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Hide and Seek champions are born, not made. whereswaylon lifewithwaylon cats tuxedocat

Happy Thanksgiving 😻 I’m thankful for treats, naps, and renovations that leave glue stuck on the wall 😹 happythanksgiving catsofinstagram meow silly tuxedocat cat

Meet spunky little Emmett!! He’s about 4 months old. This adorable tuxedo boy is ready for his forever home! He is super fun, playful and well adjusted. He was found in a parking lot when he ran up to humans for help with his two sisters. Malnourished and left to fend for themselves, they were super loving from day one. Emmett loves attention and affection and has an instant purr motor that’s so loud and sweet! Are you ready to welcome this cutie into your home?? He will definitely brighten up your life!!💙🐾 • • • cci candyscats adoptionmakeslifesweeter🍭 fosteringsaveslives picme adoptme centralfloridacats apopka wintergarden wintergardenpetsmart cutekittens kittensofinstagram tuxedokitten tuxedobaby tuxedocat foreverhome picme handsomeboy

ROWRRRRRR 😺 I got a new BIRDIE!!!!!!! 🙀 favouritetoy birdie wandy feathers tuxedocat cat hunter

Meet our purrfectly perfect cats! When you adopt from @tearsanimalrescue, you are giving two second chances: one for the cat you adopt and one for the cat that gets to take their place at the Cattery. See all of our kitties at: http://www.tears.org.za/cats.⠀ ⠀ Jacinda is a stunning tuxedo female who is letting her shyness come between her and a lovely home. She'd love the opportunity to get to know you but she just wants to take her time.⠀ ⠀ Phoebe is a beautiful black female. She adores being the centre of attention and talk of the town. She is happiest when you stroke my soft fur and whisper sweet nothings into her ear.⠀ ⠀ I’m Gypsy, a beautiful black and white female. I like some attention but on my terms. I might be a little bit shy but with lots of love and encouragement, I will warm up and become the lovable cat that I really am.⠀ ⠀ When it comes to relationships, Tabbatha is very level-headed. She don't leap in paws first, if you know what I mean. But give her a little time, and then she'll shower you with purrs, head-butts, and plenty of lap time.⠀ ⠀ Roxy is a bit cautious around visitors and needs some space if she feel overwhelmed. As you get to know her, she will warm up. She needs someone who will give her a chance.⠀ ⠀ Creasy is a handsome ginger and white boy who loves attention and being stroked. He gets on well with other cats and is always keen for cuddles, love and treats!⠀ ⠀ Milly is looking for loving, snuggling, stroking and purring and hope that you are too. Milly will happily join your home to shower you with love.⠀ ⠀ Mario is not only deliciously gorgeous, he is a lover too! He's super curious and might take a few minutes to get to know you but then he is allllllll love! Ginger ninja love!⠀ ⠀ Jax is a beautiful, fluffy and affectionate cat. He’s quite happy to keep himself company although he does get on with his brother and sister. He is friendly and inquisitive and will always want to know what you’re up to.⠀ ⠀ Sam is far more shy and retiring than his sister, Chrissy, and brother, Jax. He’s a sweet boy who will need just that bit more encouragement to relax and feel at home. A real beauty who will be worth the effort.

#狂搖尾巴 希希:我原諒咗奴才啦 . . . #仲主動向奴才獻吻 #零食嘅力量 #抽血小小驚打針太肥冇感覺 #其實係嬲剪指甲😂 HeyHeyandBlancBlanc #大學站貓 tuxedocat #乳牛貓 felix #賓士貓 #馬鞍山貓

And an extra picture of Rory being a loon, as usual.cats catsofinstagram catstagram tuxiesofinstagram tuxedocat animalphotography photography

Living my best life 💃 • • •catsofinstagram catstargram catsofinsta cats_of_ig catsofig tuxedocat chonk chonker chonkercats lilo catsofcolumbus 61fur

He decided it was time to get out of bed, so he strolled over and chomped my ear. Cute little punk! 😼 kitty

tuxedocat Satchel, "Thanks. Finally something I can really enjoy." Giant umbrella scratchingpost 😃🤨🧙‍♀️

Who said I can't sleep in humans bed? 😼 ________________________________mustachecat tuxedocat moustakasthecat🐱 sleepycat sleepybeauty catnap catpose catmodel catstagram catsofinstagram

This auntie-ing lark ain't so bad, you know.cats catsofinstagram catstagram tuxiesofinstagram tuxedocat

raining 🌧️⛈️🌦️again.. catsofinstagram kittensofinstagram tuxedocat catbabies 😻🐱😻🐱😻🐱😻

Ten facts about me: 1. I am a foodie. My human says I was a food critic in a former life. I love pesto, bacon, cheese, cake, yoghurt... 2. I am a very chilled cat. 3. Lucy is the love of my life. We are besties. 4. On my back paws I have an extra claw. 5. I was named after the English Bobby because my head looked like their bowler hats when I was little. 6. When I catch a mouse I alert my human so she can take it and put it back outside. 7. Recently I allow the human to cuddle my belly but only while lying in front of the couch. 8. I love to sleep on the terrace. 9. Every evening when it’s not raining (I am not as crazy as my sister) I greet my human at her car together with Lucy. 10. I lose fluff all year round and tons of it. Bobby cat katze adoptdontshop spayandneuter dontdeclawyourcat tuxedocat blackandwhitecat blacknwhite_perfection cowcat schwarzweissekatze catsoninstagramm catsofinstagram

Velcro guarding Ezzie Jack's bed. Hïmb offers you crossed peets because he is a fancy cat. Do you accept? thatcatischonky thecatischonky tuxedocat fancyboi velcro tuxedocatsofig

Chaussettes loves taking over my bed 🐱 tuxedocat sleepycat fluffy cozy cuddle sweetcat bedhogger blanket

Stuck! Duncan induced relaxing... Just what I needed XXXtuxedocat tuxedokitties cats catsofinstagram

Am thamkful for chimken nugget

I’d like to announce that my foster son Salazar (aka Sal aka the artist formerly known as Kelty) is up for adoption! Sal has blossomed into a sweet and goofy kitten who loves treats, booty rubs, and lots of playtime. Do you appreciate luxury? This guy’s wearing a tuxedo AT ALL TIMES! Sal is my first foster kitten with @northbrooklyncats and I hope he is the first of many. He took his time de-feralizing and for a while I thought he’d have to go back to troll life (living under the Kosciusko Bridge with his colony) but he’s slowly grown into a truly sweet young catto. Let’s find his forever home! fosteringsaveslives tuxedocat brooklyncats

・・・ ⠀ 🔊⠀ .⠀ Show us some love 😘 by like 👍 and comment 😽.⠀ .⠀ Save it 👌and tag friend 👫⠀ . ⠀ Follow us for⠀ more @catsgarden1 ⠀ . ⠀ From unknow (if you the owner just DM to give you one more feature ) ⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ catphoto catsagram bestcat catsrule catsoftheworld catoftheday kittenoftheday happycat catlove instacat_meows meow catlovers catsdaily catsareawesome instameow catstagram dailycat bestcats_oftheworld instacats meowdel catworld tuxedocat bengalcat purrfect crazycat fluffycat catlover catsgarden1

Monday loaves

Only closed the door cause it was cold! Looks like we're going to be freezing all winter cause these two mardy gits don't like the living room door closed! 😒😹 .cat cats catsofinstagram pet pets petsofinstagram animal animals animalsofinstagram rescuecats kitty kittycats #🐈 #🐱 catlover ilovecats crazycatlady meow adoptdontshop catsmatter blackandwhitecat tuxedocat tabby tabbycat mardycat

Planning to spend your Monday off like this? PetoftheWeek Moomoo would like to remind you that today is the last day of our I’ll Be Your Boo cat adoption event, so take a break from a relaxing Monday to meet your new best friend. We’re waiving adoption fees on all of our cats ages 6 months and older until we close today at 5 p.m., so he hopes to see you soon!⁠ ⁠adoptmoomoo illbeyourboo alexanimals adoptdontshop catsofinstagram tuxedocat

My mom does tons of physical therapy for her spinal injuries so I’ve learned a few stretches from her. I’m what you call an “active” cat and have found that staying limber makes my work easier. funnycat tuxedocat tuxedocatsofinstagram felixthegreatcat adventurecats catstretches catsofportlandoregon

Silly kitty, we aren't going to the pub, we have thanksgiving dinner to go eat! cats cats_of_instagram catsofinstagram tuxedocat thanksgiving givingthanks adventurekitty catonleash adventurecat vancouver dublincrossing pub catneedsadrink drink holiday

Mom got flower to brighten up the house she says . I think they are for me to have dreams of being outside chasing birds and smelling flowers . What do you do when your mom gets flowers? Smell them or knock them down? .buddy oneeyedcat caturdaycuties oneeyedbuddy catlovers kittens_today catloversworld catphotos catofday bestmeow meowbeauties instakittens catsareawesome catsonly catstagram catsinstagram catsofday catpic catsworld catslove catcute kittensofig catvideo bestcatsclub prettycat sundaycat tuxedocat tuxedocatsofinstagram nationalpetday caturday365

Nothing like afternoon stretches laying in my favorite spot ! ❤💜😺 catsofinstagram cats specialneeds special sistersforlife tuxedocat flower catsofig 😺💜❤

Mom says my whiskers make me look distinguished. Have you shared my @gofundme ? Link in bio! ________________________________cats_of_world catsoftheworld catscatscats catsagram catsuit cats catslife catsoftheday cats_of_instworld catsofinsta catsrequest cats_of_day catstagram catsofworld catsfollowers cats_of_the_world sandiego sandiegocats ppdhelp tuxitudetuxedocat sandiego sandiegocats tuxie tuxedokitten emotionalsupport emotionalsupportcat tuxitude gofundme

Percy’s been running around chasing this little red ball this evening 😍tuxedocat blackcat catsofinstagram redball cattoy blackandwhitecat cat

Feel absolutely sick with worry that my dude, my best friend in a fur coat, my forever baby boy, our Furgus has to have a dental tomorrow with one definite extraction and possibly one or two more - this boy has been at my side through so much these last 6 years and I feel sick with worry despite knowing is in great hands with our vet and I have told them to monitor him closely and keep a close eye on him when he is under - he is my world 😻 - happycat catoftheday lovemycat instacat catsofinstagram pets cattitude meow purrfect pawsome furryfriends Ilovemycat catstagram cutecats kitty cute catlovers catlife petsofinstagram kittykisses catsareawesome whiskers cat catlady crazycatlady blackand whitecat tuxedocat vet dental

兩隻擋路的惡霸 @lokicatarmy & @hello_pingu_cat lokicatcatstagram#ねこ#かわいい#くろねこ#貓#猫tuxedocatcute#タキシード猫#マスク猫

Meow meow meow tuxedocat catsofinstagram

Thunderbolts and lightning, very very frightening! ⚡🌩️🙀 Rohan doesn't like this weather 😾⛈️😿 she's cuddled up on my lap though, safe and sound 💕 . . .scaredkitty scardycat scaredycat cutekitty pets instacat kitten igcat catlife tuxedocat kawaiikitty catstagram catsofinstagram cats cats_of_instagram catlovers catoftheday cutecat

good morning ☀️🥰👑 been a little while bc mom’s been hekkin busy with school 📚

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