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How did I get so fucking lucky? . .THEmosthandsomeboyEVER brightonmac

Happy National Dog Day to the BEST. DOG. EVER!!! I love you too Westley. 😘 bestdogever westley labsofinstagram themosthandsomeboyever

I mean, come on!!!! 💙💙💙💙 jeepin themosthandsomeboyever babymodel bluesteel blueeyedboy

July is when Jerry was born... Few know the story about how Jerry saved my mom's life. My mom was diagnosed with terminal (although she didn't share that it was terminal) cancer on July 4th weekend in 2003. She was very depressed and stopped doing the things she loved... It was later that summer when I was at a friend's house that, while sitting on their sofa, I felt something grab onto my ankle. When I lifted my foot off the floor, this handful of kitten was clasped to me, I put him on my lap and he found his way under my shirt and fell asleep next to my heart. Turns out my friend's wife found two kittens abandoned in their yard and was looking for a home for them because she was allergic . I knew my mom wouldn't be pleased with me bringing home another animal especially because I was headed out of town the following day... but he had chosen me so I had to take him home. Predictably my mom was not happy, we already had a 15 yr old dog and 17 yr old cat, but my mom had a big heart for animals and said he could stay. I named him Little Jerry Seinfeld because Seinfeld was the only show my family ever watched together.. plus, I'm a huge fan. I left for my trip the next day hoping little Jerry wouldn't forget me...While out of town, NYC experienced the biggest blackout since 1977. I called my mom everyday to check on her (and Jerry) and her mood had changed completely. Jerry needed to be bottle fed - because he was only 2 weeks old - having something need her brought her new life. She recounted to me how every morning Jerry would seek her out for his bottle.. He needed someone and she needed to feel needed. My mom died 7 months later but I know if it wasn't for Jerry she would've given up a lot sooner. Happy birthday to my special man, you bring me life everyday, I don't know what I would do without you. Jerry littlejerryseinfeld jerbear jerryberry myman monkeyman monkeybear boobear monkey blackcat blackcatsofinstagram theblackestcat themosthandsomeboyever birthdayboy sweetsixteen birthday leo leocat

Today marked the end of the Sunday School session for the school year. (Summer session starts up after Memorial Day.) So TJ got to go up and get an award for his attendance. We recently found ourselves a wonderful church here in KC and he’s enjoyed going every week, as have we all. It’s a great feeling to be back with a church family. The Episcopal Church is a big learning curve for me, but it’s the perfect fit for our little family and our beliefs. We have loved it so far. TJ cried today when we had to leave. 💙❤️TJ thomasdavidgonzalesjr themosthandsomeboyever sundayschool littlecheeser episcopalian episcopalchurch loveeveryone

H E R M A N O S m. y f. - Dícese de aquellos sujetos con los cuales pasas peleando pero amas con todo tu corazón. Mi July💙👫 . . .brothers bigbrother familyguy themosthandsomeboyever

Gah!!! Look at this kid!!! I can’t believe my baby is almost 4!!! 😩😩😩 TJ thomasdavidgonzalesjr themosthandsomeboyever thechild myfirstborn myson myeverything loveofmylife

My man crush 365, not just Monday’s. I love this human being more I can’t describe. I might even love him more than animals, and that’s saying a lot. You are truly one of a kind and I am so grateful to the universe for bringing me to you. The past two years have felt like a dream! I love you Chester🥰🌏😍💕 myman iloveyou themosthandsomeboyever

This nerd!! 🤣🤣 He loves going to see the fire trucks whether it’s Dada’s or Suppa’s he doesn’t care. spoiledfirefighterskid TJ thomasdavidgonzalesjr thechild themosthandsomeboyever firefighterskid firefightersgrandkid firefighterlife funnyfaces

You guys. I cannot deal with how cute this kid is. He is so excited to play soccer ⚽️ this season. He was also excited about the @umbro gear we found @target after his eye appointment. 🖤handsomehudsonlee toocuteforwords themosthandsomeboyever soccer umbro momlife

You look at me with those bright blue eyes and I’m reminded of why everything I’m doing is worth it 👩‍👦themosthandsomeboyever foreverblondies

I love Mom’s new pillows! bulldog englishbulldog dogsofinstagram socomfy leavemealone themosthandsomeboyever @johnydubs photo credit

Some pictures from the Santa Dive with the penguins at the zoo. I was unaware it was just a photo-op and was a bit rushed, so the only pictures I have are very blurry. Even pixelated TJ is too cute so I’ll still share. The penguins are his favorite stop and he was pumped to see Santa in the tank. He was also okay with taking a picture with him since a huge piece of glass was separating them. TJ thomasdavidgonzalesjr thechild themosthandsomeboyever adventureswithtj santadive kczoo

“There is nothing more powerful than a mother’s love, and nothing as healing as a child’s soul.” TJ thomasdavidgonzalesjr thechild themosthandsomeboyever adventureswithtj daydreaming mylove mywholeworld losgonzales losgonzalestakeskc lasaventurasdelosgonzales

TJ and his city! He truly is my boy, he LOVES being IN the city. He’s constantly asking to go to Kansas City to see the trains and pretty lights. Every time we spot the skyline, “Mama, look! It’s Kansas City!” This is right where we’re supposed to be. TJ thomasdavidgonzalesjr thechild themosthandsomeboyever kansascity kcmo kidsofkc kcig howwedokc losgonzalestakeskc lasaventurasdelosgonzales adventureswithtj welovekc kansascityimsoinlove igkc

TJ and I had an amazing mommy-son day-date today. The zoo, Crown Center, Union Station, and Science City. It was soooooo much fun!!!! I love this little boy more than anything in the whole world. He’s the best thing ever!!! So blessed to be his Mama! TJ thomasdavidgonzalesjr thechild themosthandsomeboyever tjsmama mothersonlove losgonzales losgonzalestakeskc lasaventurasdelosgonzales adventureswithtj

We had to get out first thing this morning to enjoy the snow we got yesterday/last night. TJ had been chomping at the bit to get outside ever since it started falling. He wanted to sled so bad, but we just didn’t have enough this time around. We had a little family snowball fight and before we knew it we’d pretty much used up all the snow in our yard. 😂 TJ is so happy because snow obviously means it’s almost Christmas time. ❤️💚TJ thomasdavidgonzalesjr thechild themosthandsomeboyever firstsnowoftheseason missourisnow snowinkc tjanddada thomasdavidgonzalessr tjsdada lasaventurasdelosgonzales adventureswithtj

Momager has done a terrible job of posting lately!🙈 . . . .mrfrodo adoptdontshop agahst blackcat themosthandsomeboyever

TJ’s soccer pictures turned out so darn cute!!! He had so much fun this season and I’m excited to see what next year brings. TJ thomasdavidgonzalesjr themosthandsomeboyever thechild soccerstar littleathlete adventureswithtj

The smile says it all!! What a perfect day!! @harvesttymepumpkinpatch swings pumpkinpatch themosthandsomeboyever bestillmyheart mybabyboy biggestsmileever

I know y’all didn’t think i was going to forget about NationalSonDay💙 after I created it huh! MyWholeReason MyWholeWorld BDCJr MyBabyBJ KingBJ TheMostHandsomeBoyEver NotUpForDebate Mines👦🏽💙

Pablito is honestly the MOST handsome boy I’ve ever seen turkeylove themosthandsomeboyever

He is not so sure about these things called shoes... 😂🤷‍♀️😍 toddlerproblems mybaby themosthandsomeboyever smilesformiles mancrushmondayeveryday

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