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Hello all! Sorry I haven’t posted lately, the girl hooman’s been busy and I can’t post without her phone... Here I am outside eating grass because, well, I like eating grass. cat cats catsofinstagram pets pet petsofinstagram catoftheday zeldygirl justzeldygirlthings feline kitty catlover

The girl human was gonna for two days and I’m pretty upset with her... cat cats catsofinstagram zeldygirl pets pet petsofinstagram kitty catlover justzeldygirlthings

Just waiting for dat girl hooman to come give me pets. 😸🤭🐈 zeldygirl justzeldygirlthings cat cats catsofinstagram pets petsofinstagram catoftheday catlover kitty

Wait... the girl hooman says I have 100 followers already!? Woohoo! Thank you all so much for the love! 💋💕 zeldygirl cat cats catsofinstagram pets pet kitty petsofinstagram justzeldygirlthings fluffy catoftheday cat_features catsofig

💕🎉80 followers already? You gotta be kitten me! 😸 Zeldy Girl is definitely feeling the love! catsofinstagram cat cats pets petsofinstagram kitty catlover catstagram zeldy zeldygirl justzeldygirlthings

What is your favorite thing about cats? Answer below! 🐈🐈🐈 cat catsofinstagram petsofinstagram cats kitty zeldygirl justzeldygirlthings catlover lovecats

“Yeah, so... Humans do have TWO hands, after all...” petme cats catsofinstagram zeldygirl justzeldygirlthings cat pet petsofinstagram sammers

Have you followed my brother, @boss_bob_biscuits yet? He’s the world’s friendliest alley cat, and he LOOOVVVESSS makin’ biscuits- so go give him a follow! follow cats cat catsofinstagram pets petsofinstagram bossbobbiscuits alleycat zeldygirl kitty

Zeldy’s Tip- If you stare at the human for long enough, they’ll pet you. cat catsofinstagram cats pets zeldy zeldygirl justzeldygirlthings petsofinstagram gato feline animals

I love laying on things that don’t belong to me (like Dad’s shorts). cat catsofinstagram zeldygirl justzeldygirlthings kitty petsofinstagram cats

Go follow my brother @boss_bob_biscuits for some more kitty cat cuteness to brighten your day! bossbobbiscuits zeldygirl catsofinstagram cat cats alleycat

I love it when Dad lets me sit outside! 🌿 catsofinstagram cats cat kitty petsofinstagram pets zeldygirl justzeldygirlthings

Just rollin’ around, being a ham for pets. 🐈 catsofig catsofinstagram cats kitties pets zeldygirl catlover justzeldythings

The girl hooman can’t leave if I sits on her purse! zeldygirl ohdatzeldy cats catsofinstagram bossbobbiscuits kitties

TBT to when I met my cousins and they taught me how to go potty outside like a good girl! maybebaby kira zeldygirl roux cousindogs happydogs

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