Ayahuasca Kaur

. . 👑🧝‍♀️ This is a shout out to all my fairies queens and beautiful women in this world. I'm currently editing a YouTube video that I just did on setting boundaries and getting the King in your life that you deserve. Us Queens have to realize that in order to achieve the King that we want and we deserve we have to begin to treat our Castle as such. . . . . If we let just anybody in this will be a problem. When we are clear and we are up front and we realize our worth that is when we take our power back. . . . . In the video I will talk about how abstaining from sexual activity and actually getting to know someone is the key to attracting your king. It is a very taboo topic I understand and potentially sexist. However, I think it's really important to understand and talk about this topic how having sex too soon with somebody sets up two people for a very weak Foundation. Namaste in my friends and have a wonderful weekend. . . QUEENS LOVE NUTURE RELATIONSHIPS ADDICTION SOUL DEEP HOWDEEPISYOURLOVE AYAHUASCA TWINFLAMES SOULCONTACTS METAPHYSICAL REIKI TAROT STARDUST FAIRY ANGELS BUILD GRIEF BOUNDARIES TANTRA

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