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Lauren Karavelis

Hey Crew! What’s up, I’m still here. I hope you didn’t think I gave up or quit, just doing a little self reflection today that’s all. I love what I do and I’m very happy with the content I put out on the Internet so far but I’m struggling finding the energy to move forward today. It’s the weekend, hip hip hooray. Weekends I push even harder on the blog. Fashion Week and Fall is in full swing and I couldn’t be more elated. Hopefully in the coming years, I can attend the shows as a real blogger who has many many followers to report back to. Cross my Heart, Hope to Die, I hope God makes me very successful on here!! What do we have in this animated photo?! A pretty kitty🐱 and a jump as you go energetic froggie 🐸 both giving us their big googly eyes. On the top we see 2 orange goldfish swimming to their heart’s content while facing each other directly full on inside the circular sunglass frames that are resting on the nose bridge of this glamorous feline. Doesn’t he remind you of Puss in Boots? Wow what a work of art the froggie’s expression has dramatically planted on us this Friday evening! The neon colors and the size of his dilated pupils are inconceivable addicting!! I could be starting at him all night if I had all the time in the world, to fixate my attention on him is very easy to do when you have an amphibian painted so wildly different and colorful! . . . .frog frogs frogsofinstagram amphibians gettingcreative nature exoticlife cats catsofinstagram pussinboots wildlycreative goldfish goldfishworld bigsunglasses impressiveshot attentiongrabbing dialatedpupils bigeyes froggie froggies soanimated somuchexpression fulloflife feline felineeyes frogeyes goldfishworld frogstagram googlyeyes creativevision

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