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Mom said she’s not feeling well so I am snuggling her to help her feel better! Mom calls its puppy therapy! puppytherapy mytherapypup dogsofinstagram dogstagram dogsofinstagram bordercollieaussiemix maybesomebernese ilovethispup thoseeyes puppysnuggles

Thought I'd change it up from being a queen to a king! Finally got a new phone which has enough storage for more than 4 apps... which means I have @snapchat back 🙆🏻‍♂️ . . . . king snapchat snapchatfilter filter gayking beard gayswithbeards nosepiercing lippiercing thoseeyes

That’s my boy 🐶 @chip_ahoula “A best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself.” catahoulasofinstagram catahoula bestpawfriend bff dogmom selfie texasdogsofinstagram catahoulasoftexas thoseeyes goodboy

Guess whos a Fully Qualified LVL Nouveau Lash technician 🤗 Come and experience the difference of a Nouveau Lash Lift at our old price of $60, before it goes up to $75 in the new year. 19 Henty Street Portland oceanbreezebeautytherapy nouveau nouveauaustralia nouveaulashlift nouveaulvl iamportland portlandvic portland mountgambier hamilton portfairy warrnambool lashes liftvolumelength lashlifting healthy fabulous eyes thoseeyes

“love her, but leave her wild”-atticus💭 . . 📸: the incredible @an_atl_photos

Waiting for the 4 train. 😍 tbt 2006 nyc 4train thoseeyes

Sùilean dubha dubha dubh Sùilean dubh aig Jasper ❤️🐾🎶 . . . .bichonfrise dogsofinstagram thoseeyes sileandubha

Life is better with a Pine Lodge Labradoodle! ImAvailable TakeMeHomeToday pinelodgelabradoodles

Gorgeous little pest stealing my hot water bottle. Lucky you're beautiful baby boy 🖤🐱🔥 blackcatsofinstagram blackcatsrule hotwaterbottle Salem stealingmyhotwaterbottle thoseeyes howcanisayno catsareboss pest thebaby itbelongstohimnow @benjaminhankinson_

Moms gotten busy again! This time with work 🤦🏻‍♀️ But she made some time tonight to grab a video of me being a big suck, YET AGAIN! Kisses for everyone! 🐕🐶🐾👅 cuddlebug shebabysme mommysboy bigsuck shelovesme allthelove allthecuddles lapdog biglapdog happypuppy babypuppy hugepaws imamonster alllimbs pitbullmix pitbullmixesofinstagram boxermix boxermixpuppy boxermixesofinstagram pitbull boxer puppiesofinstagram pupper adoptdontshop babymoose thoseeyes hehasmyheart firsttimepitbullmom

The sweetest little ever❤cutie kid thisgirl BnW thoseeyes

Please tell me that you weren't pulling my tail when you said my favorite hooman in the entire world is coming home tomorrow!doxiemixesofinstagram dauchsund dog dauchsundmix dauchsundoftheday sausagedogsrule sausagedogcentral sausagedogrescuedogsofinsta rescuedogsrule thoseeyes

Mom says I was the sweetest potato 🥔 & quite hard to believe I was this tiny only a few weeks ago, now I’m taller than my little hooman brother... time sure does fly & I will get even bigger as the days go by... Happy Throwback Thursday friends 🐾🖤

My son that was supposed to be a daughter thoseeyes

Louie is very predictable. Probably 99% of the time, when he wakes up, he immediately stretches and yawns. Not so much today. Be sure to listen for the cute little sound he makes at the start of the video cat catvideo feline louiethewondercat cute thatsmyboy sleepy thatface thoseeyes abc7la abc7eyewitness rescue formerairportkitty

Another gorgeous lift 🥰 subtle but very effective , giving you that natural curl ❤️ beautiful thoseeyes gorgeous lashlift lashtint prettylashes naturallashes 🥰 @maggie_moo_moo

That little curl makes such a difference 🥰lashlift thoseeyes lashgoals liftandtint prettyeyes gorgeous 🥰

How can a smile like this not make you smile?!👼🏼❤️ ariarosevozian ourariarose thoseeyes thatsmile iloveyouso

Our pet of the day goes toooooo.... FRANKLIN! He came into our hospital today for his preventative care dental cleaning and comprehensive exam! This sweet boy came in to see us in May of last year and is always so sweet to the team! Thank you for the continuous kisses Franklin!!! ❤️❤️ dogsofbanfield banfieldlife thoseeyes @good.boy.franklin

Thanksgiving break is already here. She couldn’t believe it either. izzyhonor skadalkids mygirl sobeautiful four kid thoseeyes

New Face🐕 Oh my gosh...meet Max😍 a 3 year old Siberian Husky who's coming out for a wee walk with me soon🎉 Think I'm just going to spend the whole time gazing into those beautiful eyes of his💖 What a stunner! Good boy Max🐾❤🐾 www.walkthiswaydogs.co.uksiberianhusky husky huskyeyes

My girl loves sparkly things. Don’t know where she gets in from!! 😜It’s beginning to look a lot like CHRISTMAS!!! Can you tell I’m excited??? christmas2019 giftidea giftcertificate familyphotoshoot familyphotography family specialoffer baby cute babygirl photography christmas sparklythings portraitphotography thoseeyes

Awh Chunk looking up at the camera with those sweet lil eyes 😭💗 Sinbad and Chunk are the cutest itty bitty Uromastyx babies ever. Everything they do is entertaining to watch just because they’re SO gosh darn cute 😤😤 . . . .hungryaf babyanimal babydinosaur reptilelove thatlook toocute eatyourgreens reptilelover sohappy lizardlife babylizard reptilefanatics uromastyxofinstagram reptilemommy uromastyx thoseeyes thoseeyestho goodafternoonpost eatyourvegetables reptilemom awww lizard toocuteforwords feedmemore lizardsofinstagram reptilesofinstagram playingaround reptiles exoticpetsofinstagram herpsofinstagram

With a single look of you... I loose my entire mind🙇🏽‍♀️ ........................................................canthelp onelook thoseeyes faith hope blessed lost inlove christian ilovejesus ingoditrust unfathomable iwished miracle destiny secret picoftheday instapic dreamer lover browneyes brownhair longhair fashion fancy style love grateful hopeneverdies pray

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