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"You are either on my side, by my side, or in my f*cking way. Choose wisely." – Unknown . . . . .queenb rideordie mood feels yeahimok lovemeorhateme dontcare workhardplayhard donthateappreciate fuckit bored whynot

Alright here’s a funny tbt for y’all! After I retired from competing in weightlifting back in 2015 I made up my mind I was gonna lift my ass off and eat 24/7 until I finally hit 200lbs! I ended up at 203lbs before finally saying fuck this I dint feel good or healthy but it was a goal just to hit that! It wasn’t as bad as the pic looks as I was purposely pushing out my guy and leaning but I had to make it goofy! Anyway I went from that down to the other pic at 170lbs which is the weight I’ve always felt the strongest and healthiest! So enjoy this one for anyone who never got to see it before lol 😂😂😂🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️😝😝😝🏋🏼‍♂️🏋🏼‍♂️🏋🏼‍♂️💩💩💩💪🏽💪🏽💪🏽 throwbackthursday fatty fatass justforfun whynot transormation transformationthursday weigjtlifter pnw goals weightcut 200 cut muscle powerbelly iwasbored lol haha Just remember no matter how fat you get you can lose it all if you work hard and know what you’re doing! This cut took roughly 2 months as I took my time with it!

Định nghĩa của 1 ngày thứ 6 năng suất: là ngồi cafe vẫn xong hết việc và tranh thủ những ngày Hà Nội nắng đẹp để sống ảo với chiếc Kashmir Gentle - người đồng hành giữa cái không khí cũng hết sức dịu dàng này của tiết trời cuối thu Hà Nội. Bạn có hay ghé cafe để "lấy mood" cho công việc như Curnon không? . . . . . . . . . .curnonwatch curnon motivation whynot entrepreneurship hardwork startup fashion entrepreneurlife inspiredaily work coffee coffeetime cafe

50 yard line at the Dallas Cowboys Stadium ✔handstandsaroundtheworld dallascowboys whynot

Green's Travel can SAVE you LOTS of MONEY on Travel. It won't be FREE but it will cheaper than anything you can find yourself! :) travel cheaptravel dreams discount emailme hotel airfare rentalcar cruises vacationpackages business leisure honeymoon babymoon birthdayweekend savetimeandmoney whynot tryingtohelp bookwithme greenstravel travelvideos fun family

學校雖然停課,但無阻我們同學心中練習的🔥!!!!!!!!!! #停課 #練習whynot percussionhouse percussion drums marimba vibraphone bassdrum cymbal percussionband #新蒲崗 #打鼓 #敲擊樂 #敲擊樂團 #興趣班 #練習 #木琴 #鋼面琴

2018년 애터미 사업을 하게 되고 처음으로 캐나다에서 가게 된 갈라파티~ 2017년엔 토론토 경찰통해 학생들에게 장학금을 전달했다고 한다. 2018년엔 Compassion 통해 우간다에 집을 지어주었다~ 2019년에는 아이티에 선교하는 단체인 DFI 를 통해 칫솔을 기부한다고 한다~ 요것은 울 센타에 있는 기부박스~👍 💗칫솔로 연말에 기부하며 좋은일 함께해요~~~~ ^______^AtomygalapartydonationtohaitiDFIcharitywithtoothbrushwhynot?feelsogood2boxesfor$25

Mahallenin ağır abisi @pjtucker gaz veriyor ve sonuç🚀 Rivers’a nasıl bir gaz vermişse babasına teknik faul istiyor 😂 -houston houstonrockets rockets westbrook durant russellwestbrook jamesharden harden nba duo mvp mrtripledouble whynot clintcapela ericgordon 0 13 lebronjames stephencurry kawhileonard lac losangles losangelesclippers clippers shaqtin shaqtinafool

The squid queen has returned. Hey everyone, ya girl is back. (Sorta.) Here to post some pictures of myself and my lovely girlfriend Noodles! :D The first picture is me! The second is Noodles!ahegao ahegaogirl egirl lewd cutegirls cutegirl sexy animegirls ahegaoface ahegaowaifu lewdgirls goth bigtittygoth lesbians inkme sexyhotgirl justforfun whynot lol cutecouples girls hotwomen squidqueen outhereforjokes

Meanwhile my candid earlier this morning. Muka masam. Rambut messy. Baju don’t mess with my daddy. Tapi tangan peluk bear. 🤦🏻‍♂️ whynot noahmuhammadaisy myasbabytiger 2y1m

"She's been through more hell then you'll ever know. But, that's what gives her beauty an edge... You can't touch a woman Who can wear pain like the Grandest of diamonds Around her neck." PoemBy alfa(c) Bored Upload WhyNot? haveagoodnight🌙

❄️ Do you wanna build a snowman??? ☃️ I mean I live in Texas so the answer for us is, “yes we would love too but again, I live in Texas sooo...” BUT how amazing and creative is this?!? 🖤 if ya didn’t know, you can absolutely add a French over ANYTHING!!!! 🙌🏻 Pretty awesome, am I right?!

Always keeping my head up never down.🤷🏼‍♂️😛whynot

Us ❤️ passos’sfamily balitrip bigfamily whynot

My young bull on the trumpet🎺🎼, picking up where I left off. I'm making sure there's more to him than just sports. . . . .WhyNot ProudDad LikeFatherLikeSon 6thGrade Band BandConcert Trumpet BeAllYouCanBe

Right bae????? 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💯💯💯💯💯😤😤😤😤🔥😂😂😂😂😂🤦🤦🤦🤦🤦😈😈😈😈😈💯💯💯💯💯🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐 hahadavis fatboysse dcyoungfly deraydavis princetdub jesshilarious kountrywayne explore explorepage ExploreComedy FunnyMemes FunnyQuotes funniestmemes MemeGoat🐐 goviral2019 WhyNot ImaFunnyMuhfucka2 OnBaby👶 AndHalfRetardedOnMydaddySide breakingtheinternet StayTuned P_steed_bagwell

I entered to win the @sweetwatersound Wishlist giveaway and since the grand prize is up to $5,000 of your wishlist, I went big because why not. Keep your fingers crossed for me (and don't forget to enter over at Sweetwater!). \m/ Items include: @apple iMac 21.5” Retina 4K Display 3.0GHz 6-core i5, @kemperprofiler Profile Rack + Profile Remote, @mix_with_rabaudio ProRak 48 Music Production Desk, @arturia_official KeyLab Essential 40 Keyboard Controller, @presonus Eris Powered Studio Monitors, and the @beyerdynamic DT 990 Open-back Studio headphones. :) Not so great photoshop by yours truly. 😅😛😂 sweetwatersound wishlist studiogear whynot

PRE ORDER - ETA 2-3 Weeks Nike Air Jordan Why Not Zer 0.2 Own The Chaos Size : 8 US - 14 US | 41 - 48.5 EUR Starts From IDR 6,799k Up (depends on the size) BNIB & Authentic Cc : @goat ________________________________________________ 📍Visit Us : RL-D16A (behind RipCurl), Paris Van Java Mall, Bandung. Monday ~ Sunday, 10:00 ~ 22:00 ________________________________________________TrustReseller TrustedResellerJordan WhyNot WhyNotZer 0.2 JordanWhyNotZerOri JordanWhyNotZerOriginal JordanWhyNotZerOwnTheChaos JualJordanWhyNotZerOri JualJordanWhyNotZerOriginal JualJordanWhyNotZerOwnTheChaos JualJordanWhyNotZer807GARAGE ParisVanJava PVJMall Bandung

Little selfiee I suppose 💁 whynot glassofred newfave iminlove 🍷💕

Cuando los demás te digan que estás mal, tú sonríe . . .selfie byn redmi nocrop smile whynot lol

Lucky by-product in the process of making a sourdough starter .... yum . .sourdoughpancakes made with sourdoughstarter which could be abandoned whynot upcycle upcycling homebaking sourdoughbaking #サワードウブレッド

1, 2, or 3??? Either way I’m feeling electric ⚡️ inspired dualipa makeup fuckit selfie whynot

"... et d'autres personnes ont aimé" Welcome to the new Instagram Era!

. . 【TOPS】SENSE OF PLACE ¥1800+tax . 【BOTOMS】REDYAZEL ¥1800+tax . 【BAG】FURLA ¥16000+tax . 【SHOSE】 ¥950+tax . .senseofplace #センスオブプレイス redyazel furla #フルラ . . WHYNOT 大垣店 OPEN10:00〜 CLOSE19:00 TEL 0584-84-8900

Just a good night feeling pretty with my blonde hair. Happy Thursday y’all! austintexas justbecause feelingmyself allgirlsarepretty blondeshavemorefun whynot beconfident loveyourself hellsyes

Friday vibes ... . . . .work christmasparty beer whynot auckland @goodebrothers

When you bake for a living you don't ask why? You ask why not? Chocolate chip cookies with candied bacon, chocolate ganache and crushed potato chips candiedbacon foodporn foodpornslut fatkidlife bakerslife thinkitmakeit whynot cookies ihavemymoments fromscratch ilovemyjob playwithyourfood flavorpairing

Que tal una birrita bien fría y una sabrosa pizza? WhyNot ?? Disfrua de esta promo, 2 birras nacionales + 2 trozos de pizza margherita por solo C7.000 i.i. 🍻🍕 📍Barrio Escalante, 25mtrs Norte del Parque Francia

Nuestro árbol de Navidad ya está listo , gracias a Taty /the breeze is already feltreadyforchristmas christmas whywaitwhynotourlittetree thebestseason elite_nails_spa_1493

So before anyone critiques me I already know I should have moves the perimeter plants out. Honestly it doesn't matter. If they get hit.... They get hit. It's all for fun right now. It's my first attempt at crossing something and I'm very excited. Anything extra then what I hit is just Gravy. I grow for personal use and if anything else throws seeds I'll be happy. I know it's still going to be special and unique. Now with that being said. I wanted to find some humor with this first one and I hope it makes you laugh like I did and my buddies.growyourown crossing breeding allforfun whynot

WhyNot Basketball Camp • • • • Grades 9-12 Coming to Cutler Athletic Complex at Olivet College in spring of 2020. A camp by student athletes for student athletes. Exposing young players to the dedication and skill work needed to play at the next level. Stay posted for more updates in the coming months. We can’t wait to tell you more!

Youth Open Practices coming up, starting this Sunday! New and want to try lax? Played before and want stick time? Come On Out!! huskylax trylax whynot 2020springlax

Sometimes you just gotta roll it on out 🎢 rolling dance myshouldersandkneesloveme classeswithme


Mermaid vibes🧜‍♀️👩‍🎨😊 threw some gold and rose gold paint! smallcanvasartsmallcanvas acrylicpaintingsacrylics artinspiration mermaidpainting mermaidvibes beachlife sealife create whynot

NINE GUAN GUAN ●□●■●□●■●□●■●□●■●□●■●□●■● ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤ ¤memesdaily dankmemes memes😂 dailymemes lolihentai whynot bruh bruhmemes spicyhentaimemes

...the Realtor that TRULY cares! I don’t know how to give anything less than 100%, but I find myself often doing more than 100%. It’s a joy to assist my clients in making their dReams become their reality, facing their fears, and making them realize they have what it takes to own their own home! I’m the Realtor you can hold accountable, even if there is work to do before you can get the approval...as my heart is the same as if you was approved on the spot, walking you through the steps to get approved ...my team(Lender and Attorney) is the TRUTH! My clients like to say “Yah don’t play NO games, she’ll be on you making sure you’re doing your part” What can I say...it’s apart of my job, and oh yeah...you don’t pay me the seller does😉So stop thinking about it...contact me TODAY! It’s easier than you think...the first step is getting you pre approved and if you’re not, figuring out on the mortgage end what we need to do! I got you...contact me TODAY! * * * * YMorrisonEstate WhyNot TheNegotiationsQueen GettingItDone OneHouse At ATime AtlantaRealtor AtlantaRealtors Lithonia Atlanta ATLFirstTimeHomeBuyer AtlantaRealEstateAgent AtlantaNextTopRealtor ATLHouses TheQueenOfNegotiating AtL AtlHouse AtlantaHouses dReamers dReamCenterATL FirstTimeHomeBuyer Atlanta Decatur Conyers Covington NewHomes GeorgiaHomes GeorgiaRealEstate KellerWilliamsATL Ellenwood

9:20 Feeling super weird. In a mood to just vent. It's snowing and I have a ton of candles burning. poems instagood night instaquote motivation poetrycommunity tattoo human poet wordporn city plants guitar punk whynot cover pumpkin basic catsofinstagram pizza cats snow

When life feels good, you smile! There's always a reason to smile 🤗 Im often asked "how are you so happy?" Or they say "everytime i see you, youre smiling" I LOVE that tbh, but really the answer is always "why not?" 💡 There is always a reason, if you cant find a reason... be a reason someone else smiles ❤somanygoodthings redhead feelinggood volunteer smiles bethereason whynot

Remember when u last met a kid, living life to its fullest? Yeah, that. Happy Children's Day!bachpana whygrowup throwback amazingpeoplebymyside

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