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🚨TAP CLASS🚨 Teens/adults every Thursday night 7-8 PM!!!! dance class train tap @annasophia24 💃🏽💃🏽💃🏽

Tough toss up today..... take a nap or run 12 miles. 🤷‍♀️🏃‍♀️ Insanity took over. Naturally. boymom train momswholift girlswholift growthseason offseason teamavocado fit fitness healthy run runner mizuno train marathonhalfmarathon

Interesting 🤔 “Generally, most humans can hold their breath after an inhalation for a maximum of up to about 50 seconds, with elite divers achieving a static breath hold of between 8 minutes 23 seconds and 11 minutes 35 seconds.” readersofinstagram readinglist bookclub bookstagram exercise workout train goodreads kinesiology study reading muscle strength powerlifter bookworm bench squats deadlift 1cor1031 1corinthians1031 keto Yes2meat paleo Carnivore oxygen breathing

Condición actual 6 1/2 semanas desde mi última competencia +8 Kls. Subiendo un poco de masa muscular, manteniendo la línea y sin subir tanto la grasa! Eso de engordar como 🐷 en etapa de volumen es una gran error y no una excusa para comer de todo sin control... 🔹 🔹 Asesorías por interno 📥 🔹 🔹bodybuilding bodybuilder inshape diet cardio abs fitnessadict fisicoculturismo trainhard intensity traininsane gym gymlife train tattoos suplementos supplements getbig lean culturismo colombia usa strong motivation dedication lifestyle estilodevida fitness picoftheday @zonafisica

Had a good training session 😉💪🏽 what I love about training at a private gym is that everything is nearby and you can get your work out done much quicker 💪🏽😜 && LESS PEOPLE!! Going to start doing my upper body a lot more now AGAIN and if I don’t get lazy will start posting different work outs 😝 he day just do you and what your heart desires👏🏽 who cares what anyone thinks or says ✌🏽 train workout fitness girlswithmuscles legs armday weights liftheavy fitspo npc figure bodybuilding healthy lifestyle life thickthighs gimnasio active athlete muscles cardio fitspo gains oc cardio traininsane vizion whatsyourvizion strong

💊 VITAMINS 💊 Do you need them or not? In most cases, you probably don't. Generally you don't need to worry about vitamin deficiencies unless you actually experience symptoms of a deficiency, which a doctor would be able to diagnose. On that topic I'm not a big fan of multivitamins, either. It forms a bad mindset that you're going to be okay and can get by as you please provided you take a multi - it's not a stop-gap for a poor diet! The best option if you want to maintain your health is the tried and true: eat a well-balanced diet, get your goods from whole-food sources wherever possible and drink plenty of water! ——————————————————————— fitness exercise lifestyle workout instafitness allday hardwork train traininginstagram oftau instagym instafit personaltrainer pt personaltraining instafitnessmotivation australianfitness gym outdoortraining motivation followforfollow follow followme love horses life water health brisbaneigers

Cumpliendo a nuestros clientes ❤️❤️❤️ @ropadeportivaabcfitness abc_fitness_usa @abcfitnesscolombia1 @abcfitnessmexico @abcfitnesspanama @dlsportswear @lissettemundofitness @abcfitnessoficial01 moda fitness boxinggirl muscles crossfit crossfitgirls fitfittness fitgirl sixpack tagsforlikes health fit fitnessmodel fitnessaddict cardio train training photooftheday instagood motivation determinationsacrificededication mujer ropadeportivadama ropadeportiva lycrascolombianasgs abcfitness

كيفما كان الهدف لباغي توصل ليه ما تخسرش قيمتك في الطريق على ود الفلوس او باش ترضي الناس فشي حاجة لكتناقض مع الطريقة التفكير ديالك حيت الوصول للهدف مع فقدان قيمتك لا معنى له.صبر وكون أجابي او تأكد انه غادي تكون طريقة صعيبة طريق كلنا كان شتاركو فيها حاليا ولكن اكيد النتيجة غادي تكون مرضية غير خليك فأي حاجة كات أمن بها🙏fitness fitnessjourney fitspo fitnessmotivation workout gymselfie training gymtime fitnessword arms train vision bodybuilding smile beavisionary fitlife fitnessmotivation motivaço moroccan

how i look training arms vs how i feel 😤🤣 . . . . . use my code “IWISH” for a whopping 0% OFF

Soy De Los Pocos Que Les Encanta Sentarse En Las Estaciones Y Imaginarse La Vida De Cada Persona O Hay Varios Como Yo? Aunque Te Toque Esperar El Tren Disfruta El Viaje 🗽🚉💯🚧 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .train trenes nuevayork cuidad likeforlikes miercoles viajes viajaresvivir nightphotography urbanstyle urban fotografia photographer viajero mochillero cityview streetphotographerscommunity canoncommunity newjerset traintracks latinos orlandofl centralfl

•🍁perfect weather & beautiful scenery on our run, tonight..🏃🏻‍♀️• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • Run Running Runner Wednesday RunnersOfInstagram Tree Wanderlust GirlPower SkyLovers Friends HardWork Water UpstateNY Motivation Love RunningGirl Green Clouds HalfMarathonTraining RunnersCommunity Marathoner InstaRun InstaRunner SeenOnMyRun Train RunWithFriends Blue Trees MarathonTraining Sky

This urban kiz weekly class topic is: Tarraxinha 🔩 For those of you who don't know, tarraxinha🔩 is an Angolan dance meaning “little screw." It is a dance closely related to kizomba but has different elements that make it unique. The dance tarraxinha does not utilize many walking steps as it’s danced mostly on spot focus more on isolations and continuous smooth movements. A question that often arises is who leads this dance? Do the follows take charge and express their body movement? Or do the leaders lead the isolations? BOTH can happen! Come learn to dance TARRAXINHA tonight!! 🔩 7:30 Foundations 8:30 Intermediate 9:30 -- 11:30 Social 6007 Christie Ave., Emeryville Click the link in the bio ➡️ for more information and for tickets.tarraxinha angola eddiehercules kda thekda urbankiz kiz kizomba fun train workshop choreo technique dancer dance danceclass social nightlife bayarea thebay sanfranciscobayarea sanfrancisco eastbay oakland berkeley emeryville southbay sanjose richmond

3 DAYS LEFT to snag EARYBIRD tickets to our upcoming show “Joie De Vivre” NOVEMBER 23rd 6:30pm & 8:30pm at the STUNNING @sugarbeachevents house👄👠🔥 . . Here’s a little teaser vid of what an Army of Sass Maui X Fuzzbox Show is like......incredible set design, astounding production quality, fun sassy & sexy choreography, we have it ALL 👯‍♀️ . . Don’t miss out on this next one....it’s gunna be TRÈS CHIC!!

・ 鉄道風景 (富山ライトレール) #富山ライトレールtlr600形 #ポートラムportram#トラム #路面電車 #ワンマン #岩瀬浜 #富山 #岩瀬カナル会館 #鉄道 #철도railwaytrain#鉄道風景 #鉄道のある風景 #鉄道好き #写真好き #写真とるの好き

waiting for my clients of the day like.. 😇 • •trainer personaltrainer train fit fitness work workout session daily fitstagram instafit clients sweat wait love

Two Simple drills anyone can do! The point is to take plenty of touches on the ball with both feet and utilizing multiple parts of your foot! . . . .ftd football training development soccer soccerskills futbol futbolista soccercoach coach trainingcamp train trainingday soccertraining nike adidas drills soccerdrills sport sports sportsedits sportlife andreapirlo

There are two types of people, you either like to look good OR you love the whole process of lifting and living a healthy lifestyle. . I’ll tell ya, the person that just likes to look good can only keep it up for a limited amount of time before they completely stop. That happens because there wasn’t anything to back it up deep down! Don’t play yourself, it’s not only for external purposes, find the love for it!!! 💪🏼😎 . T-shirt: @jed_north

Personal best from @lhl_buffchick 🤘 Little about me: * published writer in several top magazines (made of paper) * multi state, national and world record holder in powerlifting * 800+ raw squatter at 260 lbs * 450 raw bench press at 260 lbs * 755 raw deadlift at 260 lbs * 365 seated military press at 260 lbs * National qualifier in bodybuilding (long time ago) * Wellness coordinator * Public speaker * Mental health advocate I start with getting everyone stronger first as the foundation of our programming while providing personalized training to help YOU achieve YOUR goals. YOU ARE the priority. Providing a myriad of strategies is what I believe sets apart a veteran personal trainer/coach compared to someone with less experience. I treat everyone like an athlete of some sort regardless of their background. Strength, flexibility, endurance and functional ability are all imperative for a healthy human being. For more information on please feel free to contact me with the subject listed.ONLINECOACHING😁Learn from my successes and setbacks as a lifter of over 30 years rawpowertrainingsystems powerlifting healthandfitness mentalhealth CxSB CoachingByShawnBellon wellness getastrongerbody fitness fitspo workout bodybuilding gym train instahealth motivation fitness fitspo workout bodybuilding gym train instahealth motivation gymlife trainhard arealcoach BabaYaga

Believe you deserve it and the universe will serve it! 🙌🙌🙌

Hey, how's going? 🤓 pixel3xltrainportrait

You deserve to feel strong and confident . Most importantly you deserve to feel amazing in you own skin. - It is time to take some for you and to start feeling amazing and confidently. You got this! - Click the link in our bio to schedule your FREE Intro Appointment to learn more n how we can help you Get Fit. Gain Confidence. And Feel Amazing. _______________________________________________________train crossfit fit fitfam rogue lift family motivation fitlife fitness fitnessjourney hauppauge smithtown fitspo gym gymlife life hardwork squats workout wod strong crossfitter workout respect loveyourself goodvibes strong instafit twobrainboxes

Irish rail 141 class loco no. 146 and CIÉ C class loco no. C231 are seen here preparing to couple up to the Cobh Rambler 2.0. 12/10/19.downpatrick 141class 201class cclass loco locomotive train trains trainspotting ukrailscene trb_express

🇫🇷 "Celle-là, elle s'appelle... Elle s'appelle LOST" du premier EP de mon groupe @homesightband . Je répète sans arrêt les morceaux depuis une semaine en recherche de perfection. 🇬🇧 Looking for perfection for my band Home Sight. . . .rock metal metalhead music hardcore hxc metalcore rockband metalband band guitarist guitar ibanez periphery gear NGD strat signature instadaily instafit instapic picoftheday badass fitness fitguy musculation motivation train france

Everyone have the right, to choose how spend their lives! tokyo japan metro livinginjapan train nihon virtuallife iphone shooting thephotoofthephoto

¿Estás cansado? Ya te vas a acostar a dormir? 💸💸💸😴😴!! . No está mal descansar, pero si sabes que no estás dando tu máximo esfuerzo y no te sientes satisfecho con lo logrado en el día... 😥😥😥 . ¿Entonces qué haces dormido? 🤯 . Pon en acción tu cuerpo, solo tienes que dar el primer paso. Tu cuerpo te lo agradecerá ♥️ 💪🏻 y te enviara una dosis de energía para dar un extra. . Recuerda que eres grandioso, recuerda que estás sacando lo mejor de ti, pagamos el precio de la disciplina? 💪🏻✨💰💰🔥🔥 . Escribe SI si estás de acuerdo ⚔️ .crecimientopersonal soygrandioso fit fitnessmotivation goals gym train red5g lideres motivacion captions work snap success

The race is on handstandwalks @rbailey85 @spittah87 @mr.bukster @seabright_crossfit gymnastics crossfit liftlikeagirl fitness strength balance coordination train lift fun

Está pendiente porque mi tren va a pasar. Aunque todas sus ventanas estén cargadas de viajeros, me reconocerás; aunque todo el andén esté hasta la punta de viajeros, te reconoceré. . Porque nacimos para encontrarnos, porque el tiempo se ha encargado de conformarnos como somos para que ensamblemos perfectamente en ese viaje qué comienza ahora, justo cuando cae el sol. . .ferrocarril railway tren train puestadesol sunset paisaje landscape landscapes paisajes atardecer rojo cobre ventana ventanilla trendelafresa @renfe

Don’t forget to stop and take in every bit of what life has for you, move too fast you’ll miss it ... A’sa @eyes.2.lensshotbyme editedbyme taken with iphone11Find out about what’s next! Scavenger hunt pending .. to find more details contact me. You might find something you like. Discounts, Discounts, Discounts!EyesTwoLens@gmail.com • • • • • • • • • •Photobyme summer2019 nycphotographer refferalprogram eyes2lens art photographyblog camera follow picoftheday NYC 2019 vibrant freedom summer colors followtrain like liketrain train nyctrains fun charlotte NC cap nocapp

Spontaneous train track travels 🚂 • • • • • • • • •train fall autumn enjoy beautiful aesthetic hardwork nice season artsy woods outdoors

I took 6 minutes off my Olympic distance triathlon time in 6 weeks. In August I did Townsville Tri in 2:52:03 (which at the time was a pb) then just 6 weeks later in September I did 2:45:38. So what did I do to get a 6 min pb? Check out our latest video to find out!

Me every single morning! I used to gate going in the morning and guess what, I still do lol but hey can’t beat the freedom of not having to wait for a machine 🙌🏼💪🏼gymgymflowgymlifegymmemememetruefactsfunnyfintessinstafitworkouttrainliftmusclegains

Form factor. Concave eye holes designed to let your eye’s wander openly. When your eyes are open in the darkness, the energy of light reflects inwards.mindful rest silentmode breathonics vagusnerve darknessmeditation relax train

100% Whey Muscle da @formaemfocooficial ⠀ Hiperproteico excelente para: ⠀ - Ganho de massa muscular - Evitar o catabolismo - Fortalecer o sistema imunológico - Auxilia na recuperação ⠀ www.formaemfoco.com.br/produto/100-whey-muscle-900g---3-unidades/2448246 ⠀suplementacao fitness gym fit bodybuilding academia treino nutricao musculacao proteina crossfit nopainnogain body strong train suplemento suplementos suplementosalimentares whey wheyprotein suplementoalimentar suplementobarato ComboSuplemento Wheymuscle Bodyaction formaemfoco

Elimine o inchaço do corpo ocasionado pela retenção de líquidos em poucas horas! Alcance resultados de forma mais rápida e segura! X-Pel é um poderosíssimo diurético formulado com ingredientes NATURAIS que eliminam a retenção já nas primeiras horas de uso! Quer aparecer com aquele shape bem definido e um visual mais seco? Essa é a solução mais veloz! E não se esqueça: BEBA AGUA! www.fusionsuplementos.com.br Fusion Nutrição Esportiva A sua loja virtual de suplementos alimentares!! Segurança, comodidade e preço baixo!! Em Vitória da Conquista receba em até 24h! Whatsapp 📱77 9 9197-2466health fitness fit fitnessmodel fitnessaddict proteina workout bodybuilding cardio gym train training photooftheday health healthy vitoriadaconquista suplementos bahia strong motivation determination lifestyle diet getfit cleaneating eatclean excercise summer projetoverao corposarado

Can't wait to smash this 2020 Even with a hernia 😩🤣

Today I worked on full body. This wasn’t my full workout but just a little bit. I was super setting 2 exercises at at time to increase the intensity of my workout and also it‘s a great way to save time. Powered by @1upnutrition Save 20%: MightyD20 • • • • •butdidyoudie powerlifting squats character wonderwoman money discipline consistency anime woman diet push pull grind motivate mindset train positive traininsane muscle fitness girlswholift healthy strong strongissexy ilift powerlifting legs becomebetter 1upnutrition

It’s a working progress ladies and gentlemen!! I’ve never had very muscular legs and due to a lower back injury playing sports when I was younger I stayed away from performing heavy or even challenging lower body movements with different types of intensity’s. I really introduced lower body training into my own workouts about 3 years ago “always training legs at least twice a week” and my body, “specifically my lower back” feels great. Smart programming can take you a long way! These tree trunks are finally growing!!I’m pumped for more progress! consistencyiskey ...... Obviously wearing my favorite t-shirt! birdgang bouncebackweek believebaby mikeyofitness

Focus! Drive! Determination! Product: Wrath high-stim Pre Model: @booda.fit - - - - - -wrath sinnorsaint train preworkout focus pump pumpingiron gymtime pump preworkout gym squat sin workout bodybuilding train training fitness grow fitfam girlswholift flex bench stim

🚞 バックパッカーの醍醐味でもあるローカル列車やバスでの移動。私はこれが大好き。 道中は景色や文化だけでなくいろんな旅人の顔がみれる。 だけど、どこにいっても日本人はもとより東アジア人は少ない。根本的に欧米人とは楽しみ方が違うように感じる。 旅とは…?どんな旅をするかは自由だし否定はしないけれど、勿体ないなと感じる旅をしている人は多い。 日常でも言えることだけど、東アジア人はずっとスマホ片手。自分たちや映えるらしい写真ばかりを撮っている。 せっかく休みを作り新たな世界に足を踏み入れたのなら、自分自身と向き合う時間も大切にしてほしいと思う。 ひとつだけ確かなことは、旅=逃避ではないということ。 むしろ現実を知るきっかけであると私は考える。 だから「自分探しの旅」なんてフレーズはなんだかいけ好かない。旅は「すでに存在している自分」がするものだ。 旅での経験は日々に活かせる要素がたくさんある。 それを教えてくれるのが、自分にとっての未知の世界。trip backpacker girlstrip travel vacation train bangkok thailand asia midnightexpress feelings myself local style #ひとり旅 #旅 #旅行 #海外旅行 #女子旅 #バックパッカー #バンコク #タイ #マレー鉄道 #電車 #寝台列車 #旅写真 #経験 #感性 #ローカル

📖 Mood 🌧 Before Sunrise (1995)train mood book bookstagram movie beforesunrise

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