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Managed a bit of car journey writing. Cornwall in August means that every outing takes twice as long (holiday makers are such a pain!!) I forced myself to become zen about the traffic and flesh out a character’s back story. Never leave home without a notebook and a pen! 📒 🖊 📝 ▪️ ▪️ • • writerslife writerlife authorslife amwriting amwritingfantasy amwritingya amwritingyafantasy amwritingchildrensbooks yawriter yaauthor mgauthor mgwriter amwritingmg writersofinstagram authorgram writergram writingcommunity writerscommunity writing yalit ukwriter writinginspiration drafting editing submitting

Meet Tudr Ansh Chhabra! Ansh is a student from Oak Park High School who specializes in Math and French! You can request him at Tudrme.com today! . . . tutor education learn school tutoring college writing math stem highschool tests tutoring homework learning teacher AskMeAnything classes parents essays middleschool kids students AP exams spanish biology collegeapps tutoringservices homeworkhelp

fbf poem _ SPEAK TO ME open your mouth I want you to taste the words as they leave fill them full of warm connection saturated with intent now tell me what I long to hear nkrpoetry

The River It keeps secrets we will never understand No matter how many miles we walk Each step feels like a rebirth Like the release of self limitation It tastes like faith Like the ability to persevere Yet most will shy away from the ripples that move too quickly to comprehend Unable to make a plan But that’s the glory in it all The complete escape from what you believe to be possible And the acceptance that you are stronger than you think ETW @wyldewords

"Semua kendaraan, termasuk motor akan berjalan maju, dan mundur seperlunya." ✍ 2019 Melbu menjero = move on writing writer philosophy literature wisdom quotes awakening mindfulness consciousness spiritual meditation poetry art music | Ngopi: "Ngolah Pikiran & Hati." | Kopi: "Konsultasi pikiran." | artforhealing bikers

He called it a bubble without direction. When in reality they were two flames strongly entwined thirsting for each others soul. Directed by their passionate resemblance, their soul’s attraction inevitably would ablaze. ~Shardinoushka Schoop shewritesaboutit writer writers writersofinstagram writing writerscommunity words wordporn quotes quote quotesdaily sensualquotes poetry poetrycommunity poems poetsofinstagram poetryporn mynotes sensualpoetry poetryofinstagram poet communityofpoets poetsociety notes lovequotes quotesaboutlove lovepoems lovepoetry lovepoemsofinstagram poetryaboutlove

Check out my latest article on @vocal_creators about what acting taught me. *hint: it’s not what you think. Read more at linkinbio

Not. A. Damn. Thing. People only make excuses when they want to say no. Otherwise, people will take a chance. They will risk anything. You always know where you stand with someone, and when you think you don't, theres your answer.

Half and half, but most of the time, writing calms me down. My actual life can be hectic tbh, and through writing, it's easy to get lost in whatever fictional world I've created and focus on my character's lives instead of my own, just for a little. The only time writing really stresses me out is when I hit a really bad plothole or just a point where the story doesnt quite have anywhere to go anymore, because that requires me to back track and undo some things. And these are in really specific cases where even though I write fantasy, the "make some shit up" doesnt actually work 😅 - - - behindthewip wip abouttheauthor writing writers writingchallenge prompt writingthread aboutme love random daily dailyposts creative creativewriting wip workinprogress calm calmdown escapereality stressed aesthetic quotes breathe breathethroughitbabe justbreathe favorite honesty

'I'm Not' from @haikujam . Written by Fama, Vasu, @seonpoet . topic suggested by @vandy7354 . I'mNot haikujam poetry ————————————————— writing haiku poem poetry writersofinstagram poetrycommunity poetryineverything art visualart visualpoetry time wordporn madewords worldstar world wordswithqueens wordswag wordgasm word wordsofwisdom climate like share and follow @seonpoet

Something that makes me want to go back • • I do not know what is poetry

'I'm fishing for answers to why we get caught in rip tides. Pulled into enormous swells as we stand with our mouths agape, Transfixed by the sight of the moon, Immediately jostling us back and forth through concurrent thought processes of all of the words we've never said out loud to those who were impatient to hear it then And what we did say when nobody was listening.' ▪︎▪︎▪︎ I'm attempting to be more forthcoming about sharing a variety of artistic mediums I'm floating through right now. art photography writing poetry

SIR Patrick Moore. CBE. Amateur astronomer. Who attained prominent status in that field as writer, broadcaster, researcher and radio commentator. Presented The sky at night for many years. Also fought in WW2. poetscorner poets poems writersofinstagram writersoninstagram writtenword writers writing writer wordsmith creativewriting igpoets instapoetry instapoets dailypoems poetryaddicts poetrycommunity writerscommunity writingcommunity poetryaddict poetrysociety poetrylovers poetryisnotdead poem

Get you high when I'm high, so we can see eye to eye 🏹♥ . Pic was taken in last fall, i miss the cold weather but I can't say goodbye to summer... hope everyone had an amazing one🌸🔥 . . . beauty weather summer hair thought share story caption writing love sun life gratitude adventure translatedselves inspiration photooftheday inspirationoftheday muchlove friends sunset sunrise goals motivation positivity positivevibes confidence instamood book travel

It's been a topic of conversation amongst my writer friends recently. If you have a character, what makes a good flaw and what makes an irredeemable flaw? So, tell me what makes your characters human! . . . . . writerscommunity writerschangingtheworld writersofinstagram writingprompts writingforfun writingadvice writingtips writing writingcoach writingcommunity authoring author authorscommunity authorcoach authorsofinstagram words charactertraits amwriting bookcoach changetheworld

The ocean has been a place of healing, a place of peace amidst hardship and change. It’s expanse calms me. Which may seem unusual. Because it can be scary. Not being able to see beyond that horizon or be able to comprehend where it ends, where it begins. But that’s okay. Looking ahead, I see peace. . . . art ocean nature photography sustainability naturephotography naturelovers beach sunrise friday peace mindfulness meditation writing

Isi hari libur kita dengan kegiatan positif dan produktif 🤗 . Btw, weekend ini pada ngapain? . . weekend weekendvibes weekendtime productive positive ngopi writing reading readingtime book publicspeakingclass

Even though I am coffee drink I love my tea all kinds tealovertealoverediting writingbookauthorsofinstagramauthor

You see a teammate, I see a competitor.

Another sample of Golden: die later. Egodeath and the knowledge that your life in this dimension is limited are the keys to your liberation. Become one with the universe and all its creations, and you will be at peace ♾ • • • • poetry poem poems instapoetry instapoems instapoet poetsofinsta poetrycommunity poetrylovers spiral universe dmttrip galaxy love peace writing creativewriting writersofinsta prose wordporn words mickeyfinnpoetry

🤩Sabato 31 Agosto alle 22.00 presso Colleggiu. Storie di grandi miti, autentiche stelle: quelle del *CLUB 27.* *Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, Jim Morrison, Amy Winehouse*; leggende di cui sappiamo tutto ma le cui vicende abbiamo voglia di ascoltare ancora una volta. Racconti, canzoni, parole, dediche, tutto intrecciato attraverso *la loro musica senza tempo.* 💃🏻🕺🏽🎤🎼✨✨

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Se dovessi dare un titolo a questa vignetta direi "noi siamo il team di quelli su cui non scommetteresti mai!" Invece, insieme, sono un trio da paura, e sono i protagonisti di una storia che ho scritto insieme al mio partner in crime @iosonofrekt ed è disegnata in modo stratosferico da @enricaleons. Vi porteremo in un mondo che è #@%/**#. Chiaro, no? comics writing

Fishing for sight words!! Recommended for kids ages. 4 yrs. - 6 yrs. / Pre-K - 1st gr. . . By playing kids will recognize words, work on visual scanning, coordination and so much more 🧡

Y’all said resounding YESSS that last post, so guess what? Here’s me in all my work day glamour, on a coffee break, but already writing my first big blog post. ;) ▪️💜▪️ Thank you for all of the encouragement. And taking time to respond. It means everything 2 me. My creative process seems to heavily involve the many threads of this communal tapestry. I am grateful to be able to share with you. Thanks for all the love and support. ♾ ♾ ♾ Braless Workday WritersChic Writing Inspo CoffeeBreak ArtistsOfInstagram SensoryFeels Photoshoot SelfLove Awakening Disability Joy Awe FirstBlogPostEver NewWebsiteBuild Overhaul Art Neurodivergence Creativity NeurodivergentCreative

I wish I could say that this was the reason that I was so productive today, I think that, actually, my boss giving me a ridiculously tight deadline put the fear of God into me. Either way, I worked my ass off today and it really felt good, especially as I was utterly useless yesterday. I feel like I deserve my long weekend now 😊 ▪️ - Chesapeake Pen Co Taijitu - Diamine Eau de Nil - William Hannah A5 Lime Dot ▪️ handwriting cursive cursivewriting cursivepractice handwritingcommunity writing writingpractice written handwritten practice practicemakesprogress currentlyinked handlettering lettering williamhannahuk becausewritinghelps fountainpen fountainpenink fountainpencommunity chesapeakepenco handmadepen custommadepen quote writtenquote

Coffee break on my front porch 🌤 IMDb.me/KathyJean 🎭 - 23 August 2019 homeoffice flowers decor film design art life business family happy beauty video food nature model actress photography summer travel fashion peoria illinois arizona newmexico texas writing work weekend fitness automotive - - Hair: Blonde Auburn. Eyes: Blue. Bust Waist Hips: 34" 23" 32". Height: 66". Weight: 110. Dress: 2. Shoe: 8.

smoldered chances the last stick in the box of matches the future is lit & in the fire blazes memories of you the future is sick & in the fever burns me, brand new whatever it is whatever it was dark & tattered from ashes to dust the remnants of you linger in the air intoxicatingly toxic just like you no idea why you’d ever choose to go so soon though you were filled with illusions just like the moon it may be, you were never here but i made you so it may be, you never loved but i’ll never know now the ocean rises & there’s never a last wave the future is coming & i’m no one to save the future is coming water sputters in the air the future is coming & you’re not here my feet in the sand as i leave you here smoldered chances my last moment with you knitted sweater in your favourite hue tightened chakras thinking of our broken avenues one last grip, one last dip with you so, my unnamed lover... here’s to you ashes to ashes dust to dust cheers to me for ridding myself of you... • poet poems poetic poeticjustice writer poetsofinstagram writersofinstagram poetrycommunity writerscommunity poetry quotesofinstagram wordporn igpoets writing writerscorner writerscommunity poemsofinstagram readers readersofinstagram poemlovers lovepoems poemsporn poetryporn spilledink wordswithqueens

A sneak peek of the sketch from panel 1 of a story in @legacy_comic horror anthology. Art by @mossymichael. scary scarystories horrormovies horror horrorart creepy sketch sketchbook comicbooks comicart art artist books bookstagram bookstagram fridaymood drawings writing igcomicfamily igcomicbooks

Living with OCD is hard, and a lot of times it’s like existing as a shadow of yourself, and you find yourself longing for the past when things were “normal.” To all of those facing dire circumstances, mental illness and other challenges, I pray that you fight through the shadows with courage and never give up hope. hope writing writersofinstagram mentalhealthawareness mentalillness ocd ocdawareness ocdrecovery

Do you wanna get better at handling rejections? Welp, I gotta say, there's nothing better than writing to teach you. That, or Tinder (if you're not aiming low). (PS: pls don't freak out and feel like you need to console me; I'm pretty proud of my stats! 😁👍) gettingthickerskin throughgreatexfoliation howdoesthatwork hangintherevina writersofig writing writersofinstagram poetsoninstagram writingcommunity writerscommunity writers writerlife perseverance resilience rejection

My writing set up from the evening. Getting there with this new project. I'm hoping I get it all done soon enough to start raising some awareness. amwriting writersofinstagram nonfiction theonlyboyintheworld disabilityawareness bookstagram amwritingnonfiction Joe mybrother lovemybrother writing newproject lovewriting aspiringauthor epilepsy awareness disabled disabilities

When you're reading the right book, the time just keep getting shorter.💯 Do you believe so? >> share your experience. . Don't forget to read my short erotic story for free... - link in my Bio . - kindly drop your review after reading. . bookshelf book @naijabookbae bookshelf bookworm @sankasbooks writersofinstagram @bookwormsarise africanwriters booklover eroticwriter bookstagram books writing writingcommunity @bookhangout eroticromance bookaholics bookcommunity bookclub bookaholic @abstractwriters bookobsessed @erotic.writes bookaddict booknerd @erotic_writer_publisher bookstore followforfollow fff gainpost gaintrick pagebuilda

R I S E U P // What is there not to love about @taylorswift 💥 noneedtocalmdown . 💜 if you agree 💜 . . Credit repost @womenofimpact ⚡️ . togetherweachieve yourstorymatters

STRIPPED _________________________________________________ A dozen summers in her life when, It came and stripped her of her innocence. It was violent and bloody; He was the devil. His eyes skilfully mimicking human ones, Had evil piercings through, all the while his lips held the smirk of ill intent and ill urges. She was a powerless pawn, When the devil pierced her with his claws. Holding her down by her neck, Forcing his lust on her purity, Relentlessly. She gave up resistance, She was already dead in that moment, When he took it all away, She closed her eyes and prayed. Bruised and bloody, Her young defiled body, On the cold of the concrete, Was shivering and aching. She thought this is was the moment, When Death would appear and Transport her doomed soul to the depth of hell. Against the odds, a shred of strength, Gave her the power to get up and walk, To the place she used to call home. She left the house a child that morning, She wasn’t so sure who she was Walking back in through the door. One things was for certain, She will never be the same again. ————————————————————————- words poetry heart feelings writing writersofinstagram poems art expression poetrycommunity poetsofinstagram create write quotes abuse heartbreak mentalhealth rapeawareness poet writer heal speak feelings poetrycommunity share speak innermonologue music art composition instapoetry instapoet heartbroken

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