBrunch @thewebster!!! We ALL Showed Up Together In SUPPORT & Had A BLAST!!! It’s That ENERGY That I’m GoIng To Take Through My Day Today!!! MagicMonday SpreadingJoy!!! Shout Out To My Ladies @iranissakhan @samrobindesign @barbarab3cker @maryelepps CharmaineCampbell!!! Circa2009 MiamiBeach!!! 💃🏽💥♥️💃🏽💥♥️💃🏽💥♥️💃🏽💥

Chicago Teachers Marching Down 53rd Street in @dhpchicago Support public education! education support teachersstrike chicago southside hydepark downtownhydepark

Meet our vendors for this week’s show @ @stacheftl 😈 @mia305style will be setting up apparel, @nas10art will be doing your HALLOWEEN MAKEUP, & @goefit will assist us in taking donations for the Bahamas Hurricane Benefit.. Please bring all the canned goods, clothes, & toys you can.. Tickets to Thursday’s show can be bought online @ www.sflrippleeffect.com 👻

COME JOIN US FOR NOVEMBER WHILE WE WORK ON STAYING THANKFUL AND MOTIVATED! 🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁🍁 For the month of November, we are going to focus on staying thankful and motivated. Bariatric surgery is a privilege denied to many, so if you are fortunate enough to undergo surgery it is very important to find the motivation you need to make the lifestyle changes required to be successful. Working out and properly fueling your body should not feel like a punishment, so let’s flip that script! Instead let’s celebrate what our new bodies can do! Let’s find joy in deliciously healthy foods and let’s work together to get you on the path to success! We have incorporated everything you need in one comprehensive program and are here to give you the support you need! Our Challenges ALWAYS include… 🍂Monthly Giveaways and Fun Games 🍂Workouts with certified personal trainer Caren Lloyd 🍂Optional 1-week Keto meal plan 🍂Step Challenges 🍂Weekly Weigh-ins and Check- ins 🍂Group Nutrition and Coaching Support Calls 🍂Archives of past Facebook Lives and information 🍂Guest lives from other industry experts! 🍂Weekly Journal Prompts 🍂Access to a certified Nutrition Coach! 🍂New and improved balanced meal plans with recipes 🍂Optional Accountability Teams 🍂Exclusive Facebook Community 🍂Facebook Lives from Personal Stylist / Life coach Ash Krupnik!linkinbio bariatricsurgery bariatricsupport bariatricchallenges bariatrichelp bariatricsisters bariatricando nofoodpolice support love help bariatriccommunity bariatrics bariatricliving bwschallengegroup bws bariatriclife fun motivation bariatricaftermath bariatricaftermathsupport

MotivationMonday Thank you @im_just_an_average_boi for the FanArt It means a lot and it’s a great thing to start my day! Art Motivation Monday ShortyForLife LilShortyG We Can, We Will, Together, We Are, TeamShorty

Dosti Ho Tuu Aisiii @shishobitjasrotia @honey_thakur02 . . .freinds love care share support instavideo likeforlikes college life footballers

Hair TUTORIAL! Link in bio for more entertaining videos... 🤗 hair tutorial tagyourbestie share tag world 1ontrending support blackhair hairstyles trend asquad

SURAT THANI/SONGKHLA: Following an offshore drilling team's rescue of Boonrod the dog earlier this year, a drilling team working on another platform off the southern coast has saved a whale shark. Six drilling team members from Chevron Thailand Exploration and Production in the Erawan offshore field spent about 30 minutes cutting a rope tied to the tail of a whale shark that apparently swam towards the structure seeking help. https://www.bangkokpost.com/thailand/general/1776324/whale-shark-set-free-by-drilling-team-in-gulf-of-thailand Requin Aкула sharkawareness ilovesharks sharky @mimicsharksuits scuba beach savesharks sharklover sharkconservation learnsupportprotect learn support protect finalliance elasmobranch ourblueplanet savetheoceans SaveWhaleSharks HelpSaveSharks elasmo letstalkshark @sharkssharkwater #иерархия #власть #наука science sharks #акулы

Kasut murah2 harga termasuk post support member @kasut_premium_murah Follow guys

Wristwraps available in 5 colours. WWW.QRPNUTRITION.COM✔ Pick yours and be like a PRO. 💪🏼 wristwraps wristsupport gymaccessories wraps QRP qrpnutrition fitness powerlifting bodybuilding support

I need all my friends, family, associates and ones who have a heart to join me in my first of many events to support our youth. DM for details on how to donate or be a voice for this campaign! Thanks and God bless!! charity giveaway women children me help sponsor support seattle mississippi @sippymusic

🚨NEW TRACK 🚨 LINK IN BIO ‼️‼️ Featuring @_1chevy 📸: @telo_guapo Produced by @dopeboyzmuzic ********************* kinggoals👑 facts orlandorapper orlandohiphop unsignedartist unsignedrapper unsignedhype unsignedheat florida independentartist sxsw getthatbag indieartist music love respect independent viral indiemusic hiphop bars flow rap worldstarhiphop twerk views success salute support ExplorePage @qualitycontrolmusic @interscope @atlanticrecords @influencemusicgroup @innervisionstudios @300ent @bezzbelieve @richforever @migos @all_n1ent @alln1entpromo @bluefacebleedem @meekmill @snoopdogg @icecube @floridanxt2blow @orlandohiphop_ @orlandomediagroup @floridaupnext @isupportcentralfloridahiphop @1045thebeat

This journey has had so many highs and lows. I had an absolutely amazing weekend. I drank a lot (but not water) and now I barely broke a sweat today which means I’m dehydrated (booooooo me!!!) With that said, I worked out with @lsnack then had @maysa_love__ join me for Zumba. Today is an absolutely beautiful day and I started it on the right foot! I’m learning that this journey doesn’t have to be perfect but that stumbles don’t have to be complete detours. So I’m back at it. I renewed my contract with Lorraine. It’s easy to question paying for training (even more so than a trip or a designer bag —- what’s up with that?!?!), but she’s been such an amazing part of this journey and has kept me on track more than she could ever know. Lots has changed, but I decided to choose my health!!! I’m happy that I did. happygirl selflove letsgetit fatgirlsbewinning joyjunkie support accountable ittakesavillage bodypositive myweightlossjourney committed fatandfit fatfitness bbw priority selfcare workout workoutmotivation worthy workingonmyself ivegotatrainer twoadays zumba


RIVIERA BEACH, Fla -- An extremely rare shark sighting occurred Friday just a few miles off the coast of Palm Beach. Visitors on board one of the Blue Heron Charter boats were able to capture video footage of a juvenile whale shark just feet away from where they were standing. “It wasn’t scary at all. The animal is very docile, pretty beautiful, moved through the water real slow and brushed against the boat a few times,” said visitor Lenny Gombert. Gombert was visiting from New York and in town celebrating his wedding anniversary with his wife when he experienced what he calls a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. “I have to be thankful and have gratitude for being out there yesterday. It was my anniversary, 32 years married to my beautiful wife Sandy, and we are only here because my in-laws own a place here in Jupiter that we vacation at,” said Gombert. Although whale sharks are said to be rare along the eastern coast of Florida, other species such as black tips, hammerheads, lemon and tiger sharks are some of the most common. https://www.wptv.com/news/region-c-palm-beach-county/riviera-beach/whale-shark-spotted-off-the-coast-of-palm-beach Requin Aкула sharkawareness ilovesharks sharky @mimicsharksuits scuba beach savesharks sharklover sharkconservation learnsupportprotect learn support protect finalliance elasmobranch ourblueplanet savetheoceans SaveWhaleSharks HelpSaveSharks elasmo letstalkshark @sharkssharkwater #иерархия #власть #наука science sharks #акулы

Yes!!! You can make money sharing about all the ways you use your oils!! I don’t post about it often, but this morning I was called to talk about it. It’s been on my heart to talk about this more because of how much it has helped my family. I needed to add income to help our household, and I swore up, down, and sideways I’d never be a part of an MLM. Yet, here I am almost two years later, and I have never made a better choice. I get my oils that I use for everything, paid for, PLUS extra income. It’s a blessing because not only am I helping out financially, but I am getting toxic products out of our home, and living a healthier lifestyle. Win win. Not only that, but I have been able to steer my handmade business to work hand in hand with my essential oils biz, and be home with my kids. All the praise hands 🙌🏼🙌🏼 To get your kit, and membership with YL, you don’t have to sell. It’s just an added option if you ever think you want to give it a try. I’m here for any, and all questions. Feel free to reach out any time ✌🏼❤️ . . . .oilsandwood yleo mlmmama mompreneur sidehustle income residualincome helpyourfamily support community dreambig makemoney businessbuilding bestteamever friends essentialoils oilswork intention growth dualbusiness onmyheart sharingiscaring

Shock N Awe 30 was my first real experience of Kickboxing and MMA in action - and it did not disappoint 👏🏼👏🏼 (Ps I promise I’m wearing shorts 🙈) • • • • • •shocknawe gym01 mma mixedmartialarts kickboxing friends greatnight weekend happy gym banner support experience gym01portsmouth

The 2019 Serve Goes Dancing family! Cracking dress rehearsal folks! You looked great! enthusiasm winning support workingtogether novicesbecomingpro dancing strictly ballroom keepdancing

It's today!⠀ ⠀ Catch Ashley Crouch at the Studio Beverly Hills at 7pm with Boss Talks! Come and join a community of strong, independent, business-minded women!⠀ ⠀ See you there! ❤️⠀ ⠀AshleyCrouch AppleseedCommunications ThePowerOfPositioningPlatformandProximity BossTalks LadyBoss girlpower yougogirl womenentrepreneur femaleentrepreneur entrepreneur business startup mentor mentorship success support businessowners strongladies independent techwomen tech passion supportsystem professionaladvisors advisors enablewomen mentorleader

Lama gak posting nih,😃 Posting AFO lagi ajalah.. Jadi kalau ada yg masih bingung dan mau konsultasi maupun sekedar tanya2 silahkan bisa langsung hub no saya lewat TELP/WA/SMS di 085725522221/085330522221 😉👌 grafo dafo stroke koreksi imobilisasi fixasi support standing standingframe scoliosis alkesjoga alkesindonesia sleman yogyakarta jogja afo afodinamic ankle foot orthosis alatkesehatan alatkesehatanjogja alatkesehatanmurah spastic cerebralpalsy cp tumbuhkembanganak tumbang talipes sepatuafo

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Behind Everything Successful Women is a Tribe of Successful Women Who have Her Back 💕 —————————————— ShiningStar Kid’s Salon Presents @shining_star_kids_salon Calling all Moms, Mom-preneurs MomBoss and Fearless Moms, For a night out to Sip, Shop, and Network with other Super Dope Moms . —————————————— Place: 12 Lenox Rd Brooklyn, NY 11226 Time: 7Pm-12Am Free Admission Tickets Available on eventbrite. —————————————— Come on out a night fill with Resources that will motivate women to achieve their absolute best by focusing on their strengths, steering them away from weakness and pursing their passion to reach the next level in life. mombosslife momboss sipandshop networking dopemom vending vendors shop support loveablebabyshop shinningstarkidssalon

Relationships and understanding are buried under the concept of self-respect and ego. Digging over it is not at all possible..!!😍 . .___________________ @mr_faisu_07 .faisu07 😍faisu07team 😘faisuquad ❣️faisu07 mr_faisu_07_dz 😍mr_faisu_07 team07 teamhk addylover faizafa . . .me amazing model happiness peace motivation photo inspiration likes instalike food likeforlike shy___naz lovequotes keepsupporting keep support team07

Campaña “Pink Silver” 🎀💎 •~ Adquiere un brazalete Pink Silver~• • Las ganancias serán destinadas a mujeres de escasos recursos para que se realicen una mastografía en una clínica privada. La prevención y detección del cancer de mamá a tiempo puede salvar vidas, si se detecta en una etapa inicial las posibilidades de erradicarlo son del 99%. El Cáncer de mama no avisa, pero podemos adelantarnos. Este mes de la lucha contra el mes de cancer, creamos este brazalete inspirado en las valientes y fuertes mujeres que día a día luchan como guerreras incalzables, que son ejemplo para otras personas y que inspiran, que a pesar de las dificultades y adversidades tienen una sonrisa que ofrecer a los que la rodean, que saben el valor de cada momento, que luchan, viven e inspiran. Por todas aquellas mujeres que luchan día a día, por las que lucharon y ganaron la batalla, y en memoria de las que ya no están pero viven por siempre en nuestros corazones. 💕 💎 @studio.925 💄 @makeup.michelleolguin 💃🏻 @yadirarosette 🎀 💕octoberpinkmesrosacancerdemamapowerwomanluchacontraelcancercuidatequiereteexploratesaludmujer mujeresvalientes campaña silveraccesorios ayudapreviene support canceroctubre donacion

Stand out in your faith. Be different as God called you to be. Use your hardships, scars, insecurities to draw closer to Him and show off His glory. Make people question why you're different, but do not let them push you down in the Lord's name. Be emboldened through and by Him. Whatever it is that's on your heart this day, give it to God. He's got the whole world in His hands. . . .ministrylaunch biblestudy bibleverse bible christian christiancreator jesus jesuschrist holygod holyspirit god godswill support local shoplocal ontario ontariotravel ontarioparks camp campministry

Campaña “Pink Silver” 🎀💎 para @studio.925 • • 💃🏻 @yadirarosette 💄 @makeup.michelleolguin 🎀 💕octoberpinkmesrosacancerdemamapowerwomanluchacontraelcancercuidatequiereteexploratesaludmujer mujeresvalientes campaña silveraccesorios ayudapreviene support canceroctubre donacion

Does anybody else get pulled back into the feeling of never ending stress, maybe even worthlessness? I know I certainly do. But I need to remember these things: you are not defined by anything or anyone other than Jesus. That's why we have hope, and that's why I'm here sharing it with y'all. Have an awesome day, guys 🧡 . . .ministrylaunch biblestudy bibleverse bible christian christiancreator jesus jesuschrist holygod holyspirit god godswill support local shoplocal ontario ontariotravel ontarioparks camp campministry

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