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Look how happy and satisfied I am if it just don’t rain 24/7... remember that nature!!!

@purelifehi and @knifeslinger cleaning up some palms in Maui. . 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 FOLLOW @kurtthearborist FOR MORE PALMY MC PALM CLIMBAROO PICS! 🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴🌴 arboriculture forestry logginglife urbanforestry arboristsofinstagram treeclimber climbersofinstagram hazardouswork dangerousjobs ropeaccess dirtyjobs industrialathlete treework treelover industryphotography treephotography chainsawman 2stroke cooljobs bestjobintheworld environmentartist treehealth growtrees treestuff hugs_for_trees mauitrees hawaiitrees sustainablehawaii palmtreelover

Shout out to @dutchbroskc! Thanks for warm coffee!!!😁 pruning some trees and the awesome ladies brought some coffee! dutchbrothers coffeelover treelife arborist treeclimber

Sending tops 💪🏻🇸🇪🌲

Feeling sentimental about warmer days. Thanks @jtumbles for the rad photo! @goldentree_indy stihlchainsaw droptreesnotbombs treeMOTION treework ropeplay goldentree srt professionalathlete dirtyhandscleanmoney arborist treefelling treeclimber

A Central Park Story Perhaps the world's best known urban forest has a long history with Davey. The trees of Central Park, walled in by New York City's concrete jungle, first benefited from Davey's expert care in the 1920s, when Martin L. Davey, Sr. offered to rejuvenate 100 of the park's struggling trees. City park officials believed the trees couldn't be saved and were dying because of carbon monoxide gases emitted by the growing number of automobiles infiltrating the brimming metropolis. In fact, at his own expense, M.L. Davey ordered soil and atmospheric tests, which revealed the trees were actually suffering from starvation, soil compaction, pests and other ailments. Martin's younger brother James Davey, then vice president at Davey, was named the supervising expert and given authority to direct New York City's parks employees in overseeing the rehab program. Ultimately, the tasks of pruning, feeding, treating for pests and otherwise caring for the 100 trees fell to M.W. "Biff" Staples and his crews. In 1927, a year after the project started, 90 of the trees had shown tremendous improvement in health. @centralparknyc centralpark nyc newyorkcity DaveyHistory DaveyTree throwbackthursday tbt archives fromthearchives history arboriculture arborist arblife tree trees treesplease treehugger treework treeclimbing treeclimber tree_perfection tree_enthusiast tree_brilliance tree_magic treesofinstagram tree_love lovetrees outdoorjobs outdoorlife thegreatoutdoors

11.2019 - Lipiany - Korniki? wycinka drzew obumarłych climbing treeclimber treecare baumklettern baum arboforest stihl wspinaczka drzewa natura nature arborysta #восхождение #альпинизм #деревья #лес #лесоруб #арборист #природа #польша #любуские arborist arborist arboforest lipiany borer

🙏 Please click on the link in my bio (profile) ➡ @logger.1988 to see the price, color, model and the sizes👍 👕 Printed in the USA 🗽 ✈ Worldwide shipping. 👍 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! 📦 Buy 2 or more and SAVE OVER on Shipping 👫 Tag Your Friends👇 💘 Tag your love 👍👍👍 ▪▪▪ Tag: logger1988 logger logging stihl husqvarna axe treework arborist arboristlife loggerlife timberfaller treecare treeclimbing treeclimber treelife arblife treesurgeon arboristsofinstagram arboriculture timberfalling fallingfriday chainsaw arboristfail treecutting treefelling stihlchainsaw loggers arborists logger88

🤙🏻 What’s your favorite type of power equipment to use? In OR out of the tree care industry? . . . .vermeer arborist arboristsofinstagram wood arborists horticulture nature naturephotography climbing climb treeclimber utah utahtree arboriculture fall autumn treecare treesofinstagram tree_captures treework

Just put it in the truck he said 🤨... Good luck dump truck driver 😝bigdogstumpandtree bigdogcraneservices treeservice treesurgeon treelifetreemantreeclimberhandlingbusiness

This amazing piece of equipment has already saved our company and customers money by allowing easier access and faster time. This spider lift has great flexibility so we can safety perform tree pruning and removal on difficult trees that we are unable to climb. spiderlift allaccessequipment @allaccessequipment hunterdoncounty whitehousestationnj frenchtownnj trees treelife treeclimber treehuggers instagood milfordnj treework picoftheday arborist arboristsofinstagram arboristlife arboristofinstagram like4likes followforfollowback forestry

11.2019 - Lipiany - wycinka drzew obumarłych climbing treeclimber treecare baumklettern baum arboforest stihl wspinaczka drzewa natura nature arborysta #восхождение #альпинизм #деревья #лес #лесоруб #арборист #природа #польша #любуские arborist arborist arboforest lipiany

The trainee really nailing his step cuts 😵😂 Not like that mate • • • •stepcut stepcut fuckit treework treeworkuk arblife arboristsofinstagram arborist arb treelife treeclimber husqvarnauk husqvarna chainsaw

The little things no one posts . Like having to move 200 feet of line from one side of a branch to another.. little things add up . . . . . . getrichorclimbtrying hardfun  monkeybeaverdotcom treerazer #arborist climber treesurgeon treeclimber work  hardwork treebiz arblife treelife treework gopro stihl  protos me reecoil arbortechfw dew  videoography controlledchaos pfanner travorahern ihearttreesusbartleby

This is my favorite tree work video of all time. @kidarborist created this masterpiece. Thanks for letting me share bro. . . .getrichorclimbtrying hardfun  monkeybeaverdotcom treerazer #arborist climber treesurgeon treeclimber work  hardwork treebiz arblife treelife treework gopro stihl  protos me reecoil arbortechfw dew  videoography controlledchaos pfanner travorahern ihearttreesusbartleby

La nouvelle corde Aruba de @team_edelrid est disponible chez hévéa ! Et en ce moment, pour 1 corde épissée de 40 ou 50 m achetée, 1 fil de lancer Hotline vous est offert ! Offre valable sur les 30 premières commandes uniquement ! A découvrir sur www.elagage-hevea.comhevea elagage edelrid cordistes corde aruba rope treeclimber arboristes

Getting some pulling power from the @harken_ind Riggers winch. Figure Nine have been supporting a production company somewhere in Madagascar and took along the Harken 500 Riggers winch to see how it could assist us with hauling loads and moving cameras. Benefits Vs weight to carry were worth the effort and overall the winch worked effortlessly and proved itself for what we threw at it in a tropical forest environment. In an attempt to keep energy levels as high as possible in an environment that can drain energy levels in hrs we will be using the Harken Riggers winch from now on anytime we need to haul kit up into the forest canopies. figurenine remoteriggingandsafety Remotelocationsafety harkenindustrial arborist arborists arboristlife arblife arboristgear arboristequipment arboristclimber arbclimber arboristwork treesurgeon treeclimber treework Climbingropes ropeaccess ropeaccessandrigging ropeaccesstechnician ropeaccesslife irata

Today I did my best on this beech tree pruning. petzlprofessional treeclimber treeclimbing treecare silkyeurope

trdfällargänget i rstahavsbad och har tagit ner en granhäcken. trdfällning sektionsfllning trdklättrare treelife treework husqvarna myhusqy forestry husqvarnasverige treeclimber chainsaw trdfällare trdgårdsdesigne Sthil trdgårdsinsperation trdgård timberfalling husqvarnachainsaw treefelling arborist arblife treecutting sthilchainsaw treecareindustry

引き続き支障木伐採作業⛑ #今日も一日お疲れ様でした arborist treeclimber treeclimbing #アーボリスト #ツリークライミング #空師 #木登り #社寺 #伐採 #特殊伐採 rigging petzl gopro treework enjoylife

今日も1日#お疲れ様でした 😊👍 #空師 #山師 #庭師 #林業 #伐採 #木登り #造園 #特殊伐採 #剪定 #山登り #京都 #大阪 #滋賀 #奈良 #宇治 #宇治田原 #神社 #神社仏閣 #お寺 arborist treeclimber treeclimbing treeworker treework husqvarna stihl kyoto #京谷造園

Michal @mychrey removing deadwood from an old red oak this week!

This American Sweet Gum had just totally lost it’s Vibe by the time I got to it or should I say this Liquidambar had literally gone to Liquid in the stump..... not to mention how much the 261 enjoyed cutting through it...... arborist arboriculture arblife arboristlife treelife treeman treework hazardoustree treeclimber treeclimbing climbhigher treeremoval urbanforestry stihlms261 likewhatyoudo longdays ineedavacation takemeaway

The start of my splicing journey. Feel free guys to hit me up with any tips and other tools along the way arv world peeps. Thanks the @markprzekurat and fidandfibers for the great start pack treefellas treework treelife treecutting treeclimbing treeclimber arb arblife arborist arboristlife arboristofinstagram rope splicing knots ropework tools instalike likes follows likesforlikesback

⁣Alles gut tun 👍, was man nach seinem Beruf 👷 zu tun verpflichtet ist das ist die wahre und gründliche Heiligkeit 💪.⠀ ⠀ ⠀ 🌍 www.gartenpflegeimabo.de 🌍⠀ ⠀ 📨 info@towa-baumarbeiten.de 📨⠀ ⠀ 📞 06825 9708966 📞⠀ ⠀towabaumarbeiten gartenpflegeimabode gartenundlandschaftsbau grtner towaraner team towa Arbeit natur nature mannschaft kraft baum baumpflege baumfllung baumkletterer baumpfleger tree trees treeclimbers treeclimber treeworker tree_love treesurgeon treeservice treestuff treework treecare treeremoval treefelling

Peekaboo!👀 just a few snapshots from earlier today deadwooding/cleaning up some trees 👷🏻‍♀️🌳👷🏻‍♂️ treework, arboristsofinstagram, arboriculture, treeclimber, arblife

I walk past this billboard on my way to the bank... It is clear what the message is supposed to be ✌️😍🐈,... Buuut I'm just thinking of a leopard hi-vis version of saw pants / chaps 😜👖 Somebody make animal prints please! I'd rock 🦓zebra. . . .chainsawpants treelife treework treebiz treegear logging treefelling treeclimbing treeclimber lumberjack lumberjill loggingmagazine arblife chainsawlife forestllife arborists arboristsofinstagram leopardprint taxidermy logginglife

Фиг подберешься. #зеленаяслужба#уходзадеревьями#спилитьдерево#арбористarborist#тюмень72#сургут86treeremovaltreeclimberloggerstihlmagnum660dirtyhandscleanmoney

Got to climb this beautiful sugarmaple the other day. And, how not to brace a limb in a tree. I wonder why the entire lead was dead above this homemade brace 🤔 . . .UniversityofKentuckyArboricultureTeam arboristlife arboristsofinstagram treeclimber welivefortheclimb limbwalk Acersaccharum

Managed To Smash This One Out Before 10am 🤘 Glad To Be Done Before The Heat Set In At 37 Degrees Today 😥

Amazing weather for some dismantling today. Covering the southcoast. Call today for free on 07464127040 or email info@primarytreecare.co.uk primarytreecare treework treesurgeon arborist treeclimber dorset

Tonight, On this episode of BVC IG Feed... Random people unknowingly photobomb my picture. @oregonproducts had a stand in the @sorbusinternational tent at the @arboricultural_association Show 2018. And @treetater attempts to steal the new Lumberjack ALPHA jacket.

Από ψηλά! naturelover nature treeclimber

Regrann from @cvalencia31 - Naomi figuring out her beta on the classic "Iron Man traverse" V4. She worked it a couple times and fired it off last night in better conditions. This climb consists of a perfect rail system from one end of the boulder to the other. It has super fun movement all the way across. So psyched to see her figure it out and execute for a smooth send. 😀🙅😎 • Photo cred : @naytonrosales 👍👍 •treeclimber climbingmountains climbingtrip climbing climbing_videos_of_instagram climbing_lovers climbinggirl climbinglovers climbers climbingshoes

@alicehafer ・・・ Feeling stronger than ever, I'm riding the wave of climbing simply for fun and to get stronger -- so far it's working, three 13s in two weeks, not too shabby! Each day at the crag, I'm aiming less to 'send' and more to simply make every move better and increase my concentration, focus and relaxation on each climb . . . Switching my perspective away from the 'end result' of sending opens news doors to bettering my skill and really is just more fun. For the past 9 months or so, it feels like my own mind has been a huge barrier to sending, so after training my physical body back into shape, now it's time to focus on the mental aspects of climbing as I continue to try and improve. So far so good. . . . What do you feel holds you back in climbing? Mental or physical challenges? . . . Pic: A strong mental day sending Water Hazard V10 by @tannerott @girlsboulderclimbingholds climbing_pictures_of_instagram climbinginspiration climbing_is_my_passion climber climbon iloveclimbing treeclimber climbingshoes climbinggirl rockclimb

Кем-то съеденная, местами трухлявая. Сложная ... #зеленаяслужба#уходзадеревьями#спилитьдерево#арбористarborist#тюмень72#сургут86treeremovaltreeclimberloggerstihlmagnum660dirtyhandscleanmoney

Ronin warrior. The last tree pruning Samurai of the North, waging war against unruly out of control trees 🌳 🌲

Monster Leyland Cypress hedge reduction. Over the pool, glass pool fencing everywhere... some teamwork and a little rigging getting it done. 🎥 @yatesblaircypresshedgessuck arblife arborist treework petzlprofessional srt treeclimber

Pachamama, I'm coming home To the place where I belong I want to be free, be me Be at one with love and all There is no high, no low There is nowhere else to go Except inside within your heart ♥️ . . . 📸Foto by @guillermoaguilar . . . 💄Make up by @alejandraaranmkup . . . For @aguadeestrellas.nosotros 🌿🌾 . . .photography modeling nature earthkeeper pachamama goorganic vegan climbergirl treeclimber lululemonmx russiangirlsgram goodvibes girlpower recycledfashion

That monkey life... treeclimber hugtrees four

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