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My mom was cleaning and I was being helpful!cats catsofinstagram cats_of_instworld cats_of_instagram cats_of_world cats_of_day cataccount tuxedocats tuxedocatofinstagram tuxedos tuxedocat kittens_of_instagram kittensofinstagram kittens kittens_today kittens_of_world kittenlovers catsoftheday

Just laying around today 🐱 How are you spending your Tuesday?

Thanks @target ! 🏚🐈

I enjoy playing with this orange and white fluffy play toy. Nothing wrong going on here... naughtycats naughtycatsofinstagram tuxedocat tuxedocats tuxedocatsofinstagram blackandwhitecatsofinstagram cats_of_instagram catsofinstagram cats catshenanigans

I liked watching my dad play FIFA19 but now this week it’s FIFA20 time⚽️⚽️⚽️ • •cats cat catsofinstagram catmemes cats_of_instagram catsuit cats_of_world cats_of_instworld cats_of_day catsofinsta catstagram tuxedo tuxedocat tuxedomask tuxedos tuxedocats tuxedocatofinstagram tuxedokitty tuxedokittykat kittykat rawr catnap catnapsallday

I’m a turtle. See? .tuxedocat tuxedocats tuxedocatsofinstagram @ricotuxedo

How the mighty have fallen ... (right into the bathtub full of water) . . . . . .bartlebythetuxedocat tuxedocats tuxedocatsofinstagram wetcats wetcatsofinstagram catsofinstagram

Fitzy was ready for Whisker Wednesday first thing this morning. She must have wanted to beat her siblings to the photo op. 😄. Happy WW furriends! ❤️ whiskerwednesday whiskers cats catsofinstagram catsoftoday catfeatures tuxedoxat tuxedocats tuxedofeatures floof humpday perth australia photography kittens kittensofig blackcat cute fluffy pawsup catlady

“I think I look cute. Better take a selfie.” @ricotuxedo ricotuxedo tuxedorico . .tuxedocat tuxedocats tuxedocatsofinstagram catselfies

“I think I look cute. Better take a selfie.” @ricotuxedo ricotuxedo tuxedorico . .tuxedocat tuxedocats tuxedocatsofinstagram catselfies

“I think I look cute. Better take a selfie.” @ricotuxedo ricotuxedo tuxedorico . .tuxedocat tuxedocats tuxedocatsofinstagram catselfies

“I think I look cute. Better take a selfie.” @ricotuxedo ricotuxedo tuxedorico . .tuxedocat tuxedocats tuxedocatsofinstagram catselfies

TBT 2014: I wasn’t very old when this was taken and it’s not the clearest of me either but as Hummie, the distant humoid, has been so busy with work and the intruder, I’ve had to fend for myself, so hence fuzzy wuzzy me. Actually that depicts my mood totally! One more sleepover and the intruder disparus out of here! Then I will have some sharp meows with Hummie, I might even bite its ankle!

How we spend our outside time: Ahsoka- Huntress extraordinaire Leia- Observation Artoo- Getting as dusty as possiblecatsofinstagram cats kittens cat kitten tuxedocat tuxedocats tuxedocatsofinstagram

In loving memory of Ronaldo 🌈🐾 One year ago today our handsome boy crossed over the rainbow bridge after a felineaorticthromboembolism (FATE). Always in our hearts ❤️ . .ronaldotuxedo tuxedocatsofinstagram tuxielove ilovetuxedocats tuxedocats catsofinstagram #кошка #猫 #고양이 chat katz gatto cat catlover meow blackandwhitecat tuxedofeatures gonetosoon tuxedotuesday

happy tuxedo tuesday! 😻

THIS GUY! Rocks my world and drives me crazy too. Vet appointment this Thursday. Poor baby please think of him he needs some healthy love. ❤️ tuxedocats catsofinstagram diabeticcats

My love! 💕

The Mama’s grandma loves me. She fawns over me, feeds me lots of treats, and reminds me how beautiful I am. I returned her love by depositing my hairball on her bed. notsorry whatajerk catshaming jonsnow tuxedofeatures tuxedocats

I think this Thai takeaway from Sainsbury's might be a little undercooked... 🤔 . . . . cats catsofinstagram catoftheday catsonthings catsinboxes cat catstagram catsonstuff catinabox kitten tuxedocat tuxedocats blackandwhitecat cats_of_world cats_of_instagram shotoniphone

Work at home with your cats, they said. It will be fine, they said. Who else knows the hardship of having to work everyday with kitties around, being too cute for their own good, trying to sit on the keyboard and writing emails with their paws 🐾 🐾 🐾 🐾 kctxjckfkxzclgkx I feel you home-working-with-cats-hoomins, I totally feel you 😻😻🐈🐈🐈🐈🐾🐾🐾😹😹😹😹🤦🤦🤦cat catsofinstagram cats instacats tuxedocats tuxedocatsofinstagram cutecat adoptdontshop stopdeclawing littleassistant assistant littlehelper qualitycontrolcat coolcats workingfromhomewithcats

Fala humana, fala... Quem mais aí para o que está fazendo para ouvir desabafo humano? Mas no final, nem um petisco 😹 🐾cats tuxedofeatures turmadebigode petsofinstagram ime1709 engatamento gateiras38 frajola diiafeliz3 tuxedocats tuxie lazycatengaja3 tuxedocatsofinstagram 3soumuitogatinho whiteandblackcat gatosdoinstagram

My portrait by @catsrbetterthanpeople has arrived at long last! I think she nailed my ear fluff pretty well, don’t you? 😻😻😻😻😻 // her fourth book is funding now on Kickstarter 💕 magnificentmeedy petportraits tuxedocats adoptdontshop catsofinstagram cats catlover catportraits ififitsisits fluffycats 101catsvol3

Gimme that camera, I’ll do this Instagram thing myself! Meowmy has been really busy and not posting recently, so I’ll have to take matters in to my own paws 🐾 Reynolds cat cats instacat blackandwhitecats catsprotection cpcat soulpatchcats tuxedocats tux seniorcats cutecats moustache soulpatch whiskers pawtrait rescuecat kitteh catstagram catsofinstagram catsofig thesnuggleisreal snuglife

I just had a great nap because the car is back! 😼

I made this little square blanket for Dora when she was just 2 lbs. she was actually smaller than the blanket. Now she’s 5 lbs and 5 months old. She still needs her blanket to help her fall asleep. She’s been a wonderful addition to our family kittens tuxedocats

I’m a purrito! Over the weekend, my hoomins got Chipotle and I jumped into the bag 😂 Hoomins weren’t sure I’d fit, but I made it work! •••tuxie tuxies tuxiesofinstagram tuxedocat tuxedocats tuxedocatsofinstagram cat cats catsofinstagram cute cutie rescue rescuecat rescuecats rescuecatsofinstagram animal adopted

Together, me and my new best friend will destroy the whole city. 😼😼 assholecat catsofinstagram catstuff catslife tuxedocatsofig tuxedocats instacat catsinweirdpositions godzilla animalsofinsta animals

🐱Murzik: See, meowmy! Meow picture is purrfect! Only meow! . . . .catsofinstagram happycatclub #кот #котик #чернобелыйкот kotomania instagood instaday instadaily instalike instacats instapet instapets petstagram cats catstagram Murzik murzikthecat blackandwhitecat blackandwhitecats sweetcat #дратути_клуб dratuty_club katze chat_noir tuxedocats tuxie knittersofinstagram mummieslittlehelper

*Gameshow music*⁣⁣ "Are you ready, folks? Because it's time to play...CAPTION THAT CAT!"👏👏 ⁣⁣ In honor of our newest little nip-head, we thought it would be fun to do a little caption contest! Ma and Pa will be choosing their favorite caption this Thursday afternoon (9/19) and the winner will receive one of these seriously adorable catnip kicker toys made by our friends, @bruceandfoxdesigns. You may know them from their recent adoption of Shyla, the precious pup @kittenxlady⁣ fostered earlier this year! We couldn't wait to check out her super neat toy designs, and Ma maaay have "accidentally" ordered enough toys to share with a friend 😸⁣ ⁣⁣ And that's all there is to it! Leave your best captions below, tag a funny cat loving friend if you'd like, and *Gameshow music* "We'll see you back here on Thursday to announce the winner of...CAPTION THAT CAT!" 👏👏👏⁣⁣ ⁣⁣catsofinstagram catskittenstagramkittensofig tuxedokittens catniphigh catsoncatnip kittenlovers tuxedocats catlovers adoptdontshop dailyfluff kittendaily catstagram funnycats kittensofinstagram ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣

me? royalty? absolutely👑 tuxedofeatures

wildly whiskered


i get the feeling that someone may be plotting my murder...

wait for it....

we Like new friends



back in the olden days when we were Young and Foolish (in august)

we sit upon our mother and refuse to budge

I am Hettie, and I have seen Terrible Things

I Must Go, The World Needs Me, I Have Furniture That Needs Scratching, Heavy Is The Burden Of Responsibility

we fight and then fall asleep cuddled up together

Good morning from Fearful Hettie and Bold Hector

thanks grandma for sending me a cat tree🥰

put your paws in the air like you just don’t care🐾

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