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Had the best lunch at EPCOT! Finally tried the vegan bangers and mash with a side of mushy peas (of course!) at Rose & Crown. Paired it with a Black & Tan 🍺 for a perfect meal! The sausages were Beyond brats with mashed potatoes, pearl onions, and vegan gravy. Interestingly, two separate, nearby tables that were seated after me asked about the vegan options too! This is a great place to accommodate the tastes of everyone! 😀 floridagaleats disneyworld disneyworldfood disneyworldfoodie wdw disney vegandisneyworld vegandisneyfood vegandisney disneyvegan disneyveganfood waltdisneyworld waltdisneyworldresort themeparkfood orlandothemeparks wdwpassholder

A D23 Expo deste ano está repleta de arte conceitual incrível, figurinos e exibições das atrações. Quem está por lá tem a oportunidade de visitar o Disney Parks Pavilion e ver as roupas dos Cast Members e um modelo do veículo da próxima atração Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway do Hollywood Studios! O nome da ferrovia da atração também foi revelado: “Runnamuck Railroad”. A data de abertura prevista está marcada para fevereiro de 2020 no Hollywood Studios! D23 D23Expo D23Expo2019 Disney Disneyland DisneyWorld WaltDisneyWorld disneygram Instadisney Disneynews Boracomtioorlando D23comTioOrlando TioOrlandoViagens @tioorlando

How cute is this cake?! Celebration cakes can be added to any dining reservation or delivered to resorts for a surprise! We orders this to celebrate graduations and anniversaries. You can also change “Congratulations” to “Happy Birthday”. The cakes come in milk chouor white chocolate! I would be happy to help reserve this cake for your next trip! 🎂🍰🧁 @etfamilytravel @shantz34 @missakin1 disneyside celebrations disneyfood familytravel travelagent waltdisneyworld whisperingcanyoncafe

Lets all be honest, the swordinthestone is just an excuse to break out the daddygunshow 🤦🏻‍♂️ - needless to say, no one became king yesterday! waltdisneyworld magickingdom disneyworld disney fantasyland whowillbeking 📷-> @kls_0927

Had the BEST time with the Eckert’s today! Happy Birthday Marley! Thank you so much for inviting Kay and I out! disney disneyworld disneyworldresort waltdisneyworld waltdisneyworldresort polynesianresort pontoonboating sailsevenseaslagoon boatingbaylake tposubsarethebest weloveourohana

⁣ ⁣ Grand and Miraculous 🌑⁣ ✨⁣ ✨⁣ Brought in Twenty-LIVE the right way. What better way than my FIRST time to Happiest Place on Earth?!?!! (WDW) 🏰 Man! I had an absolute blast, and made EVERY moment of my trip eventful. Thank you @trishdoesdisney for being my fairy godmother and helping me plan the whole thing. I’m missing it already 😫😫 BUT ☝🏽 I am now an AP so expect many more Adventures to come 🥰⁣ ✨⁣ ✨⁣ WaltDisneyWorld Epcot worldshowcase POCDisneyblackgirldisney Disneystyle disneyfashion disneystreetstyle disneygirl disneyprincesses disneyland disneygrammers mousegram disneyigers disneynerd disneyday disneydaily allthingsdisney disneycommunity DisneyPOC MelanatedDisney MelanatedDCP

Happy Friday everyone! If you haven’t played the mobile web game “Wait Up!” before, try it out today! Link in bio. ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀ waitupgame disneygame disneygames disneylove disneyfamily disneyfam disneyparks disneypark waitinginline disneyworld disneyig disneyworldgames disneyfam disneyfan epcot hollywoodstudios animalkingdom magickingdom disneyworldfamily disneyfun waltdisneyworld splashmountain spacemountain thundermountain rocknroller disneyparks

Which NBC pin is YOUR favorite? ▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️ Order online at YourWDWstore.net and use coupon code EDSmagic for a free 🎁 ▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️▫️▪️

❤️🌳 the most beautiful park you'll ever see, i absolutely love the tree of life - the crazy amount of detail that's gone into making those hundreds of animals is insane . . . . . waltdisneyworld wdw animalkingdom treeoflife nature wildlife animals carvings appreciatethedetails happyplace mindfulness grateful gratitude familytime holiday holidayvibes

Le rêve ❤️ j’ai si hâte d’apporter ma mini-moi dans ce lieu magique 🏰 waltdisneyworld magickingdom cinderella cinderellacastle familytime husbandandwife pregnancy princesse

C H E E R S 🍹 Having a night blossom when it’s spicy out is the best way to cool down while exploring Pandora 🍃

OMG 😍. Is it November 12th yet?

OMG 😍. Is it November 12th yet?

Can’t quite believe I’m saying this but I bought a Dooney!! 😍😍😍 dooneyandbourke Disney wdw waltdisneyworld disneyworld honeymoon vacation shopping fashion purse

The brand NEW Oogie Boogie popcorn bucket! It’s finally here! His eyes light up, blink or still, best bucket ever🖤💚 • • • • • 📸: @adventuresbykelly notsoscary letsboothis mnsshp halloween halloweenpartypass oogieboogie nightmarebeforechristmas disneymerch disneymerchandise disney waltdisneyworld wdw disneylife mouseaholicshopping disneyig instadisney disneygram disneystyle disneyside disneyblogger

MAKE A WISH! Halloween Is Coming! The Dark Kingdom Project - O lado obscuro do Reino Encantado GÊNIO By @espetacularte e @mkgcelo Foto: @photografias_morpheulyma @morpheu_lyma_photograph DarkGenius halloween DarkKingdom PersonagensVivos Espetacularte

I FINALLY got my hands on this cookie!!! I've tried several times but the bakery was closed. This is Jack's num num cookie in Hollywood Studios. instadisney disneyig disneyvacation disneygram disney disneyworld waltdisneyworld wdw disneyvaca disneyvacationplanner foodofdisneyworld numnumcookie chocolatechipcookie

DISNEY TRANSPORTATION! The beauty of staying on property at the Walt Disney World Resort is the benefit of having multiple options when it comes to getting to your destination. What is your favorite mode of transportation? 🏰 WaltDisneyWorld ADisneyStateOfMind DSMTipOfTheDay DisneyTips

Illuminations is by far one of my all-time favorite fireworks shows in @waltdisneyworld . I will miss it terribly, but I'm excited about what is on it's way. Are you already missing it too? FireworksFriday missingmyhappyplace Repost @waltdisneyworld (@get_repost) ・・・ Don’t miss the final showing of IllumiNations: Reflections of Earth on September 30th! 🎆🌐 IllumiNationsFarewell FireworksFriday WaltDisneyWorld (📷: @erniewcarr)

I can’t leave Disney World without getting funnel cake at Sleepy Hollow refreshments. disneylife disneyfood disneysnacks disneybound disneypics wdw wdwpics waltdisneyworld magickingdom dvcmember dvc

TFW you're wishing your Fairy Godmother would show up and take you away from these crazy chicks! 😂😂 . . Going through our Disney trip photos and OMG! I cant even with her reaction. 😂😂 . . . . @waltdisneyworld Dumbo waltdisneyworld makemoments familytime birthdaygirl loml toddlermom girlmom boymom shewillmovemountains myloves DisneyWorld disneyfun happiestplaceonearth dumboride ridetheelephant latergram travelwithlove wanderwithlove familytrip disneymom disneyfamily FL Orlando Disney fairygodmother isfired

Pra deixar todo mundo com água na boca 🤤💗 . . Essa é a LES HALES BOULANGERIE- A padaria no estilo francês mais charmosa (e deliciosa) de toda Orlando. . . Pelo nome, dá para perceber que esse restaurante fica no pavilhão da França, no Epcot né?! Pela temática, é quase como se fossemos transportados para uma Boulangerie no coração de Paris. Lá, além do clima, da música e dos Cast Members(funcionários) franceses, a culinária é toda voltada para os quitutes mas famosos franceses: desde quiches, até baguetes, sopas, saladas, macaroons, ecleires e muuuuitas outras sobremesas deliciosas. Para saber mais sobre esse lugar incrível, é só visitar o último post do blog disneyroteiros.com e conferir essa dica imperdível para quando for ao Epcot pela próxima vez (: . . E se você não quer perder dicas incríveis como essa, continue ligado nas novidades do @DisneyRoteiros, e caso esteja de viagem marcada para Orlando, não deixe de contratar os nossos serviços de ROTEIROS PERSONALIZADOS e ASSESSORIA DE VIAGEM para não deixar de lado nenhum passeio, restaurante ou experiência imperdível que a Disney tem para oferecer . . voupradisney roteirodisney roteiropersonalizadodisney disneyroteiros food disney waltdisneyworld epcot frenchpavillion orlando florida

A delicious pineapple Dole whip soft serve float at Disney’s Magic kingdom, Adventure land !!! Pineapple ice cream swirl on the top with pineapple juice at the bottom 🍍 Perfect for the hot weather ❤️☀️They also have a Pineapple & raspberry soft serve float swirl combined 😆 This picture was taken infront of a cute gift shop beside the Dole Whip stand ❤️ @WaltDisneyworld WaltDisneyWorld food jacquelinesfoodlife yum tasty disney disneyfood foodphotography dessert foodie foodlove yummy tasty foodlover yummy sweets dessert icecream disneyworld florida dolewhip pineapple float dolewhipfloat

Welcome to Wonderful World of Disney +, starts streaming Nov. 12

it’s always (ooey gooey butter cake) ice cream weather here 😋❤️🍦 ashlynnomz . . 📸 - @ashlynsanchezphoto

Mouse Bites news including details about a new Moana-themed attraction for Epcot, what the new logo for Epcot will look like, as well as the new preview center, the name of the Star Wars Hotel has been revealed, as well as the name to the Marvel-themed land for Disney California Adventure, and a new Marvel exhibit at Walt Disney Presents. • • • starwars d23 d23expo d23expo2019 marvel marvelland starwarshotel WaltDisneyWorld Epcot TheMouseForLess disneygram disneyig instadisney disneyinsta disneygramer disneygram Disneyblog disneyblogger disneyfan disneyworld disney waltdisneyworldresort disneytrip disneytips disneylife disneyparks disneylifestyle disneytravel disneytravelblog disneytravelplanning

As I am sure everyone has seen, Disney released some new concept art for EPCOT. Now I have seen a ton of negative reactions to this, but I actually really like the concept and am excited for the park's future. All I hope is that Disney does it right and doesn't skimp on the budget, scaling back ideas like they have been doing recently.

Vísperas de mis 36... nunca dejen de soñar!!! Los sueños si se hacen realidad!!!! waltdisneyworld notsoscaryhalloweenparty magickingdom birthdayweekend daretodream dreams

So ready to experience the circle of life! 🦁🍃 Tonight we wanted to see a musical and obviously Lion King would’ve been the dream! I’ve never seen it before + ITS THE LION KING! 🦁 We went to the box office just to check the prices and .. drumroll 🥁 ... I GOT FRONT ROW FOR $99! 😭🥰❤️ Our seats are a few rows apart but hey, there’s no talking during the musical anyway! So if you’re headed to broadway and looking to experience some Disney magic you might want to consider some last minute single seats! Can’t beat it! 🦁❤️ • And now, to enjoy the magic! Will report back later! 🦁💫🥰 thelionking disneyonbroadway

“I’m done with (college)!” -Bonnie. I guess it’s time for chipmunk playtime now…🧸 • • Wait, this was only day one? I have more of them? Oh well, at least I liked it…✨ • • contemporaryresort chipndale disney waltdisneyworld wdw disneyworld igers_wdw disneygram disneygrammer disneyyoutube disneyyoutuber disneystyle dressedindisney disneylifestyle disneyblogger disneyphoto disneyphotography daily_dose_disney disneypicture americaneagle aexme travelgram travelgrammer lillypulitzer travelblogger terrificallytoni pinkdays pinkdaysblog everydaymagic

I cried like a baby the first time I rode the ferry across the lagoon to Magic Kingdom. 😭 Now it’s always the first park we hit, & we always take the ferry in on the first time. 💖 It’s by far my favorite park entrance. Nothing compares to that feeling, but walking under the hotel to get to DLP was pretty awesome too. 👍🏻 What’s your favorite Disney entrance? Post a pic to your story if you’ve got it! 📸 • • • • disney disnerd disneylove wdw parcdisneyland disneyworld mickeymouse waltdisneyworld parkhopper disneylifestylers disneyland disneyblogger disneyphotography disneylife disneyobsessed disneyparks animalkingdom hollywoodstudios disneysnacks epcot teacups disneylandparis fantasyland dlp paris disneylandhotel disneysnacks disneyblog disneydays annualpassholder @disneylandparis

“Why am I alive?” All I’m going to say is that whoever came up with this idea for a show needs a raise. Find Forky and the rest of the Toy Story gang on Disney + in the new show, Forky Asks a Question! • • • • disneydisneylandwaltdisneyworlddisney2019disneyanimationanimation2019disneylandresorthappiestplaceonearthjustgothappierwemakemagicdisneylovecaliforniaadventurepixarpierpixarpalsmickeyandfriendstoontownfireworkswaltdisneydisneyfandisneyaphappiestplaced23

Not a reboot. Not a sequel. The start of something new. High School Musical: The Musical: The Series. Streaming November 12 only on DisneyPlus. • • • @disneyland @waltdisneyworld disney disneyland waltdisneyworld disneyloungfly disneyparks disneymagic disneyaddict disneyig disneystore Disneybound disneyparks disneygram disneymom disneymoms disneyfamily disneykid waltdisney disneyworld disneysmmc disneycaliforniaadventure @loungefly @disney @disneyd23 disney23 d23expo d23 d23expo2019 disneynews disneyfanclub themeparkprofessor

Finally... it’s Friday ... figmentfriday ! New in the shop .. One Little Spark of Inspiration! Perfect to hold your foodandwinefestival gift card. keyfob journeytoimagination epcotsfoodandwinefestival dreamfinder

See the world through his eyes. The World According To Jeff Goldblum. Original Series. Streaming November 12 only on DisneyPlus. @disneyplus @disneyd23 • • • @disneyland @waltdisneyworld disney disneyland waltdisneyworld disneyloungfly disneyparks disneymagic disneyaddict disneyig disneystore Disneybound disneyparks disneygram disneymom disneymoms disneyfamily disneykid waltdisney disneyworld disneysmmc disneycaliforniaadventure @loungefly @disney @disneyd23 disney23 d23expo d23 d23expo2019 disneynews disneyfanclub themeparkprofessor

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving 🚲❤️• • ✔️Made it through the first week of school! ✔️Made my first preset for my instagram feed What accomplishments have you made this week? 😊• • backtoschool spedteacherlife teacherlife disneyteachers disneyworld disneykidatheart disneyfashion disneyaccessories summer passholderlife disneygirl charactermeets disneyworld disneystyle disneyblogger disneybloggers disneyig endlessmagic minniestyle wdw waltdisneyworld disneyland disneylife minniestyle disneygram shopdisney

If you’ve got it, haunt it 👻

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