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il ciliegiobianco con pochi dettagli in grigiotitanio e giallozafferano caraterizzano questa cameretta young lecamerettelanostrapassione arredamentiloponte ✅vieni a visitare il nostro centrocamerette colombinicasa a taranto arredamentiloponte

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/// CULTO DE JOVENS /// • Nesse sábado teremos nosso culto de jovens, no templo da @sejareconciliar às 20:00h, venha participar conosco, te esperamos lá. •culto jovem mais young more juventude bauru saopaulo brazil church jovens love manifestacao filhos

Um pequeno grão ❤ Vocês preferem doces ou salgados ? . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .tumbrl tumblrboy cute cuteboys art arte artistic blue green flowers shineforever young model modelo shine sunny doce salgado dancer kpopper geek anime

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Do I?

El sabado pasado vivimos un culto increible lleno de vida y celebrando la victoria en Cristo. No olvides que este sabado no tendremos nuestra reunión de jovenes. ¡Te esperamos el sabado 23 de noviembre, para seguir celebrando su nombre!young love worship chruch free

INTERNATIONAL WATCH Marcus Rashford contributed with a goal as England won 7-0 against Montenegro.

Tu veux décrocher la lune, mais t'atterris dans un trou noir Le même appart, le même quartier, les mêmes couloirs Les milliers c'est pas assez, y m'faut des millions Fuck ton nouveau crib, pignon sur rue sur la rue des opinions Let's go - @larykidd . . . @coyoterecords @officiel.mtl @interlelieularykidd intimateshow show intimate lelieu art galerieart galeriedart toutvabien illbefine vsco vscoqc lla officiel officielclothing officielmtl streatwear surhomme lancement album jeunehomme jeune young larywhite hercule hercules

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11/14/2019 Sometimes I feel really lonely. I value my alone time and I’m happy with my outer circle of friends. But being surrounded by close friends who seem to have found the perfect person for them does get discouraging, even though I’m incredibly happy for them. I know that there’s a reason for me to be alone right now and that’s the only thing that keeps me hopeful. But I do start to doubt myself and wonder if I’m not good enough or if I’m being too picky. But it’s okay to have conflicting emotions. Allow yourself to be human but also make sure you’re making decisions for your long term, not your short term. Don’t settle, you’re perfect for somebody! . . . . .selftimerselfportraitvanlifecommunitylonelyalonehopefulhappysunsetyoung99problemsphotographervanlifersolofemaletravelervanlifediaries

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It has been over 2 years since my ankle injury at work. There were no breaks or fractures, but bruising, swelling, and lots of pain. They suspected soft tissue damage. But I did not think that I would still be having problems over 2 years later. And this time of the year with the temperature dropping, makes it ache even more. The weight of the blankets in bed, long periods of standing or sitting with my feet on uneven ground, walking, running... I didn’t realize how much I took for granted. And now I have to deal with this for the rest of my life stupid decisions beingyoung age18 But about a week ago I started taking a supplement that actually took that pain away for me like it was Advil. I didn’t expect it to work so fast. Working 8-10hr shifts has been a lot easier(physically...lol). But if anyone else struggles with arthritis, joint or cartilage pain let me know so you can get some relief too! ankle feet mistakes regrets work pain arthritis feelingold cold stupid injuries young life lasting sucks found my gold relief painkillers strength getbetter learn doitforyou quality overcome obstacles

"En los valles me pierdo En las carreteras duermo" . . . 📷:@mitusipatusiyoung girl crazy byn blackandwhite photo film filmphoto photographer photography performance new post pinture

Já se směju, divný 🤔smile girl autumn fall awkward moments young citylife blackandwhite cold youngwildandfree garandbrand Jojo du s větrem, tam kam mě zanese mym městem, žijem život šílenym tempem..

🎉🎊DOMANIIIIII 🎊🎉 Finalmente domani sera li avremo anche a Verona!!😍😍 ➡️ORE 21.00 - Auditorium Istituto "Virgo Carmeli", via Carlo Alberto 26 (zona Golosine)siateci nonmancate ballifolk balfolk balfolkverona verona igers eventiverona eventibalfolk befolk younggrdp grdp young grupporicercadanzapopolare concerti like like4like virgocarmeli danzepopolari musica music tradizioni community

Se la sera non esci ti prepari un panino, mentre guardi la TV ...anche tu?? . . . Un’estate di fotoromanze con @arianna_dalbenzi_ - voce @roberto__morandi - basso @simon_rich3 - percussioni Live alla festa del @gap_giovani_arqua_polesine . . .acoustic cover video sing song music band trio poptrio marianna acousticpoptrio seriseri noi italian young band voice guitar bass percussions giannanannini fotoromanza underground italianband followus followtheband italy

To see a World in a grain of sand and a heaven in a wild flower, hold infinity in the palm of your hand and eternity in an hour. - William Blakeartloveinfinityeternitygirllifecalmbreathl4lf4fteenpeacenatureveganworldearthlookfreedomcrazyworkoutnightyoungmindhifromotherside😘

УМЕЕТЕ ЛИ ВЫ ПОДДЕРЖИВАТЬ ЛЮДЕЙ? ⠀ Я - нет. Каждый раз я это понимаю всё чётче и ярче. Я не умею сопереживать в ситуациях, которые мне кажутся глупыми и мелкими. Я могу поговорить с человеком, логически обсудить ситуацию, попробовать найти выходы из положения, но не поддерживать "нытье". ⠀ Конечно, когда речь идёт об отношениях, о жизни и здоровье родственников, я могу просто обнять человека и поплакать, разделяя с ним боль. Потому что это влияет на его дальнейшую жизнь. Но ситуации из ряда "мне сказали, что я..", "что-то не так, а что не знаю.." и тд. меня стали дико раздражать и злить. Какая разница, что о вас думает какой-то абсолютно левый человек, никаким образом не влияющий на вашу жизнь? Нахамили вам где-то и что, теперь загоняться по этому поводу? Это никак отразится на вашей жизни, если вы не будете заниматься самопоеданием и придумыванием. ⠀ Ко мне часто обращаются парни, мои хорошие друзья, чтобы поговорить об отношениях. Вот их я поддерживаю. Если я вижу, что ситуация для них важна, а отношения это один из основных аспектов жизни, конечно я стараюсь поддерживать их. (Поддерживать - не равно "конечно она тебя любит" и т.д. д Дать ложную надежду человеку- это ещё больше его уничтожать) ⠀ Наверное поэтому некоторые считают меня "жёсткой". Простите меня, мои любимые друзья. Я правда вас люблю, но не умею иначе. ⠀ P.s. Что для вас значит поддержка? Умеете ли вы поддерживать людей?

Are YOU receiving relentless pressure to sleep train YOUR baby? Have you been pressured to save your sleep? Not sure what to say? We have the answer 💖 this Keep Cup has the viral “Thanks, but no thanks” poem and illustrations on it, reading; “Back up the truck. Please repeat. Let’s be clear; you’re saying, at night-time her needs disappear? Sure, she’s got to be clean, dry and fed but with those bases covered, plonk her down in her bed? ‘Drowsy, but awake’, is the best state for learning, and preload her with solids so she won’t be stirring. Don’t breastfeed to sleep (that’s a habit to break), and if the feed makes her sleep (God forbid), make her wake! The correct schedule for babies is to feed, play, THEN sleep, oh, and don’t you forget to pre-layer the sheets. You see, these infants, they’re crafty, they’re sly; they’ll vomit and soil to get you by their side. But don’t waver, just change her with minimal fuss, Remember: be boring, pat and shush if you must. Don’t ‘over-handle’, don’t look in the eyes, be strong, be consistent, they’re just ‘Protest’ cries. And when screams turn to whimpers and silence ensues, you’ve done it! You’ve won! She’s learned to self-soothe! So, switch off the monitor, go Netflix and sleep! Your needs are important; you’ve schedules to keep! Don’t be inconvenienced by teething or leaps - once bub is sleep trained she won’t make a peep! Well, thank you Doctor/ Sleep trainer/ random/ Mother-in-law for that helpful advice (and I’m sure you’ve got more), but you see, there’s good reason that won’t Save Our Sleep: what’s silence to you, is deafening to me; the haunting echo of internalized screams; Nobody is coming to me! Nobody. is coming. to. me. Take a minute, and really let that sink in. She’s not learned to link cycles - she’s learned to give in. That piercing quiet, your holy grail; that sound is the loneliest sound in the world. Whenever you’re pressured to sleep train your babe hold your head high and proudly say: No, I won’t leave my baby to cry in the dark, thanks, but no thanks, I’ll follow my heart.” The full poem is also printed for you which you will find inside the cup, more info in comments...

وأنا أحبك وكل الحب لك كله❤️❤️. . . . Follow:@phhb_ . . . #اكسبلور explore love #حب #قلب couplegoals #احبك lovequotes followforfollowback likeforfollow likeforlikes

A pesar de las puertas cerradas que te encuentres, no te detengas. Sigue caminando que otras puertas te están esperando...🚪😎🚪 • • •yaiza lanzarote canaryislands thursday door boy forever happiness smile young style november autumn love moments amazing photo pic gay gayboy instagay instapic igers l4l postureo instagood picoftheday instagramers autumnvibes🍁

ⅈ ᭙ꫀꪀ𝕥 ડ𝕥ꪊρⅈᦔ ꪮꪀ 𝕥ꫝⅈડ ꪮꪀꫀ!!

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