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Kate and Caesar

I’d like to introduce you to my furiend Flat Matthew flatmatthewc He is travelling the world to experience different places and cultures. And I have been lucky enough to have him visit😸 ⠀ First we are just hanging out on the deck - my favourite place. And then Meowmy took him to work so he could see our beautiful Sydney harbour. There’s the Harbour bridge on the left and Opera House on the right. There was even a big ship in port too🚢 ⠀ I hope he had a lovely time with us and now he will go off to visit another furiend. I wonder where he will turn up next🤔😻 ⠀kateandcaesar caesarthecat hailcaesar catsofinstagram catsofaustralia catsofsydney mainecoon meandmyfriend


What a great idea 😻 I hope you didn't try to chew Flat Matt 😹


Happy weekend sweetie 😽 You look lovely ♥


Oh wow, what a cool idea! 💙💙 You look like you got along well! 😸


Hi flat Matt 😹 looks like you’re having heaps of fun with your host caesar! Enjoy 🤗🎉


This looks pretty cool. 😘😘 Glad he had an awesome furiend to show him around our city! 😘


Looks awesome!! Hello to your friend Flat Matthew❤️😻💙


Hi flat Matthew 😹 you have been further then my meowmie has 😹😻😹 x.


That such a great idea! Nice to meet you, flat Matthew 😻


Flat Matthew looks like he's having fun 🤣😘🤣


Oh wow !! Safe travels Flat Matthew ♥️


The view from your meowmy's window at work is 💯! Lucky flatmatthewc getting to hang out with you both! 😻❤️


That’s awesome! What a great idea!


Flat Matthew has a more exciting life than our mommy😹


How pawsome is that ah!? He has such an interesting life 😁🙈


Did you rip his arm or leg, by accident????😹😹😹😹


Meowmy here - My sister had a beer can some years back that was decorated and named and this beer can ended up traveling all over the world!!😹😹 Would be fun to see Flat Matt's adventures!!😺😺 Hi Caesar!💙


I’m sure Flat Matt had a great time, he’s very fortunate to spend time in your presence!! 💙💙


Glad you gave him a lovely time! What a lucky fellow. 😸


Hi Flat Matt - nice to meet you too 😻❤️😻

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