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*WINNEN* Zijn jullie al bekend met het principe Adventure By Book? Wij kenden het nog niet, maar onlangs hebben we De Schatzoekers van de Kuala-archipel van 999 Games getest. Onze eerste ervaring met een dergelijk soort spel. We mochten dit spel testen omdat het genomineerd is voor Speelgoed van het Jaar 2019 in de categorie 8 & 9 jaar. Lees op onze website hoe je kans maakt op dit spel! @999games @speelgoed_van_het_jaar https://www.allesoverspeelgoed.nl/de-schatzoekers-van-de-kuala-archipel/999games schatzoekersvandekualaarchipel spel spellen speelgoed allesoverspeelgoed speelgoedvanhetjaar speelgoedvanhetjaar2019 kinderen 8jaar 9jaar win winnen winactie winstagram

【9/21(土)🤝生産者来日フェスタ 開催決定🇪🇸】 情熱の国スペインの人気蔵元《フィンカ・ラ・エスタカーダ》から生産者のホセ氏が来日🔥🇪🇸 . 有名評論家ロバートパーカー氏も高得点をつけた彼らのワインを、生産者と一緒にお楽しみいただけるイベントを開催致します🙌❣️ . 生産者のワイン造りへの情熱を直接聞くことができるのも、蔵元直輸入の当店ならでは☺️ . 🍷日時: 9月21日(土) 20時〜20:30 🍷会費: 1500円 *スパークリング・赤・白を含むワイン5種&おつまみ付き 🍷定員: 20名様 . 彼らの造るこだわりのワインに惚れなおすこと間違いなしです😍🍷 . ご予約はWEBまたは店頭、お電話にて承っております ☎︎044-322-8166 . #武蔵小杉 #ムサコ #武蔵小杉グルメ #ヴィノスやまざき #直輸入 #ワイン専門店 #ワイン wine sparkling #🍷 winelover #立ち飲み #ワインバー #テイスティング #ワイン会 #ワインパーティー #ワインのある暮らし #ワイン好きな人と繋がりたい #ワイン女子 #ワイン男子 #ワインスタグラム winstagram #ワイン部 #スペイン #スペインワイン #テンプラニーリョ #カバ #試飲イベント

. Recioto della Valpolicella classico - 2015 - Pietro Zardini . Buonissimo Recioto ad un prezzo più che abbordabile Uvaggio: Corvina 70% – Rondinella 20% – Molinara 10% Raccolta: uva scelta di alta collina, raccolta a mano e deposta in cassette Metodo di produzione: appassimento delle uve per 4-5 mesi, fermentazione tradizionale sulle bucce con macerazione molto lenta; residuo zuccherino 130g/l Affinamento: 50% in barriques, 50% in acciaio per 2 anni Il Recioto della Valpolicella è probabilmente il vino dolce che preferisco. Ritengo questo prodotto del 2015 con affinamento in barrique ed acciaio un ottimo vino con un rapporto qualità/ prezzo davvero eccellente. Di recente l'azienda ha dato alla luce un progetto molto interessante che prevede un affinamento di 18 mesi in anfore di terracotta. Qui i prezzi salgono un po'. Non ho ancora avuto la fortuna di provarlo;  È una grave mancanza... devo provvedere al più presto ;-) .wine winstagram winepic wineoftheday italianwine vino winelover winelife winedestination topwine wineappassionate winegram happywine winery instawinelovers winelovers wineporn vin winetasting wein winetime winegeek grandivini winedestination.italia italy.valpolicellapietrozardinirecioto reciotodellavalpolicellareciotodellavalpolicellaclassico

⭐️~⭐️~⭐️~⭐️~⭐️~⭐️~⭐️~⭐️ ~⭐️ ~⭐️ I have been in first place, out of 7,500 people, since this contest started. I would love to end this contest in first place. 🏆 🥇 There are twelve days left to order and help me stay in first place. Keep reading on what I will give you! 🎁 ⭐️~⭐️~⭐️~⭐️~⭐️~⭐️~⭐️~⭐️ ~⭐️ ~⭐️ Do you eat food? 🥘 Celebrate your day with wine. 🍷 Do you have a birthday? 🎂 Celebrate with wine. 🍷 Do you have an anniversary? 💍 Celebrate with wine. 🍷 Do you have business clients? 💼 Celebrate with wine. 🍷 Do you celebrate during the holidays? Celebrate with wine. 🍷 Are you a realtor? 🏡 Celebrate your new sale and new homeowners by gifting wine. 🍷 Celebrate EVERYTHING ‼️‼️ Feel free to tag yourself or share with others. 🍷 🥂 My gift to you for helping out: The owner of Scout & Cellar (lawyer turned level 3 Somm) will speak at my tasting. ➡️ When ⬅️ this happens, you are ALL invited on my dime‼️ I will also give you a bottle of wine when you purchase 3 or more bottles. This is BIG TIME y’all!! I have worked so hard in the first month of my wine business and I want to share it with all of you. ❤️🙏❤️🙏❤️ Clink my link in the bio. Thank you! In kindness and gratitude, Kirsten https://scoutandcellar.com/Kirstencleancraftednochemicalsnopesticidesnopreservativesnoaddedsugarsketofriendlypaleofriendlyorganic vegan glutenfree winstagram celebrateeverythingwineforall prosecco brut sparklingwinechardonnay sauvignonblanc pinotgrigio cheninblanc vermentino riesling pinotgris rose zinfandelcabernetsauvignon merlot pinotnoir malbec syrah

As these babes grow, so does their love for their Auntie. It gives me ALL. THE. FEELS. 💕 auntieisthebest winstagram rosiegram mabelgram threelittledurphys durphypnw

・ ・ ・ #また呑みたい #飲めて良かった #自然派ワイン#自然派 #自然派ワイン好き #自然派ワイン好と繋がりたい#ワイン好き #ヴァンナチュール #ワイン備忘録 後ろに控える radikonvinnaturevinnaturel valtermlecnikana chardonnaymalvasiafriulanopinelaslovenijalovevinnaturelwineloverwinstagram

Dogs show and give us empathy, endless love, happiness and support. Our new dog show will teach children, and inspire kids at heart, to give empathy, support to one another. And it will all happen through the magic of dogs.⁠ ⁠ @thepuppytimeshow love on Insta begins Saturday 21st September 2019. Share the love!⁠ ⁠thepuppytimeshow loyve lowve dogs_on_instagram sittingdog dogolovers dogloversph doggieadventures instagrem dogsittingfun lalovers bwinstagram hhinstagram anm instagraham doggyplaytime doggydaycamp winstagram puppu pyppy pupppy chidog dogandchild childanddog childrenanddogs dogchildren igchild bbinspire inspire

Got my new @casper bed today. Not the same amount of room as the king but looks comfy. caspermattress casper winstagram winstonthechow yegdogs instadog doggram dogsofinstagram

This single-vineyard Chapitre is located in Chenove, right above the mighty Clos du Roy in Marsanny which makes one of the most northerly single vineyards in Cote de Nuits. Eastern facing, old vines planted in the ’60s, gives beautiful high tone, expressive, and seductive palate. 2007 is my far best chapitre along with the 2010 and 2016. The wine is lifted with crushed red berries, nice oak spice, beautiful whole cluster expression without being green. 100% whole clusters aged in 100% new oak, and then bottled manually by hand. Top-quality!

ranchoalto sangria wine on this winewednesday. Not as sweet or fruity as I would like from a sangria.winelovers🍷 winewinewine ilovewine. winstagram wineo

Just trying to remind mom that she needs to take study breaks so that she can give me her undivided attention 🐶 . . . .rescuedog adoptdontshop yorkiesofinstagram winston winnie yorkie dogsofinstagramwinstagram puppylove traveldog dapperdog vetschooldog

Counting down the days until our next @realdogbox! 📆 Tried this out thanks to our pal @tornado.watch and we’re hooked! Perfect high value training treats and chews. Mom already signed me up for the super chew next month. 🙌🏼 Want a free bag of treats? Use the link in my bio!

@the_hunger_diaries + Hot to Trot = NationalCheeseburgerDay 🍔

Some of our favorite red wines contain more than one grape. These blends from California can include 1,2,3, or sometimes more different grapes and express styles that wouldn't be achieved on their own. These two blends show why the style is so popular. Give these ones a try as you sip your way through californiawinemonth. Axios Truth Red Blend: Perfectly ripe. Plenty of juicy cherry and red berry fruit on the nose and palate with accents of spice, crushed herb, and a bit of vanilla cream.  With air, floral and sour cherry accents come out, a making it more interesting and even more refreshing.  Stays juicy and clean and easy drinking to the last sip. J Dusi Model M Red Blend: Named after their favorite tractor (yes, really) this budget friendly blend hugely over delivers on price. 50% Zinfandel, 40% Merlot, and 10% Syrah combine forces to push out aromas of black cherry and plum. The palate is awash in deep jammy flavors of blackberry and overripe plums, which finishes ahead of rich baking spices and herbs. __________________________________________________________wine wines winelover winelovers winetasting winetastings winereviews winesofinstagram winstagram winegram winetime wineoclock vin vino thirsty wineporn instagood instawine finewine wineo winenight shopsmall naperville

Happy humpday🐪 We are celebrating our 1 year anniversary this week! To thank you all for the support, and patience as we improve our overall experience. We offering $11 Rose all day everyday this week till Sunday!! Thank you all again and we hope to see you for lunch 😉

Przy środzie polecamy wino prosto z kraju Nowego Świata czyli Argentyny 🇦🇷winelove argentina chardonnay pinotgrigio september autumn wineoclock winstagram wine sknkiew wednesdays santaana enjoy

Winston came to visit! He was cute, sleepy, grumpy, happy and then cute again. shitzusofinstagram winstagram pupstagram

Saints win! Varsity volleyball won in three sets on the road at Ravenscroft, Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019, in a TISAC conference match. Go, Saints! winstagram winsta saintsvolleyball dobigthings winbiggames youvegotthis

THE PUPPYTIME SHOW is a Brand New show where dogs inspire, teach and entertain children ...and kids at heart. And lets be honest..anyone who own a dog feels like a kid at heart every time they look at their dog.⁠ Which is awesome!⁠ ⁠ The TV & YOUTUBE Series currently in production is made for children. Insta and Facebook is made for grownups who share their dog videos and daily dog world. Together we experience as a community and any dogs that become a part of the show will help children grow. So everyone grows!⁠ ⁠ You can find out more about the at www.thepuppytimeshow.com⁠ ⁠thepuppytimeshow dog dogloversjakarta dogs_on_instagram dogsittinglife dogsittingfun hhinstagram lowve doggieoftheday dogolovers fblovers dogloversph doggydaycamp bwinstagram instagrem instagramus doggyplaytime instargram lplovers instagraham doggieadventures loyve bwlover sittingdog winstagram lalovers dogloversg⁠ ⁠ ⁠

Today’s Wine Wednesday is quite personal and exciting. I learned about another of my ancestors who was connected to wine! Petrus Nikolaus Birkenstock (27 January 1701 – 31 August 1761) resided in Erbach (in the Rheinhessen) and owned a winery. According to my source, “The Birkenstock family emigrated to Erbach from either Cologne or Flanders in the 16th century becoming wealthy through viticulture and the wine trade.” This is going to make an excellent future installment for my series, “Between the Vines.” The first part can be read by clicking on the link in my bio.proseandwine erbach rheingau rheingauwine rheinhessen germanwines reisling reislingwine spatburgunder viticulture winetrade winery wine winstagram genealogy familyhistory winestories winewriting wineandgenealogy winewednesday

Many thanks to Carlo for the event of 🚲 &🍷, for his care during the whole day and the presentation of excellent wines of Mendrisiotto region in Tessin🇨🇭➡️www.borgovecchio.ch . . .travel reisen instatravel merlot bike switzerland wineharvest travelinsta travelgram instawine wein winelover suisse travelguide travelblogger balerna wineblogger visitswitzerland schweiz wine ticino tessin mendrisiotto piccolavigna borgovecchio bike winetrade wines winetasting winstagram event @grandtourswitzerland @visitswitzerland @switzerland.ch @schweiztourismus @ticinoturismo @ticino_tour @luganoregion @myswitzerland @hermannmeierpr @mendrisiottoterroir @mendrisiottoturismo @piccolavigna @casadelvinoticino

So on this fine Wednesday I’m going to... do the same thing I do every Wednesday. Feep. 😴 feepintimedogsofinstagram instadog instadogs pupper puppersofinstagram winstagram

If you're prepping for a fish dish or risotto, grab this deliciously rounded natural wine to pair - bursting with citrus and orange zest ⚡️⠀ ⠀ Shop online at https://buff.ly/30eK4Cd ⠀ ⠀shoplocal shoponline supportlocal wineshop winebar whitewine naturalwine organicwine wineanddine wineandfood winepairing beautifulfood eeeeeats lifeandthyme winepairing beautifulcuisines winenot drinklocal winelife winstagram

嚟到整個Barossa Wine School Level 3課程嘅尾聲,各位同學都獲邀參加Barossa Wine Show晚宴。Barossa Wine Show已經有超過40年歷史,由專業評審選出當年最頂級嘅Barossa Valley葡萄酒,並喺晚宴上搶先品嘗,所以每次酒都係best of the best!得獎名單可以到 www.barossawine.com 參閱。 若果大家有興趣參與明年嘅Barossa Wine School Level 3課程,必先要報讀Barossa Wine School Level 1及2課程。歡迎DM我哋、WhatsApp 6671-0081 ,或致電2964-0188了解更多。BarossaWines Barossa awsec BarossaWineShow @barossawines

"Nothing to see here..." 🐶👀 Ferals Winstagram AdventuresOfSam

Happy birthday buddy 🥳😴Winstagram

Hey, lady. I’m not sure why you’re accusing me of cheating on my diet. What evidence do you have to support these claims? * * *cat cats catsofinsta catsofinstagram catstagram cats_of_instagram fatcat fatcatsofinstagram chonky chonkycat diet meowdel bigboned plussize plussizemodel tabbycat mycat ilovecats ilovemycat winston winstagram

1958年ヴィンテージ!!!! Pio Cesare Barolo入荷しました! なんと61年間熟成したワインです! 時の重みを感じてみませんか?wineplanet#ワインプラネット #大阪市 #本町winebar#ワインバーwine#ワイン #ワイン好き #いんしゅたぐらむ #飲酒タグラムwinstagram#ワインスタグラム #美味しい #ワイン好きとつながりたいpiocesarebarolo

Winter is still here chaps, it is still here. notimpressed socold butcute

Saints win a thriller! Varsity field hockey won an exciting 2-1 overtime game versus Ravenscroft at home on beautiful Nimocks Field, Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019. Go, Saints! winstagram winsta saintshockey fieldhockey youvegotthis #dobigthings winbiggames

Saints win! JV tennis improves to 4-0 with a home victory over TISAC conference opponent Ravenscroft, Tuesday, Sept. 17, 2019. Six players are currently undefeated so far this season. Go, Saints! winstagram winsta saintstennis youvegotthis dobigthings

He’s back on the nip... winstagram kitty crazyeyes

Just took a DNA test, turns out I'm 100% Rosé 😎🎶

Caption speaks for itself! With our foodie friend @untamed_palate ・・・repost fusion done right . .pervian asian lunch nom skirtsteak tuna japanesefood foodporn foodie

. Valtellina wine festival 20 - 21 settembre 2019. . Decisamente i valtellinese non se la passano affatto male in questo periodo dell'anno !!!!!!! Beati voi 😜 . Dal sito https://www.aislombardia.it/viniplus/news-dai-consorzi-lombardi/valtellina-wine-festival-2019.htm Due giorni dedicati al vino valtellinese, ma non solo. Nel ricco programma della manifestazione, infatti, sono previsti molti incontri di approfondimento che vedranno protagonisti produttori e vini provenienti da tutta Italia.  Durante il Wine Tasting di sabato 21 settembre nell'Ex Convento degli Agostiniani saranno presenti 25 aziende della Valtellina e 20 provenienti da tutta Italia con 160 vini in degustazione. Venerdì 20 settembre presso il Convento dei Cappuccini il nebbiolo valtellinese, localmente chiamato chiavennasca, e quello delle Langhe del Barolo, si confronteranno all'interno di un affascinante laboratorio con 12 grandi vini raccontati e commentati dai rispettivi produttori. E ancora 15 top wine in degustazione sabato 21 presso Palazzo Vertemate Franchi e 10 Sforzato, invece, all'interno di un altro laboratorio nel pomeriggio di sabato. Ospite d’onore di quest'anno: il Franciacorta.  Per maggiori informazioni è possibile consultare il sito della manifestazione: https://valtellinawinefestival.it .wine winstagram winepic wineoftheday italianwine vino winelover winelife winedestination topwine wineappassionate winegram happywine winery instawinelovers winelovers wineporn vin winetasting wein winetime winegeek grandivini winedestination.italia italy.redwine vinorosso.valtellina chiavenna nebbiolo

Ripe and rich, these California reds are prime examples of what most red wine drinkers are looking for. Let's keep this celebration going to californiawinemonth. @renwoodwinery Old Vine zinfandel - @wineenthusiast 92 Points Smoky, charcoal aromas lead to rich, concentrated flavors of blueberry and dark chocolate in this full-bodied, well-structured wine. It has an intensity of black-fruit flavors and a density of fine-grained tannins that is rare for the variety and bodes well for improvement over time. @cyclesgladiatorwine cabernetsauvignonThis is a dark and brooding wine. Aromas of blackberry jam, cedar, with a hit of cardamom. Plum entry that opens up into a mouthful of black cherry Jolly Ranchers and other dark fruits. Tannins start gracefully enough and become dusty and pronounced towards the finish. There's a considerable amount of lush, sweet fruits in the midpalate that carries well into the finish thanks to a thread of acidity.  __________________________________________________________wine wines winelover winelovers winetasting winetastings winereviews winesofinstagram winstagram winegram winetime wineoclock vin vino thirsty wineporn instagood instawine finewine wineo winenight shopsmall naperville

Repost @winstonwhitehallofficial • • • • • • 🎉💯👏 Winstagram Winfluencer 100k ThankYou travelswithmyfather @jackwhitehall @fatherwhitehall

Repost @winstonwhitehallofficial • • • • • • 🎉💯👏 Winstagram Winfluencer 100k ThankYou travelswithmyfather @jackwhitehall @fatherwhitehall @hilarywhitehall

Visit of Piccola Vigna in Coldrerio, Mendrisiotto TESSIN🇨🇭Winner of several awards for MERLOT since 2010 . . .travel reisen instatravel whitewine switzerland vineyard winery wineharvest travelinsta travelgram wein winelover suisse travelguide travelblogger wines borgovecchio winetrade visitswitzerland schweiz wine instafood ticino tessin mendrisiotto merlot winetasting winstagram wineawards winner @visitswitzerland @switzerland.ch @schweiztourismus @ticinoturismo @ticino_tour @wineenthusiast @winedestinations @foodandwine @enoblogger @riedel_official @womenwholovewine @luganoregion @myswitzerland @hermannmeierpr @mendrisiottoterroir @mendrisiottoturismo @piccolavigna @casadelvinoticino

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