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Do you ever get that feeling you’re being watched? 😺pipthecat tortitude catsofinstagram

My story: I’m a shelter kitty! The first picture is what I looked like when I was brought into the shelter on my first day. I was sad, skinny, and scared! I had wormies and an upper respiratory infection. 🥺 needless to say I was a very sick and malnourished kitty. All i wanted was some love. I was in the shelter for little over a month, I hated being in the metal box with bars. :( it felt like complete isolation and it was really scary because I would hear lots of dog barks and other cats meow. When my human mommy laid eyes on me, I knew it was a match made in heaven. I ran to the bars of my cage and stuck my paws out to get her to come to me, obviously it worked, and ever since then we have been inseparable. My mommy gave me hope and happiness. I was 4 months old when she adopted me and my 2nd birthday is now coming up in April. My whole life has been nothing but a dream. Filled with lots of snuggles, playtime, and treats. I was barely 4 pounds when she adopted me and now I’m a healthy 10 pounder baby! My mommy is super passionate about the life of shelter cats. She likes to speak up for them and she donates whatever she can when she can. ❤️ shes the best mom a kitty could ask for. Follow me to see my wonderful life! 🥰 • • •shelter shelterawareness mystory catsofinstagram sheltercat livingmybestlife livinglavidaloca tortiesofinstagram tortitude bestlife kittycuddles kitty

Hope you all have a great week ❤: Elsa, Helmi & Olivia 😽😽😽 cats_of_instagram catsofinstagram calicocatsofinstagram greycatsofinstagram tortiesofinstagram tortitude mustlovecats ilovemycats bestpet bestmeow kissagram kissanpäivät

久しぶりのぷちこ🐱🐾 相変わらず…ちょっとおデブ😅💦 でもとっても可愛いです💕 サビ猫は人懐こい子が多いって聞くけど ぷちこは…特別!とってもツンデレ😏❗️ でも私と2人の時はたくさん 甘えてくるところがまた、可愛い😆❤️ #保護猫 #猫catkittenkitten_of_instagram #にゃんすたぐらむtortitudetortiecattortiecatsofinstagram #猫のいる暮らし #猫好きさんと繋がりたい #さびねこ #サビ猫 #さび猫

When yo hoomans going to the gym and you have to guard the apartment from🐧🐦🐤🐣🐔🐓😼😼😼!!! dễthương purrqueen honeymunch snugglemuffin #ネコ tortitude #猫好き #黒猫 pretty #可愛い neko kawaii #猫 picneko #美しい kitten furbaby meow whiskers floof purr smallcat

Oh I wish it would stop raining! So many storms here. I want summer!

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น้องฮานะกลมๆ 😺⭕️ kafbo cr. @tamatamago ・・・ Hi 👋🏻 I’m Hana🌸 รู้สึกว่าไม่ค่อยลงรูปฉันน่ะ😤😤 . . 🐱ちょっとママちゃん‼️アタチメインのポストが少ないにゃわさ💨💨💨もっと本気でアタチの魅力を伝えるにゃわさ‼️ . . 🙋🏻‍♀️だって見えるところにいないじゃんか〜😅😅 . . 2020/02/10 . . . #サビ猫 #サビ猫の魅力を伝えたい #サビ猫最高 #保護猫 #にゃんすたぐらむ #ペコねこ部 catstagram catstagram_japan cats_of_instagram meowbox tortitude tortie tortiesofinstagram tortiecat #さびねこ #ねこすたぐらむ #ねこ #แมว #แมวไทย kittensofinstagram #ของเล่นแมว #ที่ลับเล็บแมว

😻😻 cr. @tamatamago with kafbo ・・・ 😼迷惑だにゃ。Someone is disturbing me 💨💨💨 . . 🐱あらま!ハニにぃたんが寂しがってるにゃわさ。ちょっと!ちょっと!アタチがここにいるにゃわさ‼️ ほれ!ほれ🤛🏻🐱 Big brother 💕I’m here ~💕💕💕 . . . . #ハニハナ劇場 #落ち着いてる人と落ち着きがない人 . . 2020/02/12 . . . #保護猫 #茶トラ #茶トラ男子部 #茶白 #サビ猫 #さび猫 #サビ猫の魅力を伝えたい tortitude #にゃんだふるらいふ #にゃんすたぐらむ #ペコねこ部 pecotv pecoねこ部 catthailand #แมว #แมวไทย #แมว catlove cats_of_instagram catstagram gingercat tortiesofinstagram orangecat meowdel_feature kittensofinstagram #ของเล่นแมว #ที่ลับเล็บแมว #ที่ฝนเล็บแมว

Even with our amazing cat tree, cooling mat, blankets, pillows and beds in the house.. I think here a comfortable spot to nap . . .Emba whyemba sleepykitty sleepinginrandomplaces catnaps meow catnapping doesntlookthatuncomfortable cats catsoninstragram catsonthegram tortitude tortishell calicocats calicokittens

🐱マオねぇが見てないうちに、チューするにゃわさ💨💨 . . 😼イカミミになっちゃったにゃ💦 . . 🐱Love my big brother 💕 . . #ワンコがいてもニャンコと暮らせる 2020/02/17 . . #茶トラ #茶トラ男子部 #茶白 #サビ猫 #サビ猫の魅力を伝えたい #さび猫 #にゃんすたぐらむ #ペコねこ部 #ゴールデンレトリバー goldenretriever catstagram cats_of_instagram catsofinstagram meowstagram orangetabby gingercat tortiesofinstagram tortitude kittensofinstagram

“Technically, I’m not breaking any rules. You said I wasn’t allowed on the table and I’m on a towel. It’s not my fault the towel is on the table.” ~ Brie

Happy Birthday to my Beatrix boo. Hard to believe you are 5 years old. I say this about all of my torties, but I challenge anyone to find a cuter cat. Certainly she is as sweet as can be. I wish the English language had a word to describe how much I love her. adoptdontshop tortiesofinstagram tortiecats catsofinstagram petsofinstagram tortitude

[ Z O O M ]

Miss Shinobi would like you all to know that the basket handle is actually where you place your dainty leg. Chonky chonkycats chonkycatsofinstagram torbie torbiesofinstagram tortitude dilutetorbie Shinobi Catsofinstagram KabukiandShinobi adoptdontshop tenthlifecats cats cute kawaii neko

I am the Qween @littleedietortie 😻 catsofinstagram tortitude tortiesofinstagram

I enjoyed a cozy Sunday and some human visitors!😺 . .catsofinstagram happykitty sleepykitty sundayfunday lazysunday meowdel tortoiseshellcat tortitude catlovers catlife instacat catstagram catsoftheworld smallcat cutecat #고양이 #냥스타그램 #고양이그램 gato #Кот #кошка #猫 #ネ featurecatmeows petsofinstagram excellent_cats bestmeow cat_features cats_of_world

Human, you’ve been gone for two days. I am not going to get out of your face. needy tortitude pepperthejudgementalkitty catsofinstagram blacktortie tortiecats

OfLucy says my feet are tiny, but I think they are tiger-sized! Do you agree with me or OfLucy? twinkletoes kittenfeet . . . . .. . . . . . Did you know that you get 30% off your first auto ship order with @chewy ?? Not only do you get your products super fast, BUT they always send your goodies in a box. Don’t even get me started on the packing paper....seriously, it’s divine! Did I mention they also give you a box??? Click on the link in our profile to head over to their site. 💙 . . . . .cat_features instacats catsofinstagram catstagram tortie tortiesofinstagram bestmeow meowbox kittensofinstagram topcatphoto instacat_meows tortiecats tortitude magnificent_meowdels adoptdontshop catphotography catloversclub coicommunity coi igmeows excellent_cats meowvswoof chewyinfluencer santedoralumni meowdel supermeowdel bestcats_oftheworld bestmeow bestfriends

What oh what will be revealed under this pillow case? I see Kitty paws 💞💞 go through the album to the end to find out.DUN DUN DUUUUUUNN!!! LOL🥰tortie catsofinstagram cat tortiesofinstagram cats tortitude kitty tortiecat calico catstagram tortoiseshellcat adoptdontshop instacat tortiecats torties catlover purrfect catlife meow coffeecat catboss tortico sunnycat kittiesofinstagram catsncoffee catlounge southwedge moxiecat catsarethebest bhfyp

Ok my new favorite show is Night on Earth on Netflix. tortitude tortishell catsofinstagram thegreatwhitehunter

Purrincess Sassy is not too happy about the fact that Mum has retired to her chambers. She demands attention, not the sleep time of humans where pets cannot be obtained. catsofinstagram tortiesofinstagram tortiecats tortitude purrincess spoiled

One of our newest spare room residents, Ghostly. She and her son Charlie were abandoned when their owners moved out of state. A nice neighbor got them fully vetted and got them to the rescue. She hasn’t met us yet because mom says she has “tortitude”, whatever that is. ghostly tortiesofinstagram tortitude sheevenhatesherbaby adoptdontshop fostercat someonecomeadoptthishellion

Someone was warming up the bed for me! catsofinstagram instacat tortie tortiesofinstagram tortitude thecatlife

Imp decided to keep me company while I napped on the couch...And made herself comfortable on my pillow. 🤷🏻‍♀️

My human took a nap today & I felt I needed to wake her up,...... just because ;) tortitude tortiseshell tortie tortiesofinstagram catsofinstagram instacat goofycat sillycat happycat catlovinglife tortiseshell instatortie

It's my house.

You know that feeling when you wake up from a nap and you don’t know what time it is? But you know you’re not hungry so you just go back to sleep? Repeatedly? ///tortiesofinstagram tortiecat tortiecatsofinstagram catlife tortitude fluffycat catnap

She’s NOT this peaceful when she’s awake. GPStortitude tortiesofinstagram catnap

hot sauce will forever be tibs favorite toy🌶😻

We use terms of affection a lot in this house. We’ve also been watching a ton of the Hotel Transylvania movies, so it’s no surprise but it is hilarious that Hattie has recently taken to calling Jenny her little “honeyguts.” 😹😹 Actually that’s a great name for a cat now that I think about it. 🧐 tortitude tortiecat tortiesofinstagram catitude hoteltransylvania honeyguts

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