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Freddie’s new “hiding” spot 🌿catofthedaytuxeocatblackandwhitecatstatueshedumbcatlover

Tuxedo Cat Staredown! Rollie seeks friendship and play time with big sister Jellybean. To be continued! tuxeocat catsofinstagram RollieTheCat JellybeanTheCat SaltLakeCity Utah catdads

“Cat nip mouse? Laying on a heating blanket? Easy choice. notgettingup bigwhitepaws tuxeocat romeovonnomeo worldsmostintetestingcat stayfurry

This is the allusive Dali Lynn! We dont see her much. Miss munchkin Sadie and her aren't on the best of terms. To say they tolerate each other would be an understatement. She came to us very small and very sick with a fever over 106.0 . The vet was not sure how she was alive. She can be a purr monster but literally only on her own times. She stays mostly upstairs in my old bedroom that she has made hers. And comes down at night to sleep with my sister @bigbeautiful_makeup . They have an incredible bond. Dali has completely imprinted on her. Her and twilight to play from time to time and she will partake in a trip out my window to sunbathe on an over hang, that has become their personal veranda. We love her perfect pink lip. She was a great addition to our family. griefcat mainecoon tuxeocat blackcat catsofinstagram catlife catlady catlover catmom

1 Tempting Fate: Winifred touching Lilly’s butt. 2 Pushing Boundaries: Winnie sees how much she can touch Lilly. 3 Awoken Beast: Oh Lilly Belle. 4 Little Sister: Winifred using all four paws to touch Lilly’s tail. 5 Close Up: oh Winifred.* * *catlife catdaily catdiaries instacat catstories cattales talesofcats tuxeocat tuxedosisters cuddlepuddle sillycat littlesister catsofinstagram adoptdontshop

Happy National Cat Day! Luna loves to come lay on my books when I’m reading. 🤦‍♀️ She always needs to be the center of attention. . . .nationalcatday cats catsofinstagram blackcat tuxeocat luna currentlyreading bookstagram alwaysreading books booksofinatagram instareads reading bookaddict bookfeaturepage amreading bookphoto toberead igreaders readersofinstagram bookishfeatures kimmersbooks mybookfeatures @mybookfeatures

It’s a purrfect day for napping and stretching out the toes floofs pets catsofinstagram instameow thefuzzymuffin paws tuxeocat rain october naptime

@curiouszelda I adore this little bean. cat tuxeocat cute drawing cartoon fanart

Sometimes gaming this hard requires growing an extra arm or two. Very tiring stuff.

Perfect form. Very prime sploot.

Thanks @asksuzybiz for my amazing jersey. Ready to take on the Yankees tonight. chopon

happyfriday. Please enjoy these cutie pink toebeans🐾 brought to you by Ringo tuxeocat love carzycatlady heknowshowcutetheyare

It's so hot you just have to spread out on the bedside table. Ringo tuxeocat sleepytime toebeans🐾

tuxeocat snugglekitty Snuggle cat snuggles

I waz n'rvous @ 1st makin' mah 1st post, but here it iz. It iz ov me munch'n a salad the other nite. ~ Snowy firstpost salad yum snowflake tuxeocat mostlyblackthough snowy cat food green ilikesharpthings meow

And when u thot I couldn’t get anymore stunning... BOOM!💥💥💥💥 . . .iphoneX nofilter borntomodel naturalbeauty apple portraitmode protraitmodel tuxeocat fluffycat brooklynbitch bushwickbabe queenofNYC followme

Mama Little Butt w/ her son Sebastian in the back and Her daughter Baby Bella (aka ISABELLA, when she chews my charging cables and ear phones) :.. love them SOOOO MUCH! isabella cutefamily mamaandherbabies rescuedus rescuedher tuxeocat tuxedokitties littlebuttandsebastian littlebutrandbabybella springtimekitties sunshineandcats tortiebaby coolcats beautifulworld

TBT Conor and Rupert in the window of our old place 😻😊💕 scottishfold scottishfoldcat scottish_fold scottishfold_love norwegianforestcat cats catsofinstagram catstagram cats_of_instagram pets pets_of_instagram blackandwhitecat tuxeocat tbt

Howl’s pretty happy to have a forever home, even though he isn’t very good at using things meant for him. He wonders if @kittykindcats or any of their rescue friends need donations for their lovely foster pawrents. After all who needs a fancy folding cat tree when you can sleep on the floor 🙄. (You can PM his Instagram, one of the humans will take care of it.) howlsbrooklyncastle rescuecat catsofinstagram catstagram tuxeocat tuxicat iizcat

All hail king Snickelfritz, the new ruler of King’s Landing🤴🏼 catsofinstagram catsofig catsofcanada tuxeocat tuxedofeatures funnycat lovemycat postyourpet got jonsnow kingslanding

Does this hat make me look fat? HBD to my human and main bitch 💝 . . .brooklynbitch bushwickbabe partyhats catsinhats partyqueen tuxeocat nyccats loveme followme

She sniffs 🌸🌸🌸🌸

今日の猫山さんはヨガのインストラクターです😼私が真似したらあちこちつりそう😅 . He is the instructor of yoga. He says "Lift your left leg straight up parallel to the floor"😁 . #白黒ハチワレ猫 #ねこたうん #ハチワレ #はちわれ猫 #猫 #猫好き #猫好きな人と繋がりたい #鼻のしわ #保護猫出身 blackandwhitecat ailurophile tuxeocat yoga catstagram cat ilovecats instacat instacats kinkedtail tuxedocat maskandmantlecat catsofinstagram

This tie really brings out my eyes 👀 happy St. Patrick’s Day!🍀🌈 • • • • • • • • • • • • •catoftheday catsofinstagram cattie stpatricksday stpattysday luckoftheirish lucky ilovemycat potofgold lucky tuxeocat tuxcat

Cleo likes her little cave made of wool 🐑. One second you see me, the next you don’t 😜- Clicli cavemonkey moggy blackcat tuxeocat woolfilter cat

We said enough photos, but here we are, yet another photo..... . . . .catsofinstagram instacat sheltercat sheltercats tuxeocat torbiecat tortiecat unamused unamusedcat

On these cold winterdays it so important to have a good coatwarmer. I am so blessed because I have the best one around. Ringo my tuxeocat and his sister Drucilla blackcat. Are working hard to make sure my coat is warm before I put it on. crazycatlady catlover blessed

Nobody can find me in my protective hidey hole! . . . . .catsofinstagram instacat tuxeocat sheltercat catcube catbed timidcat hiddencat

They said I could be anything, so I became the loaf. . . . . .catloaf catsofinstagram instacat sheltercat tuxeocat lovinglife cuddlycat

Why do they insist on putting these things on us? . . . . .catonaleash instacat catsofinstagram torbiecat tuxeocat tabbycat beautifulcat leashtraining

Gotta do the sniffs. . . . . . .catsofinstagram tuxeocat tabbycat sheltercat newcat

When your sister is done playing, but youve got so much energy still. . . . . .catsofinstagram playfullcat tuxeocat justwanttoplay sheltercat

Naps with Mom on a snowy fall day. . . . . . .catsofinstagram tuxeocat cuddles cuddlycat sleepycat snowyday fall

Trying to work on my manuscript today, but it’s Friday, so I’m having trouble concentratingcathropology academia academiclife research researchproblems rescuecat catsandlaptops tuxeocat tail paws catears cateyes whiskers cats gatos catsofinstagram catstagram catgram instapet petstagram

Waiting for my new sister to arrive. Oh so long before we can be friends. . . . . .catsofinstagram newfamily cuddlycat tuxeocat beautifulcat cat cuddles waiting sheltercat

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