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72 Year old champion! Chris here has been doing pushups everyday as a way to stay in shape. And his goal every year for his birthday is to do as many consecutive pushups straight as years he has walked this earth. He has not failed yet! It only takes a few minutes a day of consistent effort to have a dramatically better life. He now adds in more workout to further mobility and endurance. Empower. Enrich. Impassion. • • • • •weightlosshacks onlineexercises weightlosssystem fittip fitnessanswers austinfitness recipeforfitness weightlossseason exercises workoutoftheday exerciseideas exercisemotivation easyweightloss easyexercise homeworkouts weightlossjourney austinfit fitnessjourney atxfitness fitnessmotivation healthtips downtownaustin atxfitness austintx fattofit personaltrainerlife lifeofapersonaltrainer

Comme promis je vous dévoile mon entraînement en détail de ce que j’ai fait ce matin dans ma salle de sport @keepcoolabbeville 😉 C’était un entraînement basé sur les jambes et les abdos. J’ai commencé par 15mn de vélo classique avec bien sûr des accélérations. Puis, j’ai fait ce circuit training ( voir photo 3) qui est composé de 5 tours et il travaille principalement les cuisses- fessiers. 🥵 Ensuite, j’ai fait le circuit training abdos ( voir photo 2) qui travaille les abdos mais également les obliques ainsi que les lombaires😉 Si vous voulez plus de renseignements n’hésitez pas à venir me voir en MP 😊. trainingday trainingmotivation sport salledesport💪 keepcool legdayworkout legday legdaymotivation abdostime💪💪😜 abdosfemme abdosmotivation abdosenconstruction abdostraining abdosfessierscuisses entrainements entrainementdumatin entrainementdumidi picoftheweekend picoftheweek workhard💪 workout workoutmotivation workoutgirl workoutoftheday workhardmeanssucess believeinyourdreams believeinyourself

Are you ready for some Football 🏈?? We are!! 🙌🏽 stop by before your team plays and SAVE... Cant make it in?!? No worries, you can call 📞 in your order and we’ll hold it for you till tomorrow!! ☎️ nutrishopusa nutrishopsomerdale fitnessmotivation fitnessmodel fitnessaddict transformationtuesday fitnessjourney fitnessgirl gymmotivation motivationmonday fitnesslifestyle fitnesslife weightlosstransformation bodytransformation workouttime fitnesscoach fitnessfreak fitnesstips fitnessfun workoutoftheday fitnesstransformation iamnutrishop nutrishop

5MU - 10Bar Dips - 10Pullupworkout workoutoftheday pullups muscleup dips

This is called OUTSIDE | INSIDE. Use the backboard as your passer and drop 💯. Everything is 1 point❗️Master this and you will destroy your opponent on the 🏀 court. darrenapels outside inside basketballworkout highschoolbasketball workoutoftheday kidsbasketball girlsbasketball boysbasketball throwback canada sylvanlake canadabasketball jumpshot layup basketballchallenge ilovebasketball basketballmotivation basketballneverstops

Fall transformation challenge sign ups are still going on!!! 🍂 🍁Don’t miss your opportunity to win up to $1,500.00 CASH! Sign ups begin Monday the 9th and go through Sunday the 15th! Challenge is $25 to enter or FREE if you purchase one of the two Transformation stacks! . . . . .Fitness Motivation Workout FitnessMotivation FitnessModel FitnessAddict TransformationTuesday FitnessJourney FitnessGirl GymMotivation MotivationMonday FitnessLifestyle FitnessLife WeightlossTransformation BodyTransformation WorkoutTime FitnessCoach FitnessFreak FitnessTips FitnessFun WorkoutOfTheDay Vacaville

Nan mais je cours à Paris moi en fait 📸 @margauxchinatrip

Laurin pitämä perjantain Boxing WOD oli ihan huippu tunti! Sopivasti tekniikkaa ja tiukka kunto osuus🔥💪🏽 Hopihopi varaamaan paikkasi ens perjantaille🙌🏻 @workoutroba boxingwod boxing workoutoftheday workoutroba voimalaitosroba getfit

Squats are my favorite

Ready for 3D DELTS? Get them delts popping with this killer SHOULDER workout. Make sure you hit save, drop a comment and enjoy this workout fam👌🏽🔥 _________ Full workout details: EXERCISE 1️⃣ DB Front Raise: 4 x 10 EXERCISE 2️⃣ Seated Single Arm DB Press: 4 x 8-10 EXERCISE 3️⃣ Reverse Machine Press: 4 x 10 EXERCISE 4️⃣ Single Arm DB Lateral Raise: 4 x 10-12 EXERCISE 5️⃣ Cable Rear Delt Fly superset with DB Rear Delt Fly: 3 x 12 EXERCISE 6️⃣ BB Upright Row: 4 x 10 LIKE & SAVE THIS SHOULDER BOULDER WORKOUT💪☑️ ________ • • • • •shoulderworkout gymsharktrain fitfam delts bicepworkout shoulders armworkout onlinetrainer fitnessfreaks workoutmotivation bouldershoulders fitnessmodel instafit instafitness shoulderday shredded physique armday armsworkout workoutvideo deltworkout fitsporation bigarms musclegain bicepsworkout pushworkout fitnessworkout fitnessmotivation workoutoftheday pushday

Today's lower body Strength workout. . Zercher Squat . - Big fan of this movement. When we lift things in life we often have the load in front of us. Very functional lift compared to the barbell back squat which is a great movement don't get me wrong. But not very often do we place things on our back and lift like that in daily life. . - Front Rack Reverse Walking Lunges. . - Goblet Squat . - Jump Squats . - Banded Side Steps . Give the Zercher Squat a try and let me know what you think in the comments below.👇 .sunday squat squatsfordays doyouevensquat strength weightlifting londonontario londonont thereproomlondon gobletsquat zerchersquats reverselunges bands workoutoftheday

10min WODs. 🙌 Brief, brutal, highly effective. One way to look & feel smoking hot in the evening is to burn the dross off the body in the afternoon. 🔥🔥Great quick way to do it. Will def do again. Thx @streetparking 👌😊 highlyrecommend quickworkouts 30lbdumbbells wodlife wodify streetparking streetparkingmoms streetparkingmembers momlife momlifebelike makeitquick momfitness shortwods resolvetoevolve dumbbellworkouts workoutoftheday

Work for your body, it’s the only place you live in 💪💜 . .gymtime workout workoutoftheday fitness befit healthylife sportislife

Armene er godkendt, det samme gælder for bryst. Pt. Arbejdes der på ryg og skuldre 🙌 Jeg går lige nu efter at få bygget så meget muskelmasse på som muligt, og komme så langt ned i fedt jeg kan, inden Januar, hvor mit konkurrencecut for alvor går i gang. Det er en fed proces, og der sker meget i øjeblikket, men alting tager tid, nogen gange føles det som, at tingene tager "lidt" for lang tid. Men det er en del af gamet 😀💪Planen er stadig at blive nr. 1 til April 🏆🇩🇰

Sunday upper body session🤩🤪 Full workout: A1: incline dumbbell press A2: tricep v bar pushdown A3: incline dumbbell flys B1: seated shoulder press B2: single arm lateral pull down B3: tricep rope split C1: wide grip handle low row C2: incline chest press machine D1: kettlebell swings D2: kettlebell high pull D3: trx rows Finisher🚀💥😈 10 calories assault bike x5 rounds with 50 reps various exercises 👋🏽😛 gymgymmotivationfitnessfitfaminspoinstafitfitnessjourneyhealthweightlosspersonaltrainerlincolnstrongweightliftingbodybuildingworkouttrainingdietabsdedicatedworkoutofthedaycrossfitsquatchestfitnesslifehardworkeatcleanmotivation

Full Swipe👉🏼ARM BLASTER💪🏼WORKOUT! Save & Tag a Friend!✅ . MAKE SURE TO SAVE THIS WORKOUT &/or SEND IT TO A FRIEND! TURN ON MY POST NOTIFICATIONS 🔔 FOR A NEW WORKOUT EVERYDAY! SHOP: @live_fit_apparel @lvftsupplements SAVE 💰USING DISCOUNTS IN BIO! Much love fam❤️Enjoy! Sign up today for my 24/7 training membership📲 (Link in bio) . LETS GET IT: Preacher Curls: 💥 4x20/25! Seated Cable OverHead Extension: 💥 4x12/15! Alternating Dumbbell Curl: 💥 4x12/15! Tricep Rope Forward Extensions: 💥 4x12/15! Incline Dumbbell Tricep Extension: 💥 4x12/15! Forearm Wrist Twists: (Back and fourth = 1 rep) 💥 4x25! HAPPY SUNDAY❤️CYA TOMORROW! .LVFT TEAMLVFT LIVEFIT

Sunday funday!! 30 minute run on the treadmill & doubled up on mm100 days 9&10 Meltcon & much needed revibe. Never give up on the weekendbetterstronger lastonebestone workoutoftheday sundayfunday tammy_ofstie tammy monroemi team2binharmony beachbodycoach smallbusinesscoach onlinecoachingfitnessplan michigan ificandoitsocanyou tommorowstartstoday yourtime youbelong

Here’s today’s whiteboardworkout 🏋🏻‍♂️🤙🏻 . Had a few days off with a lack of motivation so today was the first workout back! Need to start mixing up some of my exercises though 😂 ————————————————whiteboardworkout stusgaragegym fitnotshit gainz homegym workout homegymworkout garagegym garagegainz fitnotshit latsnotfat dumbbellsnotdonuts fitness fitspo inspo dumbbells landmine squat curls doyouevenliftbro doyouevenlift fit gym gymmotivation dailyworkout WOD workoutoftheday crossfit witnessthefitness

One of my favorite chest exercise. 3x15.

🔹Building Hip Flexor Strength🔹⁣ ⁣ Hip flexor strength is important in maintaining anterior hip, spine, and hamstring health. Having the ability to perform a strong knee drive will translate to better explosiveness, power production, and sprinting efficiency (maintain an upright position and front side mechanics). ⁣ ••⁣ Here are some drills to help build hip flexor strength and control. ⁣ ⁣ 1️⃣ Half-kneeling Lift-Off⁣ Position yourself in a half-kneeling position. Create whole body tension and slowly lift the front leg off the ground. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds, then slowly return to the starting position. ⁣ ⁣ 2️⃣ Foot Elevated Half-kneeling Lift Off⁣ Similar set-up as above, but your front foot is on a box. We are targeting the deepest range of hip flexion, so this can be challenging. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds. ⁣ ⁣ 3️⃣ Standing Hip Flexor Lift Off⁣ Put one foot on a high box, placing your hip to 90 degrees of flexion. Actively flex your hip as high as possible and hold for 5-10 seconds. ⁣ ⁣ 4️⃣ Loaded Standing Hip Flexion Hold⁣ We are challenging the hip flexors with this one. Attach one end of a loop band to a KettleBell (start very light) and the other to your foot. Slowly lift your foot/KettleBell of the floor as high as you can. We will get perturbations from the band/KettleBell, increasing the difficulty of this drill. Hold this position for 5-10 seconds. ⁣ ⁣ ☑️ Maintain an upright position with each exercise. ⁣ ☑️ Create tension throughout the body for better muscle recruitment. ⁣ ✖️ Do not lean back or slump. ⁣ ⁣ 🏷 Tag a friend who can improve their hip flexor strength. ⁣ ⁣ 🔹🔹🔹

✨Don’t forget to be AWESOME✨ Tomorrow wake up and start your day with a lot of awesomeness and you will get happiness back. Every day can be awesome if you just let it be. There are amazing things that can happen each and every day if you just allow them to. . . . . . . . . . . .newdays newenergy lifestyler lifestylemodel lifestyles manphotography manmodel modelman bearded beardo instascruff scruffy beardedstyle workout👍 workoutoftheday workout24 workoutinspiration workoutlife

notredame workout on campus! This can be done ANYWHERE! Credit: @bobbiemenke 📷

Want to work on your BICEP PEAK?? Here is my GO-TO superset to blow up those biceps and get those mountain peaks 💪🏽⛰ Make sure to HIT SAVE and give it a go 💯 ————————————————— Full workout/superset: Exercise 1A: ⚡️ Seated cable bicep curl variation 4x 12-15 (focus on mind muscle connection and go for a full stretch) Exercise 1B: ⚡️ Incline bench hammer curl 4x 10-12 (hold for 1 second at the top🔥) Swipe and Save this bicep workout for later! Tag a friend who needs to try this superset 💪🏽⚡️

Hello LOVES! Here you go an awesome Shoulder workout that will help you get this toned Shoulder Look 👌 ✅✅ SAVE THIS ONE + LIKE AND SHARE 😉 3 Sets, 12-15 Reps Each.. - 👉Let me know what would you like me to post more of 🤗workoutvideosworkoutofthedayworkoutinspirationfitnessgirlsfitnessmoms

DAY 5 / 80 : . I WONDER IF PEOPLE EVER DIVORCE OVER PANTS. I BUY PANTS, TO HAVE TO BUY NEW PANTS BECAUSE THOSE PANTS DONT FIT, TO BUYING MORE PANTS BECAUSE THOSE PANTS DONT FIT. AARON PROBABLY HATES PANTS NOW. AND IF YOU NEED PANTS, I PROBABLY HAVE SOME PANTS FOR YOU. 🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️ .fitmom fitfam sahm sahmlife fitmoms strongmom workoutathome workoutoftheday ootd athomeworkouts fitness fitlife fitnesslife fitnesslifestyle sundayfunday womenwholift strongwomen fitnessmotivation fitinspiration fitspiration

NEW SPONSOR!! Thank you to my new sponsor AND sponsor of the minibeastoftheweek project @vidrate I really struggle to drink enough water so these hydration sachets are PERFECT for me! There is NO ADDED SUGAR and less than 15cals per sachet... AND they taste GREAT! Check them out @vidrate and use BANSHEE10 at checkout! 💦 🥤 vidrate banshee sponsored minibeast hydration hydrate recovery vegan sugarfree gymmotivation fitnessmotivation letsgetvidrated fitness boxingtraining bjj kickboxingkids muaythaigirls selfcare gymtips fitnesstips thisgirlcan onwardsandupwards bigthingscoming togetherwerise excitingtimes lucky workoutmotivation workoutoftheday

Workout: Preacher dumbbell curl Target Muscle: Brachialis muscle -part of lower biceps. . Benefits : It strengthens your arm and builds your inner biceps. . Workout should be done under proper supervision..!! Our trainers are always there to guide you..!! JOIN @afsec108noida and feel the difference..!! .fitnessjourney bicepworkout workout bicepsday workoutmotivation fitnessgirl workoutfit biceps bicepcurls fitnesslife workout24 bicepsworkout fitness fitnessaddict bicep fitnessmotivation workouts workoutofthedayanytimefitnessindia noida108 nin9teenadvertisingmarketing fitnessimpeccable

Believe + Massive Action = Success⁣ ⁣ • • • • •⁣ ⁣ FOLLOW @profitnesshut FOR MORE CONTENT 🔥⁣ FOLLOW @profitnesshut FOR MORE CONTENT 🔥⁣ ⁣ • • • • •⁣ ⁣fitnessdedication⁣⁣bodyfitnessgym⁣⁣beastworkout⁣⁣healthyfitness⁣⁣healthyfitfood⁣⁣healthyfitmeals⁣⁣healthierliving⁣⁣exerciseplan⁣⁣trainhardwineasy⁣⁣weightlosssupport⁣⁣fitnessaddicts ⁣⁣workoutoftheday ⁣⁣ #fitnessgoals ⁣⁣fitnessmotivation ⁣⁣healthier ⁣⁣fitnesslife⁣⁣fitnessbody ⁣⁣fitnesstrainer⁣⁣workouts⁣⁣workoutroutine

Lite söndagsträning! 4 blocka a’ 8 min. Hälften av gruppen gör övningarna, de andra ”viloövningen”. trningsglädje bstaträningsgänget workoutoftheday plankan

What is the best workout split for you? . I remember when I started training, all I’d used to do was a bro split. Monday was Chest, Tuesday was Back, Wednesday Shoulders, Thursday Legs and Friday abs. I thought this was the right way to do it, but it was only when I switched over to one of these splits that I REALLY began to notice a difference. . There are so many different body part splits out there, but the number one thing you gotta focus on, is hitting each muscle group at least twice per week. Research shows that training each muscle group twice or even three times per week is better when compared to once per week. Depending on how often you go to the gym each week, find which split suits you best and stick to it for at least 2 months. - ➡️Follow @vigor.lifestyle for more - - 🎥: @jmaxfitness

🏠AT HOME FULL BODY🏠Husband is away for work, little guy wasn’t feeling good so I couldn’t make it to the gym. But I didn’t let that stop me from getting in a minimum equipment full body session. I used a set of dumbbells and sliders. If you don’t have sliders use a towel or paper plate! No excuses! Swipe to see and give it a try⬇️ Double tap ❤️, save 🔐, follow for daily motivation 🤙🏼 and tag your workout buddy 👯‍♀️! Top: @gymsharkwomen Leggings: @lululemon Sliders: @taylormadebands • • • 1️⃣ Single bridge press 2️⃣ Alternating side lunge row 3️⃣ Squat and press 4️⃣ Half circles 5️⃣ RDL to front raise 6️⃣ Curl to press 7️⃣ Plank side leg slide 8️⃣ DB bridge 9️⃣ Hamstring slide 🔟 Mountain climbers • • 🔻 1-On-1 online personal training available. Accepting new clients! Link in the bio! • Shop 👇🏼 Tan: @rossaselftanning use code “ladygrst” to save! • •abs fullbody workoutvideos gymvideos gymgirlvids abworkout homeworkout coreworkout quadsquad athomeworkout hiitworkouts

Perdonen la insistencia.. sólo intento que CREAN en ustedes mismos y que entiendan que sólo la PERSEVERANCIA y el constante esfuerzo son el camino para llegar a sus metas. Paciencia. Es un proceso lento.. Disfrútalo y NO TE DETENGAS! 💪🏻❤ Mantente fuerte & enfocado ❣ ❣ ❣ ❣stayfit staystrong staypositive strongwomen strongissexy fitgirl fitnesslife fitnesslifestyle equipo salud fitnessmotivation team fitgirls healthylifestyle vidasaludable mentalhealthawareness mujeres happiness workoutmotivation entrenamiento training personaltrainer likesforlikes liketime workoutoftheday likelike gym gimnasio squats

Nota de enquadramento da foto 0, mas a galera é top. mtbbrasil ctmorrodorato Dronecrossfit🐝 elitebikeshop yakuzatattoo workoutoftheday

“Above all watch with glittering eyes the whole world around you, because the greatest secrets are always hidden in the most unlikely places. Those who don’t believe in magic will never find it.” - Roald Dahl⁣ ⁣ Nick and I both slack quite a bit when it comes to working out. So, we decided to combine a bit of sight seeing and exercise and we went up and down the stairs of this temple 3 times! Check our story to see how many stairs there really were!⁣ ⁣ This amazing view was a great reward and a good motivator to keep getting to the top! 💪🏽 ⁣ ⁣ Yesterday, it was a great idea but today I literally cannot move my legs. So today we scootered around and went to the beach instead :) work hard and then relax!⁣ ⁣ Question time: how do you like to stay fit while traveling?

Swipe für fürmehrrealittaufinstagram 🤷🏼‍♀️😅 (Werbung) Wer nicht so aussieht, hat nicht alles gegeben😂Heute morgen zwei coole Workouts bei bestem Wetter absolviert. Es tut so gut in einer tollen Gemeinschaft zu trainieren🙌🔥 In den nächsten Wochen wird schön weiter Gas gegeben. Ich freue mich und hab‘ richtig Bock! Was habt ihr heute trainiert? Als Inspiration findet ihr unsere Einheit noch in meiner Story 😁

Fuerte como un diamante/Suave como una flor yogaabs. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .yogafitness fityoga cardioyoga yogapractice yogatutorial tutorial practice strong strongwoman yogaeveryday fitfam fitnessgirl fun yogaforlife coreworkout workoutoftheday

what do Magic Rituals have to do with health? by diving deeply into your inner eternal self you can find healing from inside out join the true old Magic Rituals

Good things come to those who sweat 💦 sundaymotivation workout holdstrong

Your Sunday-yay or Monday-YIKES! Workout: THE WORKOUT: . . ✔️10-12 Bulgarian Split Squats on each side; Try one set with each of the holds: 3 sets total . . ✔️20 hip thrusts: ten with KB on one side, ten on the other, with a steady hold overhead to train the shoulder n lats 3 sets of each . . ✔️8-10 presses from that bridging motion three sets of each . . ✔️8-10 reaches from the bridge on bench / then try off bench with legs elevated for set 2/ back to bench set 3 three sets . . .KettlebellKickboxingKettlebellKickboxingInstructor.pregnancy pullup fitpregnancy absworkout workoutoftheday totalbodyworkout .fitnessdailyWorkouthealthnutritionstrengthkettlebells leankettlebellcorebootysculptstrongisbeautifulworkout warmups kettlebellworkout kettlebell

Here your full & half true-high-pull series . . ✔️1min Trie high pull to overhead stability rear lunge ✔️30sec true height pull ✔️30sec over head rear lunge ✔️1min yo-yo kB squat ✔️1min half-highpull to halo X 4 sets in a circuit. 👇 These are very COMPLETE Bc the True-High-Pull is a hip hinge, pull, push motion And then we added knee bending in the to-yo squat and rotation with the halo & YES! Ari came to work with me today :) ♥️❤️ . . .KettlebellKickboxingKettlebellKickboxingInstructor.pregnancy pullup fitpregnancy absworkout workoutoftheday totalbodyworkout .fitnessdailyWorkouthealthnutritionstrengthkettlebells leankettlebellcorebootysculptstrongisbeautifulworkout warmups kettlebellworkout kettlebell

petit circuit tout droit sorti du cerveau de @isaakbacar ..en fin de sceance épaule/dos ...du pure bonheur 😂 , , , , ,body gymtime,strong, cardiotraining ,strength back,gains,fitnessaddict trainhard,gymlife, backworkout, ,health, fitness, fit, fitnessaddict, wod,workout,gym, train,training,shoulderworkouts, health, healthy, active,motivation,progress, determination,workoutoftheday,diet, backexercice

guys I LOVE THIS TYPE OF WORKOUT! try 2 min on the clock, rest 1min, execute 3 sets! THE LADDER; ✔️walk out to a kB plank ✔️walk back up ✔️walk out to a KB plank to KB push up ✔️walk out to a KB plank to KB push up, to bent over rows ✔️walk out to a KB plank to KB push up, to bent over rows , to single arm swings left & right 5 ✔️walk out to a KB plank to KB push up, to bent over rows , to single arm swings left & right 5, clean and push press to squat left & right ✔️walk out to a KB plank to KB push up, to bent over rows , to single arm swings left & right 5, clean and push press to squat left & right , to high climbers w/ kB . . .KettlebellKickboxingKettlebellKickboxingInstructor.pregnancy pullup fitpregnancy absworkout workoutoftheday totalbodyworkout .fitnessdailyWorkouthealthnutritionstrengthkettlebells leankettlebellcorebootysculptstrongisbeautifulworkout warmups kettlebellworkout kettlebell

A few AWESOME VARIATIONS to your traditional KB single arm goblet squat & hot potato Basically I melted them together —->ADD THIS TO ANY of our kettlebell programs or kB workouts for a bonus core, glute & wrist activation. Try 1min a motion slow as can be! X 4 sets. . . . 👇 if you listen with volume can you hear Ari in the background lol, my 6 month old making fartie noises. That’s life! And all the more reason to learn how to train efficiently this way you have more time with your family and your loved ones and for things that truly matter all while building a strong healthy and agile body . . .KettlebellKickboxingKettlebellKickboxingInstructor.pregnancy pullup fitpregnancy absworkout workoutoftheday totalbodyworkout .fitnessdailyWorkouthealthnutritionstrengthkettlebells leankettlebellcorebootysculptstrongisbeautifulworkout warmups kettlebellworkout kettlebell

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